21 common mistakes in meditation and some solutions

There are many types of meditation and these tips are general. In particular, each type of meditation has its precise indications, which must be followed. The advice of the teacher or master can help and boost significantly, sometimes even decisively. 1. Let's keep the spine flexed, the torso or head tilted in any way or […]

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The Secret Method of Forgiveness

The main issue that is often the motivation for unforgiving is the misunderstanding of what forgiveness means and the consequences of unforgiving. To forgive is to give up any desire for compensation- of any kind for whatyou rightly or wrongly believe that person has wronged. It does not mean (although some may be right and […]

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Bhuvaneshwari- the great divine power of space

It is pure consciousness, original space, the foundation of any subsequent manifestation. It is the vacuum from which all creation appears.

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Dhumavati The great divine power of the mental vacuum - shunyata

It distracts us from Samsara (the manifested world in which we live) and directs us to our eternal, immutable, ineffable essence, that is, the Supreme Atman Self.

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Matangi - The great divine power of communication and art

Matangi is the ninth divine power, which grants us its grace and blessings from its profound state of divine ecstasy that it continually experiences. It instills us to live life in a divine way Matangi is the energy of the spoken word and any kind of external maifestation of inner knowledge, through the various forms […]

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Bamalamukhi - the great divine power of fascination

Bamalamukhi is the eighth great divine power of the ten Mahavidya. It is a facet of the unique female divine being, which manifests certain characteristic aspects, aspects that we find in ourselves and we want to amplify. We report and work with it to make it easier for us to represent and amplify these qualities […]

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Celebrating the Infinity in Us through Ganesha. Methods to achieve spiritual and material prosperity. Leadership.

TODAY, August 22, in India (and in Europe now ­čÖé ), for ten days is celebrated that facet of Infinity that manifests, among many others, perseverance, realized power, spiritual and material prosperity, spontaneous and authentic leadership- Ganesha. Ganesha is an important pillar of spirituality in the middle of life, an essential goal in Abheda Yoga. […]

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Ganesha - representation of perseverance, realizeability and prosperity

Hindu philosophy has shed light on the understanding of many aspects of our being. Essentially, we are infinite, but in order to understand and worship the Infinity within us (/Supreme Consciousness/Supreme Self Atman... or God), we need to assign him certain characteristics... because it is difficult for our minds to relate to Infinite (/God) without […]

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Abheda Yoga este o cale deosebit─â, rar─â, care poate cu adev─ârat s─â ne transforme. Putem dezvolta chiar ╚Öi ceea ce nu am primit prin na╚Ötere ╚Öi genetic─â sau nu am reu╚Öit s─â realiz─âm prin educa╚Ťie ╚Öi alte influen╚Ťe formatoare.
Acharya Leonard
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