6 interesting myths about yoga

Yoga is a millennial, spiritual discipline brought from the East. In recent years it has become increasingly popular – which seems to be wonderful, but unfortunately Westerners have often turned it into something commercial. Thus, part of the authentic, the miracle of this life science is less and less… particularly can be felt in classes that (need being) began to be called “Traditional Yoga”.

In the following, we will present 6 of the most widespread and misunderstood things about “true” yoga. 🙂

Myth. Yoga is a sport

As mentioned above, yoga is a life science… a very complex discipline. Yogi techniques are of many kinds, but the best known are body postures – asana. The way to practice them is very different from the way sport is practiced, however, they may resemble some stretching or pilatesexercises.

The main difference between yoga and physical culture is that sport produces physical evolution and results by generating states of muscle crisis. They boost muscle, bone and joint development. It increases the influx of blood through the muscles and reduced the influx of blood through the internal organs, endocrine glands and the brain.
While yoga generates an evolution based on harmony, energy throughout the being,including in the internal organs, endocrine glands and the brain. All this progressively, at the limit of comfort,without forcing, in constant balance… AND FOR ANY AGE, developing both the physical body and the mind, character, emotional and mindantan.

Thus are tangible the greatest performances of the human being without forcing and cultivating more and more always the balance of any kind.

Myth. Yoga is a discipline that does not suit every type of person

One of the things we want to make known, to promote here at Abheda is that yoga is not only suitable for everyone, but it really is necessary for everyone, a ” musthave.

In the century of the maximum technological development of our world, people go through the age of maximum spiritual downfall – Kali Yuga.
We are at a time when authentic values are no longer promoted, the healthy, authentic lifestyle is increasingly difficult to sustain, and the mind and soul of man are increasingly closed, held under the shadow of ignorance.
Here, Abheda Yoga aims to bring a light,to help us improve our lives on all levels, and to amplify what is authentic, which matters not only for this life, but also in its continuation….
And help others in these directions.

Abheda Mission – “Let’s acquire the mastery of doing the Good!”

Myth. You can learn yoga from books without a

In almost any bookstore (physical or online) we can find numerous books with titles that attract those who want to discover the mysteries of this discipline or want a change in their lives. However, to understand yoga and to truly transform ourselves we need a Path and a master, a competent person with experience and wisdom,to guide us in the process of transformation, evolution, especially when we leave our comfort zone, where transformations occur.

Also, in the books, some information, especially secret, highly precious techniques, is occulted (intentionally misexplained), precisely to preserve the initiatory secrecy.

Here you can learn more about the need for a spiritual master,
4 reasons to look for a master and
about how we recognize if a master is authentic.

Myth. Only women practice yoga

Yoga was revealed several thousand years ago by the wise Rishi and practiced as much, especially by men.
In today’s society, yoga is often understood as a sport practiced especially by women in tights, which takes place in a soothing space with burning scented sticks.
However, authentic yoga (as taught at Abheda) is a life science,not just a banal method of relaxation.

Abheda Yoga offers nondualistic, traditional, effective techniques and methods for amplifying and refining masculinity.

Sting, Collin Farrell, Robert Downey Jr., Asthon Kutcher, Jon Bon Jovi, Adam Levine, Woody Harrelson and David Bechkam are some of the male celebrities who practice yoga.

Why do more and more real men practice yoga?

Myth. Flexibility needs to practice

Flexibility of the body is not necessary to be able to practice, because “true” yoga is practiced at the limit of comfort.
Flexibility is acquired as we practice, both because of body postures and, in particular, because of the amplification of “mental flexibility”… becoming more relaxed, authentic and open to what is new, still unknown.

Myth. Yoga is a religion or sect

Because of its links to Hinduism, yoga is sometimes mistaken for a religion.
However, this is neither a sect nor a religion. It is a path of spiritual evolution, of personal and transpersonal development, a way of exploring our entire being, and of revealing our infinite potential.

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