Archangels – divine messengers

Cosmic phenomena unfold in accordance with the spiritual life of entities above the human being, belonging to hierarchies with missions related to the spiritual evolution of humanity. In Christian esotericism, these entities are referred to as angels, a term designating spiritual beings in the worlds between God and man. The word “angel” comes from the Greek “angelos“, which means messenger. We find angels in Christian, Jewish and Islamic writings, but also in ancient Assyrian, Mesopotamian and Buddhist traditions.

Angels, as subtle beings in the space between man and his Creator, regardless of their place in the celestial hierarchy, reflect Divine perfection. They are beings of light, disembodied, created from the beginning. Their pure energy reflects unconditional love as the fundamental Law of Divinity.

The celestial order is rigorously established and created so that the Divine Law may come to life in its fullness. Depending on their place on the ladder, each category of angels is created to carry out a certain type of mission. Angels are organized hierarchically into angelic choirs. The closest to the terrestrial plane is the Choir of Angels, Archangels and Primates.

Archangels are entities of light whose first duty is to do God’s will on Earth. They thus watch over the fulfillment of the spiritual destiny, of the divine purpose of our existence. Archangels make the connection between man and the Divine, supervise guardian angels and all other categories of angels in our proximity.
In Christian esotericism there are several archangels who stand before the Throne of God. The most called are: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Jophiel, Samuel and Zadkiel.

In addition to them is known the archangel Metatron (whose name means “One of God“). Metatron, in Greek, means “next to or next to the throne.” Archangel Metatron introduces others before the face of God. It was through this high consciousness that the Lord spoke to Moses. According to apocryphal texts, the prophet Enoch, who “walked with God” (Genesis), retaining his purity from God throughout his earthly life, was taken and taken to the 7th Heaven, and invested by Divine Grace as the archangel Metatron. Thus, Metatron is one of the supreme princes of angels and the scribe of God. He is also called the Angel of Presence because he helps us understand what is happening now in the reality of the earth plane. The energy of Archangel Metatron is extremely powerful and concentrated, like a laser beam, with which we can work to overcome obstacles in life and move forward.

Archangel Jophiel: his name signifies the Beauty of God, or the Contemplation of God. Jophiel is the patron saint of the arts, and is mentioned in the Bible as the archangel who led Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden. He remains the last straw of the Tree of Life. The fiery sword with which Jophiel is represented suggests to us the full spectrum of aspects that make up his mission – he is an archangel of enlightenment, who brings into our consciousness the Power of Divine Light, transforms human feelings into spiritual aspiration, and transforms ignorance, pride and limitations of every kind into light, love, truth and wisdom. It helps us to accumulate information from any field, to study, to learn, to evolve in the plane of knowledge – both material and spiritual.
As a patron of the arts and beauty, Jophiel helps us physically and metaphysically to think positively, appreciate beauty, create, manifest and attract more beauty into our lives. He gives us the energy to make artistic works and bring harmony to everything we do.

Archangel Zadkiel: His name signifies “Justice of God.” Zadkiel is an angel of magnanimity, compassion, and benevolence. He is the patron saint of all angels whose missions are related to forgiveness. Zadkiel guards the powers of invocation and affirmation, the essences of prayer, and teaches us to speak to God. Invocation and meditation with the archangel Zadkiel lead to the development of the ability to listen to the heavenly answer, to the expansion of feelings of compassion towards ourselves and others. If we have trouble forgiving, we can invoke Zadkiel to help us.
Together with Archangel Michael, Archangel Zadkiel contributes to the healing of sufferings, especially on the emotional plane, and to the elimination of any negative energies from the structure of the human being. Archangel Zadkiel helps us improve our memory functions, and we can invoke him whenever we forget something.

Archangel Michael: his name means “Godlike”. This name also means power, honor and just judgment. A warrior of justice, Michael is at the head of the heavenly armies and is regarded as the One who defends the celestial gates against darkness. Legend has it that cherubs were formed from Michael’s tears, poured out over the sins of believers. Archangel Michael is also mentioned as the angel of repentance, mercy and justice, of God’s mercy and punishment, both in the Old Testament and especially in the New Testament and Islamic mythology.
Michael is associated with miracles manifested by God’s power, and is considered a defender of Light and goodness. For his merits, God gave Michael the ability to see the full scope of His creation.

Archangel Raphael: his name means “God healed”. He is the healer of human infirmities, healer of the physical body and spiritual sufferings, protector of humans and animals. Raphael is an angel of prayer, love, joy, thoughtfulness, healing, light, science and knowledge, restoration of life, harmony and balance. All medical sciences and related sciences, all healing and harmonizing practices are brought to us by Archangel Raphael.
Raphael is working to open his Third Eye. Its energies remove all blockages in the structures of our body, restoring health and vitality. Raphael works with Michael to exorcise troubled spirits and banish negative or worn out energies around people or places.

Archangel Gabriel: he is the “man of God”, his name also signifying “God is my strength”. He is one of the most important angels in the Judeo-Christian tradition. Gabriel is God’s herald. In Christianity, Gabriel is also considered Jesus’ guardian angel during His incarnation on earth. He is the angel who appeared to Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane to support Him in the terrible moment of anticipating the coming tribulation. Gabriel also overturned the stone covering Jesus’ tomb, and spoke to the myrrh-bearing women. In the iconographic representation, Gabriel is depicted with a white lily in his hand, signifying purity, innocence and Divine love, but also the feminine aspect of heavenly hierarchies. Almost always, Gabriel is by Michael’s side. We thus have the appearance of the masculine and feminine aspects, Yin and Yang, of the heavenly hierarchies.

Archangel Uriel: His name signifies “Light of God”, or “Fire of God”. Uriel is the celestial guide, one of the 4 guardians of God’s throne. Archangel of the elements, Uriel masters thunder and lightning, and helps us in case of earthquakes, floods, fires or other natural disasters. Uriel is the angel of prophetic information, as in the case of Noah, to whom he foretold of the flood. Archangel Uriel is represented either with a parchment and a book, or with an outstretched hand, in which he holds the flame with which he offers humanity the Love and Light of God. Symbol of the Divine Fire, this flame has the mission to burn all negative elements, pride, selfishness, impure desires, when people turn their prayers to God.

Archangel Samuel: his name means “He who seeks God, the desire of the Lord.” It is an angel of adoration, anchoring us in the essence of Divine love, filling us with love and appreciation for all the gifts we receive in life. Samuel fills us with love for ourselves and for those around us. It offers us comfort, protection and intervenes to resolve many conflicts in social life. Samuel also protects our inner world, and helps us with important aspects of life, such as love relationships, soulmate search, friendships, career, and supports us in trying to find our spiritual purpose in life.

God’s Angels of Light are always with us. Blessed be you!

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