Don't "let" whatever happens...

Some people are misunderstood, illogical and selfish: Love them and so on! If you do well, people may blame you for hidden and selfish interests: Do good! If you are a successful man, you will have fake friends and real enemies: Still be a successful man! The good you do today can be forgotten tomorrow, Do the good though! Honesty can make you vulnerable: Still be honest! The biggest people, with the greatest ideas, can be knocked down by the smallest people and

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The "burning" of karma during eclipses

The period of time in which a solar or lunar eclipse occurs has various meanings for people belonging to different cultures. Many times the eclipse was associated with something negative: the "werewolf" that eats the sun or moon, or a demon who wants the evil of people and wants to deprive him of the influence […]

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21 common mistakes in meditation and some solutions

There are many types of meditation and these tips are general. In particular, each type of meditation has its precise indications, which must be followed. The advice of the teacher or master can help and boost significantly, sometimes even decisively. 1. Let's keep the spine flexed, the torso or head tilted in any way or […]

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Birthdays are overpriced

What does the birthday mean? What would be good to do on this occasion? In my opinion, the birthday is overpriced and people unduly expect this day to be a special one, in which the Universe will show its love and gratitude to them, through their peers. And if this is not the case, many […]

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Why do we need to forgive? The Secret Method of Forgiveness - Kshama

De ce e nevoie să iertăm (kshama - in Abheda)? Not necessarily or only because that's how "my aunt told us" or we heard it at the Sunday service. But because if we do not forgive we continue to live the conflict and because - amazingly - we bind ourselves to […]

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