7 ideas about what it’s like to be a yoga teacher or instructor

I hoped and believed and I hope and still believe about myself that I am a Seeker…
But now I truly feel that I have found “the map that guides me through the mysterious waters and you rush to the shore which, until yesterday, seemed like a dream to me”.

We are in a society where money, business or social success and intelligence are considered human goals in life… But I never felt that these were things too important to my soul.

Abheda Yoga opened my eyes and gave me the opportunity to live a different life… profound, where what I do fills my soul, and most importantly for me, a meaningful life.

The reason I want to mention the name of our school comes from the major difference between
strangulated and often indepth manner of many “commercial” yoga classes
and the deep, integral, nondual and authentic perspective of the Abheda Yoga Academy (and perhaps other traditional, authentic yoga schools).

In 2014 I started practicing, and as time passed, I understood that Abheda Yoga is actually a science of life and that in it I find authentic answers to almost all or even all questions that were bothering me.

A major change followed and gradually they went deep into my soul…
the yogic world, the new lifestyle I was beginning to have, the community full of soul, life and authentic
and the Man who transformed (in my heart) from a mere stranger, to a teacher, and later to a master… in a soul whose presence I feel so precious.

In 2015 I joined the group of instructors here at Abheda Yoga and started taking classes, and in 2018 I also obtained the diploma of instructor accredited by the International Yoga Alliance.

What motivates me, even every day, to be an instructor?

I am not exaggerating at all when I say that I am not at all like the one I did six years ago, and those who know me can confirm this.

Over time, I felt more and more a desire to help others be healthier and happier, free from the prison of their minds, alive and happy.

And here we found very effective and fast ways to evolve in these directions…

Thus, I feel that what I do makes me happy… really.

Furthermore, I understood that guiding people on a path that leads them from ignorance and suffering to True knowledge, freedom, and happiness is perhaps the highest work a human can do.

And last but not least, I do something that I feel gives value to my life.
A life that I live working for money 8 hours a day seems to me a life that can be easily meaningless…
Obviously, it depends on everyone what value they give to their life and work, but still, I choose to “spend” what little time I have doing something that has value not only here in this life, but even afterwards. both for me and for those who learn and practice.

7 ideas to be a good yoga instructor – an authentic perspective, i.e. from the heart

1. To be a good connoisseur and practitioner of my Path…

Because he who teaches others but does not practice becomes an impostor!
There’s something else… subtle plan is hard to hide reality. People will notice, if they have a minimum of wake-up call, that there is something wrong.

The one who practices gradually becomes himself a source of light for others… The path ” will speak ” through him, and people will perceive him as a model, as a source of genuine inspiration.
And it’s not just that.

You need experience to help others better and better…
Over time, I noticed more and more often that people want and are inspired by testimonials, but especially by the testimonies of their instructor.
And, certainly, the courses given by an authentic yogi are very special.

2. Always have a master to guide me

Because the one who thinks he knows everything is capped in his pride (which becomes more and more pronounced).

And even a man who has an awakened soul and an authentic inner guide certainly has difficult moments when he needs an objective conscience to pull his sleeve.

And a good master is definitely the one who does not let you sleep in your comfort zone, where it is good and warm, but where evolution is not possible, most of the time.
But, sure, having a master to guide you is a great chance. Now I have an authentic master, but I don’t know if I’ll always have… and it doesn’t apply to everyone, because it’s a rare chance.

3. Love people to be my engine.

Don’t “go” without love. If I didn’t love people and nurture them like spiritual children of my own, then I would stop and seek to do something else where I could love.

4. Always feed my aspiration to be better today than yesterday…

reading, attending classes… always looking for the truth, the one beyond words.

From experience I have noticed that aspiration is of great importance, because it, just by existing in our soul, brings us closer to Infinity, to Realization… And it’s also a precious anchor in tough times.
Without it, evolution is more difficult…

5. Act with detachment (vairagya)

6. Don’t put a price on my work, as in an exchange,not even in jest…

for what a teacher or instructor on a spiritual path does cannot be equated into worldly money…
Even if people pay to attend classes, we don’t have to impurify transmission from a commercial perspective.

7. To be authentic and humble

to keep my soul from the poison of pride and that you may truly shine.

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