Relaxation, calm and energization

Online and gym courses in Bucharest & Iași

You can attend Abheda One Step yoga classes
starting even these days

Now you can enjoy the wonderful effects that traditional yoga offers, wherever you are.

For 1 hour and 15 minutes we practice traditional hatha yoga, in a relaxing atmosphere, but without theoretical aspects. 🧘 ♀️

The level of the course is adapted for beginners.

What are we practicing?


yogic body postures, which, if practiced correctly, give us results such as: body and energy harmony, energization, relaxation and flexibility, amplification of the various desired qualities


simple forms of meditation,
to begin to (re)discover the inner universe


Complete Yogi Relaxation Technique;
we relax consciously and effectively,
in 15 minutes, deeper than in an hour of sleep

one step


Monday morning 7:00 - online
Wednesday evening 18:30 - online & Ganesha Hall
Thursday morning 6:00 - online
Friday evening 18:30 - online & Basarab hall


or by filling in the form below

Donation to participate

  • 33 lei - a meeting
  • 110 lei - monthly with unlimited inputs
  • 300 lei - for 3 months, with 24e-go

Locations (in Bucharest)

Ganesha Hall - str. Academy, no.7, floor 1 (level 2), University area
Basarab Hall - str. Matei Basarab, no.16, 4th floor, Union area

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