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of the Good Person

"Find an idea that could
make the world better
and put it into practice !

And yoga.

Leo Radutz
Millenary, efficient methods and teachings, adapted to the modern man for:

• A LIFE lived intensely and with MEANING
• make HEALTH and WELL-being natural
Exceptional human qualities : kindness, compassion, courage, wisdom
• and AWAKENING of the Soul.

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We can change the world... YES! IT'S REALLY A BIG NEED!

Can we change the world? YES, WE CAN AND MUST CHANGE THE WORLD... Of course, this is not about changing the world according to our egotistical desires. It's about doing THE GOOD that... change the World. In fact, the world begins to change for the better from the first moment we change ourselves for the better. And, of course, it begins to change for the worse from the first moment we refuse our transformation to perfection. We can never calculate the impact that our own transformation has had,

Oshawa Regimen 7 - How do we preserve the effects?

Oshawa regime 7 It is the most severe, but also the most effective of the regimens indicated by the Japanese dr. George Ohsawa (known very much by the wrong name, actually by Oshawa), but with a maximum effectiveness in all diseases produced by excess yin energy. At the same time, it allows a rapid balancing […]

I'm tired - I need a vacation ! Is it?

It's a common statement and we've gotten used to it ever since I was in school and the holidays seemed like a welcome chance for relaxation.
Most people consider this a natural desire.
However, information from authentic traditions warns us that, thus, we are on [...]

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