Ayusya - Saving yogic method in SARS COV 2

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In the symptomatic treatment of the disease generated by COVID 19 there is an effective, simple and free technique that relies on yogic methods to remove dense mucus from the lungs, mucus that inactivates the lungs and reduces lung capacity until man needs oxygenation with pure oxygen through intubation, with the known consequences.

It can only be applied if the patient still has enough strength to practice it, so it is necessary to apply it preventively as early as possible.

It turns out that the drama of this COVID-generated disease is due to two terrible effects:

- increasing the speed of blood clotting, which causes thickening of the blood and clots in various spaces of the blood circulation; for this a solution is the use of cure plants with anticoagulant effects, plants that exist and that are effective if taken with frequency and in the required amount;

- reducing lung capacities by inactivating the lungs due to thick mucus like glue that accumulates and can not be eliminated in the usual way.

In the following we will refer to the natural, simple and free solution of this last problem, one of the biggest generated by COVID 19 and which often leads to death.

This natural and simple method has several stages.

A. We use in breathing the maximum capacity that our lungs still have and for this we achieve complete yogic breathing, breathing calmly and completely, ABDOMINAL, THORACIC AND CLAVICULAR and we will notice the increase in oxygen saturation, measured with a corresponding device and we will feel better.

B. Optional - we carry out Kapalabhati pranayama, an action that will have as its main effect the oxygenation and support with prana of the brain, since it suffers first from the lack of oxygenation and needs support for everything to work in us.

C. Optional - soften the pulmonary secretions with the help of the natural procedure called inhalation; we make the infusion of chamomile and put in the bowl with 500 - 1000 ml infusion a few drops of essential oil of eucalyptus, thyme, oregano, tea-tree after which we breathe the resulting steam by placing a large towel on our head located above the steaming bowl.

D. We remove thick mucus like glue.

We perform a posture similar to Uttana Shishosana by leaning our head on the passage area between the forehead and the hair, with the forearms on the ground.

This is Uttana Shishosana

This is the lifesaving posture in COVID

We cough or repeatedly or, best of all, we make Kapalabhati pranayama in this position, integrating any coughs in the "pumps" that we make. The thick mucus like a glue will be gradually removed and we deposit it in a cup or in a number of wipes that we will keep on hand. Thus, the main problem of this disease will be able to be eliminated.

After this the patient's breathing will magically become - but in fact, thanks to effective actions - light and calm.

We wish you success and health!


Leo Radutz

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