“Burning” of karma through meditation- astrological occasion – The New Moon in Capricorn and the Ring Eclipse of the Sun

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New Moon in Capricorn and Ring Solar Eclipse – 26 December 2019, 07:12 – Romanian time

Both the new moon and especially the solar ring eclipse are special moments when we can “burn” karma through Abheda meditations.


Meditating, around or even on the maximum of Shiva Ratri and especially one hour before and after the solar or lunar eclipse, whether the eclipse is visible in the territory we are in or whether it is total or partial.

What kind of meditations can we practice?

Any meditation, but especially

  • fundamental meditation Anuttara,
  • meditation with white-srplecytore light and
  • meditation Ucchara or Japan with AUM mantra.

As we have become accustomed to every moment of the New Moon we set new goals, make new projects, prepare for a new beginning and now, this beginning is under the auspices of Capricorn, a sign of the earth of assumption and maturation.

Is time to be present, to project positively, to trust and to start those actions we really find ourselves in.

Ability detoxification of the body is maximum on the day of the New Moon. Anyone who makes a rule of having a fasting day every time the moon is new, will benefit from many advantages in the prevention of diseases. Also this day is perfect to start a new activity such as the unlearning of habits Bad. Often bad habits are the external expression of some energies interiors that only need a new goal to become useful and valuable to us and to other people.

The night before the New Moon is a night of divine transcendence

and if we engage in spiritual activities we can achieve exceptional results that equate to the results obtained after a year of assiduous spiritual practice.

For that this new beginning will “establish” better in our being and we take full advantage of this astrological aspect, it is advisable to achieve a short meditation of about 20 minutes, in its maximum period, with 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after it takes place, i.e. between 07:02 and 07:22.

How we meditate:

Sit on a chair with your back straight and your hands resting on the thighs with our palms down, we aim to completely relax our body, especially the muscles of the face.
It is necessary to feel the physical body abandoned and immovable. After we have realized the “parking” of the body we we turn our attention inside the body, into the middle of the chest and we imagine that we are adimensional at that level.
Throughout meditation, we aim to feel the complex influence of this moment astral, of the New Moon, when the luminaries, the Sun and the Moon participate in “cosmic wedding” by dividing the same zodical degree. Now the male and the female merge into a perfect unit.

Due to the conjunction between the Sun and the Moon there is a special complementarity of yin-yang energies in nature.

If now, we seek to find a perfect agreement between the will and God’s will, our conscience will pass through exceptional spiritual transformations that will lead to the acquisition of the harmony and inner peace.

By the state of consciousness cultivated by different Abheda Yoga techniques, certain transits can be transcense unfavorable astrological events. Apart from these methods to be practiced systematically, it can be said that people’s destiny is written in the stars and it is relatively difficult for the ordinary man to manifest free will, independent of the influences of celestial bodies.

Shiva Ratri

Night which precedes this phenomenon of the New Moon, in our case the night of 25 26 December 2019, is celebrated in the Oriental spiritual tradition under the name of Shiva Ratri.

The night before the New Moon is a night of divine transcendence,and if we engage in spiritual activities we can achieve exceptional results that equate to the results obtained from a year of assiduous spiritual practice.
During this astral moment, it is good to have an easy diet or even to practice Anaharin – black fasting only with water, to reduce the rhythm of daily activities, and to aim to orient ourselves inwards, being aware that this night is particularly effective for the practice of meditation, it gives us the opportunity to achieve thus important spiritual progress.

Specific astrological aspects

Thursday, December 26th – 07:12 – marks the moment of the New Moon in Capricorn as well as the Ring Eclipse of the Sun,invisible in Romania. A Solar Eclipse occurs at the time of the New Moon when the Sun and Moon occupy the same zodiac degree near a Lunar Node.

Eclipse ring of the Sun on December 26, 2019 takes place at the time of the New Moon in Capricorn, with the Sun and Moon occupying the same zodiac degree, 4:07 Capricorn near the South Lunar Node at 8:23 Capricorn.

An annular eclipse occurs when the Sun and Moon are exactly aligned with the Earth, and the diameter of the Moon is smaller than that of the Sun, from the Sun is only seen the edge, in the form of a bright ring surrounding the Dark Moon.

