About yons and flowers

About yons and flowers

The flower of the plant is actually the yoni of the plant.
The petals are large and small labia. The pestle represents the vagina.
The nectar secreted by the flower, fragrant and sweet is very direct and very clear the equivalent of the sexual secretions of the woman, especially the equivalent of kallas.

Why do women wear skirts and why are they so attractive in this way?

On the one hand, because the skirt suggests full accessibility.
The woman with the skirt seems to be ready to make love and that her yoni is close to being accessible or exposed, seen.

Without that, though, why are women with a skirt attractive?

Because we always adorn only that which is attractive.

Of course we are civilized people but still, sometimes in the conscious but especially in our subconscious, we know that the woman has yons.

And Yoni is a mysterious, mysterious and appealing look especially for men, but even for women.
For all women, especially those who are not gay.

In this way, the skirt or dress is the equivalent of the petals of the flower that adorn and highlight the flower or gineceul it contains.
This comparison, in my opinion, is not a metaphor, it is a connection between homologous aspects.
About yons and flowers
Unknowingly, unwittingly, people/onlookers are invited to be worshippers of the eternal feminine in this way.
Some and some realize this;
Others or others, due to the fact that the ego is worried, seek to descend towards them this attraction, this fascination and this admiration.
Instead of ascending to what they seem to see, they seek to descend what they seem to see, to something stripped of its special attributes.


What’s the big thing that a woman is? It is something of flesh and bone that needs to wash, that sometimes has flatulences and has to go to the toilet.
Which sometimes has a cycle and has to sanitize in a certain way so as not to be repulsive…
Why adore something like this? Why should I melt for the sake of a woman? It’s a fine-skinned monkey”
they say.

The others say, “Yes, I know that a woman is a younger or older man, healthier or sicker.
However, what she looks like on the outside, both her body and her clothes and adornments are only a little.
They suggest only a little of what she really is, in her essence, a goddess

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