Authentic testimonies of participants in the yogic Camp Abheda, May 2019

For me, every camp I have attended since April 2017 has laid another stone at the foundation of my spiritual evolution. There’s nothing like the feelings there because the force of the group, the Abheda family, is very intense!
And indeed, you don’t learn in a lifetime as much as you practically assimilate into the few days we spent together, which i just thought was a few hours!

  • Măriuca, 3rd year of course

Let’s see, let’s see, let’s see…
I’ve been postponing this moment since the closing ceremony. I would have liked to say this in front of everyone, but I was very excited and stuck.

For me, the camp was a boost in lucidityas well as in my way of being. I realized how closed I’ve come to be from year to year, and how easily I can be delusional by myself and others.

In my case the main lesson was to bring out everything I put into a pressure cooker that smoldered to a moment in the camp. We realized how much harm we can do when we don’t say how we feel, when we miss a nice moment with someone. (…)

Now, after this camp, which has been wonderful in every way, I find myself in a period of my life where I am attentivewith a greater will– and with a thirst for life that until now I have never had the courage to let manifest.

As for the organization, flawless. (…)

Otherwise I can say that you are all wonderful, soulful people… Abheda family, love you!

I can’t wait for the next camp. 🙂

  • Andrei, beginners course

So many beautiful things have been said, with so much sincerity and dedication, that I fear that whatever I say is nothing but repetition!
However, I can’t shut up because it would mean that everything I’ve lived has left me indifferent and that would be far from the truth.
I’ve had a great time in these few days spent with you.
I looked forward to it to begin and I wish the time had gone away while we were together.
Thank you for your warmth, dedication and authenticity.
I thank our teacher for the dedication he has already accustomed us to, for the endless energy,for the way he manages to be with us, for the gentleness with which he scolds us when we are wrong, for understanding…
It’s my second camp and it’s definitely not my last!
The party was a great joy, and the organization was almost impeccable! And I’m saying almost just because there are no perfect things, as much as we’d like!
I embrace you with great love and I am already looking forward to seeing you again!

  • Maria, 2nd year of course

It seemed to me in all camps that there was a strong spiritual energy,which has a transformative role on all participants!

  • Paula, 6th year of the course

It was a really special camp for me. Ever since the last class before camp, I’ve felt there was a chance that something truly exceptional could happen.
I didn’t know what, but I was determined to take this step. I left my laptop and my expectations at home, took Patanjali and my personal diary with me.
I had decided to make a spiritual retreat as close as possible to the description in the course.

The first confirmation that it was a good opportunity for transformation was at the beginning of the stage meditation, when you probably all felt something. (…)

What followed in the coming days was incredible. Meditation started to get easier and easier. I had managed to enter a heart space where everything is fine and a lot of love and peace pours over me. I became instantly attracted to meditation, and every free moment I caught, I decided to use it to get to know this space even better. I didn’t feel the need to sleep (except when I noticed I couldn’t meditate because of it) or eat sometimes. I managed to meditate more than I slept. (…)

Besides the vacuum, all sorts of fascinating phenomena began to appear.. for example its I have certain thoughts / questions / prayers and “the outside world” to answer me shortly (I didn’t even have to ask someone clearly, I just had to pass by people and gather piece by piece.. very strange and interesting sensation). And the more I meditate, the more often and prominently this happens. (…)

I’d like to tell you more, but I think you got the idea, I liked the camp. Anyway, what I’ve been telling here is a lot of everything I’ve ever felt. The rest of them, I still don’t know how to put them into words.

Thanks Abheda Yoga. Surely my life is better because of you!

  • Andrei, 2nd year of course

My dears, from the category of confessions related to the recently concluded camp I would add that for me it meant the urge to meditate more often.
I felt very well the cohesion of the group and the joy that bound us all.
I was caught by the workshops (I was there, body and soul).
And the hugs session at the end brought me so much peace, which I tried to pass on to those who didn’t participate. I hope I made it… I embrace you with love
PS: and it was only the second camp I attended, and it was worth every minute.

  • Gabriela, 6th year of course

What I felt in the camp was profound, it cannot be described in words and I recommend this experience to everyone.
I felt like afamily with many brothers and each one of them was passing on his energy to me. Thank you all and I love you.

  • Ina, 1st year of course

For me, it was my first yoga camp. I really wanted to get there and I succeeded.
Honestly, I didn’t sit on the phone, I talked to people I didn’t know. I befriended my roommate, who, although she’s twice my age, talked to her like one of my friends.
I connected with the others and offered full love and hugs.
I didn’t know what it meant to be a yogi – even though it was practically pretty intense for almost two years. Eating on the floor, being all at the table, helping to set the table, thanking and really honoring what we eat, that was great.

Meditation, for me, was always a touchstone, because I didn’t understand what I had to do and feel. I had the wrong impression of what meditation meant. But in the last three meditations I felt such a sweetness, which made me not want to open my eyes. We know the phrase “an ounce of practice makes as much as tons of theory, but we need all the theory to be able to carry out the practice”… it really is real.

I danced a lot,I massaged with all my love, because I found out that then you are a relay of Divine Grace, I helped as much as I could, we talked about love, anxiety, jobs, stress… about EA… Life. And I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Abheda Yoga is about life of herself in love.
The workshops were very comprehensive and Leo wisely answered each question.
We have received books to see other perspectives in the world and to increase our curiosity and appetite to learn.

I was really thinking about what I love so much about the Abheda Yoga family?… and I realized that it is the people, the knowledge that I accumulate, the love that I give and receive, the perfect hugs and the asanas.
Now I hope I like meditation a lot, where you’re doing nothing physically, but that’s actually the hardest part.
(…) The yoga camp is not a camp, it’s something more special than that where beautiful and warm-hearted people remember how beautiful it is to love, to be fulfilled, quiet and conscious❤.
I think I can write a book about what I felt and lived there and it still wouldn’t be enough.
Honestly, I feel gratitude and thank you so much for everything you do. You’re special people and I love you all so much. I try to make the most of it, because that’s what really makes me live.

  • Cristiana, 3rd year of course

I came to spring camp thinking about the summer camp, which I’ve been looking forward to ever since last year’s.
For me, the camp is itself a portal to authenticity, to what I feel the interior of man means.

We had the opportunity to “undress” ourselves from automatisms, clichés, masks,to verbalize how we feel, to ask questions.
(…) the feeling of family is overwhelming, especially when it’s lived next to people you first met.

For me the meditations were special, primarily because I felt that I could focus faster and maintain that state.

  • Alina, 2nd year of course

For me it was the second camp I attended and I came back because of the energy and the high vibration I felt in the first camp.

What is important to me is that the effects of the camp are felt after leaving,in the sense that every time I feel more conscious,more grateful,more loving and much more detached from the problems that arise.

There are a few people who have inspired me deeply and I have felt and seen their beauty and I try to be more careful with everyone who gets in my way.

The effect of the camp is that I am ina continuous self-knowledge,of my essence and my perceptions are changing like a flower that blooms. I want to go further down this road and I’m glad I chose Abheda Yoga ❤

  • Lavinia, 3rd year of course

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