The change generated by the Solar Eclipse and the moment of the New Moon is a doomed change in accordance with the destiny of each of us, the fact that it takes place near the Southern Lunar Node means that it can come with a strong awarenessof, which we cannot avoid in the field of energized life in order to purify, clarify and restore the natural order and balance necessary for our evolution. The solar eclipse is a special event with a strong karmic marking, it can generate a new beginning or can draw a new direction both at the social level and personally with the only mention that, this beginning is possible only after a personal recalibration in accordance with the requirements of Capricorn and house I in this case.

The New Moon in Capricorn on December 26th is hosted by the first house of this astral moment, the angular house, our own identity, which implies that our individuality will become the object of our own awareness

Who we are or what we have been until now, what represents us or what really defines us are aspects now subject to a strong process of awareness with an extremely important stake and the South Node has the mission to show exactly where it hurts, where we repeat ourselves endlessly, where we tend to create the same dezechlibru, where we continue to err from the past to the present.

The South Node in Capricorn near which the New Moon is located indicates that our vulnerability comes from the need to control situations or people at all costs, to know exactly what we need to do or to say so that we keep our reputation intact, to be well seen, appreciated and recognized as true professionals in what we do and what we are, so that there is no criticism of us. When we manifest from the imbalances of this sign of Capricorn, we become rigid, cold and hard and we do not allow ourselves to feel because we perceive emotions as a weakness, we dehumanize ourselves and we are willing to build empires and bagify everything that is necessary to succeed, even ourselves. We have been paying tribute to the society/world in which we have lived so long that “being right” has remained embedded in us and has become the habit generating an almost compulsive thinking and behavior, that of fulfilling external needs at the expense of the inner ones, and all this we have done by paying an enormous price, that of forgetting who we are and of our own soul.

In this case with the South Node in house I in the sign of Capricorn we can face unexpected events

such as a separation of things or people that are no longer necessary for us in our evolution, we can conclude relationships both personal and professional that no longer support us, we can be forced to give up certain projects that we are working on but that do not represent us or we can realize that we need a new approach to our own individuality that is in accordance with the requirements of our soul.

The moment of a new beginning for us is born

It is time to create a new personal structure, to rebuild our own identity with our own soul as our center or rather our own divine essence, the time has come to start working on our own foundation as Capricorn wants but with high aspirations. The time has come when we are asked to overcome ourselves because we are helped and supported in doing so. Let us not forget that the moment man takes one step towards God, God will take a thousand steps towards him.

Using the trumps of this Capricorn earth sign

we can organize in an extremely efficient way,we can take responsibility for who we are and from a spiritual perspective, we can efficiently organize and manage the inner and outer resources in a responsible and assumed manner, we can cultivate patience, perseverance and we can aspire to create something durable and in accordance with the demands of our own soul so that we can become architects of our own lives.

At the highest level Capricorn wants to bring heavenly creation to earth,as it is in Heaven and on Earth, and our purpose is to become at the micro level the expression of the manifestation of the Great Architect of the Universe, which is undoubtedly the Divine Supreme.

“You must constantly try to climb very high, if you want to be able to see very far, and it is worth trying to do everything in the hope that you will once be able to enter the kingdom of the spheres of the high.
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, Embrace the Column of Infinity with the palms of your hands open. Then, raising your eyes, look at her and you will thus indeed know the Self of heaven…”

Constantin Zarnescu – Aphorisms and texts of Brancusi, Ed. Cartimpex Cluj, 1998

The ascendant of this astral moment is in Sagittarius who supports the process of finding and revealing our own identity

through aspiration, faith and by cultivating that sense of good and sacredness around us and its own governor, Jupiter is in conjunction with the New Moon which denotes the divine support and help that we now receive to begin this work with ourselves.

This moment of the New Moon in Capricorn may indicate a new path for us, the authentic one or better said can help us to put the first brick at the base of the foundation of our own individuality, can support us in harnessing and giving a new meaning to A FII (house I) when we become the creators of our own life and use wisely and discerningLY USE (Capricorn), for truly, we fulfill our purpose when we manifest in small what God does in the sea.

Virginia Olteanu – astrologer

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