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Cu Leo Radutz!
Din 15 septembrie - in Bucuresti si Online. CLICK pe link pentru detalii


The center of force (see CHAKRA) located in the subtle plane in the middle area of the forehead (synonym: third eye, eye of SHIVA). It corresponds to the Macrocosmic Divine Mind and its complete awakening gives the yogi spiritual enlightenment, the definitive destruction of the bonds of KARMA (see KARMA ) and allows him to acquire the amazing paranormal powers of SIDDHI (see SIDDHI)).

in the center (resonant focus) of AJNA CHAKRA vibrates the fundamental energy of creation, the fundamentally subtle, divine sound AUM. The one who performs LAYA YOGA with this sound (AUM) can easily burn his KARMA from suffering, freeing himself from all physical or subtle miseries.

These secret centers of force exist objectively can be felt by any human being, regardless of whether they are on a spiritual path or not and can be partially highlighted by certain physico-chemical processes.

The exceptional aspect and with great practical value is that these secret centers, whose dynamization is normally a natural given specific to each person, can be harmonized and energized, so that our feelings, qualities, abilities and aptitudes in general as well as even our physical body can be transformed in the direction we consciously want, especially through yoga.

Thus, the ideal of an athlete to fortify his physical body, of a scientist to know the limits of the universe or of an artist to find out the miracle, is exceptionally completed and deepened by this much more complete perspective about what a human being is and how it can evolve.

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