“You always tell yourself you’re starting tomorrow’s Great Transformation…”

Let's go to Abheda Yoga!

Course for beginners

First month of FREE course (until October 25)
online in the Romanian language and & at the gym 

Yoga in Bucharest and Yoga in Iași

Why Abheda Yoga?

If you want

… an addition of relaxation, inner peace, concentration and health..

… or aspire to be better or even shine..

… to wake up and amplify qualities you’ve always wanted

... or even discover the Infinite potential in you and the mysteries of Life.

Basic course
Abheda Yoga

Some of the most effective forms of traditional, authentic, nondualistic yoga are taught and practiced.

One Step

Hatha traditional yoga in a simplified format.

TTC 200

Hatha yoga teacher course, accredited by the International Yoga Alliance.

What is Abheda Yoga?

A coherent and significantly advanced system of yogic methods that fully supports the MAN INTEGRATED IN THE MIJLOC OF LIFE.

Thus Abheda Yoga helps us to find ourselves wise, healthy and happy, with a much clearer sense of existence.

Our mission

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Living life meaningfully and doing Good for Us and Good for Others is a privilege, a spiritual opportunity, and therefore skill and knowledge is needed to achieve Good. That’s what we learn from Abheda.

Supports Abheda

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… the story began when a Man of Good,like you, decided to devote his entire existence, time and skill to the search and development of advanced and effective methods for awakening the soul and releasing the truly infinite potentials of the human spirit.

Founder of Abheda Yoga

… and for us, our master

Acharya Leonard