And I lived like this, always seeing in people the bright part of them…

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The other day I saw you on OTV.
I am in a troubled period of my life. And I don’t know what to do to get out of this state.
In short, starting with 2008 I started to live inside with the following states: joy, energy, love, peace.
It was a great achievement for me, considering the fact that before my stomach ached, all the time, I was angry and tense and I generally got into all kinds of conflicting and tense situations.
And I lived like this, always seeing in people the bright side of them, until September 2011 when, for some reason and without catching myself why negative states reappeared. These states of course attract a negative reality, negative facts and happenings. In other words, I’m on the slide.

I want to return to the permanent state of peace, peace, harmony, joy, love, enthusiasm, gratitude. I want to wake up again in the morning with joy, loving myself and a whole world, with enthusiasm that I go to work and that every day is magical. . I want to go back to myself, inside me to my true nature. And I’ve tried all sorts of methods that don’t seem to work anymore. I don’t know what to do, I feel like crying out of everything and I’m sad.
I no longer have the energy and enthusiasm.

Tell me what to do?

Maybe it’s not by chance that I opened OTV when you were there and you were talking.

Thanks in advance!”

AdAnima Academic Society answer:

We decided to publish the answer, because this case is a model situation, significant and which, at the same time, calls not only for reflection but also for action.

Of course you’ve turned on the TV by chance.

Your story is, in fact, beautiful.
You’ll see that I would feel it when you look back, after the constraints of the current period disappear.

You were shown, first of all, the “miracle” (spontaneously, without doing anything for it), in order to have a comparison term and to know how the light “looks like”.

After that you were offered a period of unpleasant or even darker trials and states to aspire for the light and to learn to find, this time consciously, the way to it.

On the one hand you can gain the wisdom of “doing well in hell”.
That is, regardless of whether you “feel the light” or not, to learn that many things are fleeting and only some are eternal and, at the same time, impossible to lose.

Then the second part of the solution is to actively act to change something, to learn to find the way to a harmonious, natural, luminous state on your own.

“Ask, and it will be given to you, knock, and it will be opened to you”

“Man proposes and God disposes.”

What can you do?
On the one hand there are things you know: a more organized life, a more benevolent attitude, prayer, love, giving and, why not, the detached sacrifice.
Others are methods or techniques, such as hesychast meditation and yoga.
Hesychasta meditation is simple, effective, and you can also learn it yourself. Eventually we can send you a brochure and a cd, but basically you can find what interests you here.
Then there’s yoga.
Yes, yoga can help you enormously and even I am inclined to believe that if you practice, from the very first trials you will feel a profound change in the perspective of your life.
Of course, there are other methods, but from what I tried when I experienced similar states, I think the most appropriate is the practice of wise yogic.
What you once experienced seemingly by chance can be relived, this time consciously and responsibly.
We wish you success and practical wisdom to read the great book of life.
With love
Leo Radutz

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