Autumnal Equinox

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Today, September 23, 2019, the time of the autumn equinox takes place.

In astronomical terms the autumn equinox can be defined as the moment when the astronomical longitude of the Sun reaches a value of 180 degrees, so that the Sun will cross the autumnal point, respectively it will pass from the northern hemisphere of the celestial sphere to the southern one. At this moment the Sun will rise and set right at the cardinal points east and west, the day becoming equal to the night regardless of latitude, except for the polar areas.

Spiritual significance of the autumn equinox

We can relate to the time of the autumn equinox as a boost to depth, awareness,to all that yoga or spirituality in general means.

It is a time when we can decide to turn to a more intense spiritual practice, towards spiritual activities… or, applying the wonderful principles of Abheda Yoga, to spiritualize our entire life,going through it more and more conscious, free from inner tendencies and programming and happy.

We can mark this moment of the beginning by achieving a deepmeditation.

From history…

Those who observed among the first this astronomical event, arethe Greeks, they discovered this phenomenon as well as its succession, this fact is due to an astronomer and mathematician from the 2nd century BC, named Hipparchus.

However, the Greeks are not the first to notice the phenomenon. Ever since Sumerian shaders, about five thousand years ago, Sumerians celebrated the warm season, which began on the date of the spring equinox and the cold season, which began on the date of the autumn equinox. Related to these two important moments, there is still a celebration to this day ancient holiday named Akitu (A-ki-ti in Sumerian) which was a double celebration of the renewal of the earth, corresponding to the two equinoxes. They are mentioned for the first time in the middle of the millennium three of the ancient era, on a tablet in the Sumerian city of Ur. Of the two Akitu, the autumn one was the most important, for the arid area of Sumer, representing the arrival of the antotim of abundant rains after the summer heat.

Not the same was true for the Babylonians,who thanks to irrigation systems and recognized for the fame of the hanging gardens, worshipped the warm season more. For them, Akitu of primavera becomes the main snake, it was dedicated to the great god Marduk and marked the beginning of the new year in the city – state of the Euphrates River.

The Akitu tradition – the celebration of equinoxes is transmitted over time through Persians, Sciti, and Kurds to the present day.

The fact is that equinoxes are present as important moments in the traditions of peoples around the world.

In the Romanian tradition,the month in which the autumn equinox takes place, and when the day becomes equal to the night, it is called Rapciune or more rarely Friday. It was said because it was considered to be a time for the preparation of the wine. It’s time to harvest crops, fruits, grapes and grapes. This day marks the beginning of the gradual reduction of human activities in the open air, of participation in actual work in nature. It is easy to move towards the care of one’s own person, and the cultivation of our spiritual side, aiming at the desire to integrate into divine harmony and that of purification of the soul.

We conclude by mentioning a beautiful quote from the Druid wisdom, which gives us an answer but also a teaching about the significance of this phenomenon:

“The Equinox of Autumn is a time of preparation for a new life and a new light that begins again, eternally. We enter the darkness to gather strength and wisdom. We know that the light will win again, but we have to go through the darkness to get there and then…”

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