The Nadi, the subtle energy channels of the life force

The human being consists of several subtle energetic systems, having a different vibration frequency, starting from the lowest, which defines the human physical body, to the highest, which defines the last subtle shell – the one that allows us to experience the state of bliss, and which connects with the Supreme Immortal Self ATMAN. According to the Oriental spiritual tradition, the human being is made up of five bodily shells called KOSHA's, their ensemble being called

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108 reasons to start practicing Abheda nondualist meditations right now!

Lately there is more and more talk about meditation and its positive effects on those who practice it. The latest research indicates that those who begin to practice meditation improve their health, and life as a whole. With beneficial effects, which start from the physical to the psychological and spiritual level and scientific research that attests to these effects, there is no reason why anyone who wants to meditate can meditate.

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