Baciu Forest – Gateway to parallel worlds, or airfield for aliens?

The area of the Baciu forest became known to the general public with the first systematic research of phenomena on its territory, started in 1968. The locals were wary of entering the forest, bypassing it as a bad and unsafe place. Everyone who had entered among the trees of the forest knew that once there, all the fears of the subconscious began to emerge, people being seized by sudden and inexplicable states of anxiety, anxiety and the feeling that they were constantly being watched from everywhere, from behind the tree trunks. The rustle of leaves sounds unnatural, resonant, and small lights spontaneously emerge from behind the foliage, like pairs of eyes accompanying the intrepid intruder. Locals also claim that the lake in the forest area would be formed above a cemetery. There are also stories about visits from other worlds from the landscape of forest folklore…

The villagers who occasionally entered the forest to pick mushrooms or collect mushrooms always reported about sudden nausea, headaches, anxiety that suddenly overtook them. Some also got burns that suddenly appeared on the skin… For a long time, the locals avoided any discussion about the Baciu forest, as if the mere word could summon the unclean spirits who, according to their faith, would have dwelt in the part of the place… All those who will have ever been to these places agree that the Baciu forest has a spirit of its own, a spirit that must be respected and that must not be provoked or invaded abusively. It’s an unpredictable place that can amaze, but it can also scare. It’s a challenge that people can learn from, but it’s one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Many who have been there tell of an unhuman calling, which still draws them to the Baciu forest.

The Romanian biologist Alexandru Sift (1936 – 1990) was the first courageous researcher who systematically investigated all the phenomena that occurred on the territory of the Baciu forest. In the 50s, he conducted a careful and sustained observation of all the strange events that accompanied his movements through the forest. Thus, he noticed strange shadows that seemed to accompany him every time he walked through the woods; Professor Sift photographed them, and he was not surprised when, when developing the films, he noticed besides those “shadows” several shapes, lights or humanoid silhouettes, invisible to the human eye. After 1960, several Romanian researchers were attracted to the exploration of the Baciu forest, and testimonies about strange phenomena multiplied.

It is famous the account of military technician Emil Barnea, who on August 18, 1968 decided to spend a weekend in the forest with some friends. Around 13:00, while searching for firewood, Barnea was heard shouted by friends, and returning to the clearing where they had camped, he got to see what appeared to be a UFO flying over the forest at low altitude. The aircraft – because it didn’t seem to be a natural phenomenon at all – was perfectly quiet. He began to glow sharply, performed a rollover maneuver and quickly accelerated in an oblique direction. Emil Barnea managed to capture three photographic frames of that flying object. Later, these images were considered by international specialists studying the UFO phenomenon as “the clearest images of a UFO photographed in Romania and undoubtedly some of the best images of any UFO ever photographed in the world“.

These photos, rated by prestigious Romanian ufologists such as Florin Gheorghiță and Ion Hobana as authentic and of very good quality, were taken over by Agerpres news agency and brought to the attention of the international public. In 1977, Professor C.S.Vonkeviziczky presented them at the International Congress of Ufology in Acapulco. In a short time, the Baciu forest began to be visited by entire teams of researchers from Germany, France, Hungary and the United States, who brought new testimonies regarding the strange phenomena specific to that area.

They all recorded that once you enter the forest, you are gripped by the lingering sensation that someone is watching you, that behind every tree lurk beings watching you closely, silently. Material or quasi-material structures appear before the eyes of travelers – be they researchers or people coming for tourist purposes – in the middle of the day or at night, they can be captured on photographic film or filmed. Some are invisible to the human eye. Some researchers and esotericists believe that these could be representations of beings inhabiting worlds parallel to the terrestrial world. Then you can record: magnetic anomalies, electromagnetic field fluctuations, infrasound…
The most shocking are the appearances of traces that suddenly materialize before the eyes of explorers, on land, grass or even snow. The vegetation is also affected by these strange phenomena, presenting forms of dehydration, burns or necrosis of the stems or leaves. People who accidentally pass by these “active areas” (considered by initiates to be true gateways to other planes) find themselves with skin burns, redness, irritation, headaches, a strong feeling of thirst, anxiety, fainting.

The most spectacular apparitions are those that suddenly materialize in the sky above the forest. They can be complex geometric bodies such as pyramids, spheres, cylinders, cones or cubes, in flight. There are hundreds of filmed testimonies about such strange flying objects. In fact, the photographic film also reveals, besides the images captured with the naked eye, some invisible manifestations of objects of different shapes evolving in the air or on the ground. Nowhere in the world is there any other area with such a concentration of strange phenomena and UFO-type manifestations.

Various humanoid forms have been observed on photographs, being almost invisible to human eyes. It seems that these beings lurk from the shadow of the trees on the daredevils who venture to pass through the forest. Many tourists taking family pictures fell prey to horror when they developed them and noticed that they were not alone in the forest, dozens of heads sometimes crammed into the photos. For added macabre, figures of deceased people were also identified in photographs… Another aspect worth mentioning is the transient states between gamma and beta radiation, amplified by magnetic distortions often associated with the appearance of translucent white humanoid silhouettes.

In 1993, researcher Adrian Pătruț identified a special area in the Baciu forest, which he named “Point 3 socially active”. The area in question seems to be the center of maximum activity for paranormal phenomena observed in the heart of Transylvania. Research so far has led to the following conclusions:
• The phenomena in the Baciu forest are generally discrete, but continuous over time.
• The forest itself provides more data to researchers than to psychic enthusiasts.
• The phenomena are clearly obvious, being unchallenged even by the most skeptical scientists.
• There seems to be a connection between the presence in the forest of people with psychic capacity and the occurrence of mysterious phenomena.

According to materials collected by Adrian Pătruț in decades of observations, apparitions are part of a wide spectrum of paranormal manifestations, which makes it difficult to fit them into a single subtype or chapter of the phenomenology of the unknown.

In the opinion of most specialists in the study of parapsychological phenomena, the Baciu forest represents an interdimensional “gate” through which entities, whether these beings from other parallel worlds or spirits of the deceased or the unborn, can partially access the physical dimension of the earth. Initiates in occultism claim that the forest would be a portal between the astral plane and the material plane – telluric, a “transitional” area where the spirits of some beings can maintain themselves for a period of time…

The phenomena recorded in the Baciu forest are not unique in the world. The map of places on Earth containing areas with similar phenomena also includes the Mojave Desert and Breeze Bay in the United States, La Spezia-Arenzano in Italy, Hessdalen Valley in Norway, Belo Horizonte in Brazil, Mount Kailasa in Tibet. However, the Baciu forest is considered by all specialists as the most important area of parapsychological phenomena manifestation on the entire planet.

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