It's good and necessary to be good... but don't be stupid

How do we combine the efforts necessary for our own transformation and spirituality with external, work, and family responsibilities? With common sense and ingenuity, considering that what we do for ourselves is secondary to what we owe it to others to achieve, by virtue of the responsibilities we have assumed (especially since they are often […]

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Abheda compass. "That's enough"

Abheda compass. "That's enough" How to deal with when faced with the unknown and the "what is hard"? Something seemingly small and simple is enough to succeed in something no matter how "big". The man who turns to the ego thinks he "knows." It is full of "safe things" because he looks into his limited […]

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MAHAYANA - the truth that matters

MAHAYANA Someone once asked me: " I have noticed sometimes, in certain people, about whom I have a good opinion about their spiritual level, that when they approach me, they feel an influence that is angry fest through them from a distance, as a power that accompanies them. How could I have such a thing […]

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Therapy or method ho'oponopono

Therapy or method ho'oponopono The ho'oponopono method or meditation has the following effects: - state of inner freedom - burning of karma or "sins", "cleansing" of connections that, out of ignorance, we have maintained through unforgiveness - higher or very high inner state - inner purity, - harmonization of relations with the other beings, human […]

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I asked the Master to teach me to make money

I asked the Master to teach me to make money At one point, a young man who wanted to be happy went to a Yogi Master and said to him: "My dear Master, if you accept me as a student, I will follow all your guidance because I very much want to get the aspects […]

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What do we do when we can't control our thoughts?

Practicing fundamental meditation sometimes happens... to "haunt" us thoughts that, apparently, we also do not want to manifest obsessively and excruciatingly. Or not excruciating. It may even like us, but it diverts us from our goal or from the direction in which we, in fact, want to think. Other times we want to meditate. We […]

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Don't "let" whatever happens...

Some people are misunderstood, illogical and selfish: Love them and so on! If you do well, people may blame you for hidden and selfish interests: Do good! If you are a successful man, you will have fake friends and real enemies: Still be a successful man! The good you do today can be forgotten tomorrow, Do the good though! Honesty can make you vulnerable: Still be honest! The biggest people, with the greatest ideas, can be knocked down by the smallest people and

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The "burning" of karma during eclipses

The period of time in which a solar or lunar eclipse occurs has various meanings for people belonging to different cultures. Many times the eclipse was associated with something negative: the "werewolf" that eats the sun or moon, or a demon who wants the evil of people and wants to deprive him of the influence […]

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21 common mistakes in meditation and some solutions

21 common mistakes in meditation There are many types of meditation and these tips are general In particular, each type of meditation has its precise indications, which must be followed. The advice of the teacher or master can help and boost significantly, sometimes even decisively. 1. To keep the spine flexed, the trunk or head […]

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Birthdays are overpriced

What does the birthday mean? What would be good to do on this occasion? In my opinion, the birthday is overpriced. People unduly expect this day to be a special one. A day when the Universe would show its love and gratitude to them, through their fellow human beings. If this is not the case, […]

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Time banks - a fascinating idea related to karma yoga - yoga of action

The Bank of Time (engl. Time Banking) known as Service Exchange or Time Exchange is an alternative economic system that uses Time as a currency. The Banks of Time honor the unique gifts, talents and resources that each person has to offer, without discrimination regarding age, religion, professional specialization. It is work done with love and joy. In general, each Time Bank has a website where general information of the community is published, m

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Only he who does not work is not wrong... Paraphrasing, we can say: only those who do not act do not make mistakes ... Some would conclude that it seems obvious that in order not to make mistakes it is good to aim not to act. Well, here is the main problem: it is impossible not to act. Great masters and several sacred works certainly state: for a human being living in the physical world it is impossible not to act. It seems, then, that to be wrong is inevitable because it is inevirable to act. Her

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Why do we need to forgive? The Secret Method of Forgiveness - Kshama

De ce e nevoie să iertăm (kshama - in Abheda)? Not necessarily or only because that's how "my aunt told us" or we heard it at the Sunday service. But because if we do not forgive we continue to live the conflict and because - amazingly - we bind ourselves to […]

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