Bhujangasana - "the posture of the cobra" for the power to love

Bhujangasana - "the posture of the cobra" for the power to love Presentation - Bhujangasana Bhujangasana quickly removes excesses in actions, harmonizes relationships with others - especially with people of the opposite sex and enables us to find perfectly inspired solutions in the event of any conflicts in which we can be engaged. It was […]

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Relaxation or meditation ?

Relaxation or meditation ? What does it mean to be relaxed? On the one hand it means - to lie down, to rest. On the other hand, we often say to ourselves "relax", "be more relaxed". Sometimes we consider relaxation as an important asset of success, other times we consider that a problem of failure […]

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Manipura Chakra - solar plexus - the center of will and courage

Manipura Chakra - the center of will and courage In the subtle structure of the human being there are 7 energetic zones, 7 complex fundamental systems that include all possible human experiences. These subtle organs are known as chakras ( centers of force or foci of power). 7 chakras or main centers of force are […]

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The rules of efficiency in the asanas of Abheda

The rules of efficiency in the asanas of Abheda In traditional nondualist yoga Abheda asanas are, in fact, small meditations (or sometimes large, it is up to us); In asanas we aim to amplify the effects, primarily the bioenergetic ones - pranics and those at the level of the physical body. If we succeed, we […]

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Lighting posture - simple technique with profound effects

  It is said that the Buddha himself was enlightened using this method, practicing the same posture under the Boddhi tree, where he was in continuous spiritual retreat, until he achieved spiritual enlightenment. . The name clearly expresses the spiritual valences of the technique. The posture of the […]

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Halasana - posture for an alert and clear mind

Indications, effects and benefits of this process Through persevering practice, Halasana offers us clarity and mental aggrandizement dynamization and mental strength, much improved memory. THE POSTURE OF THE PLOW is a powerful tonic, because it acts on the entire spine, which contains and protects the spinal cord, being doubled by the chain of sympathetic ganglia […]

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Nabhiasana - posture for inner fire and harmonious abdomen

Nabhiasana - the posture of the navel is a simple posture, possible to be executed almost by anyone regardless of age and state of health, extremely intense as subtle and physical effects and which allows a rapid transformation of the practitioner. Indications, effects and benefits of this process Nabhiasana greatly amplifies and harmonizes the subtle […]

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Virasana - the posture for increased willpower and courage

THE HERO'S POSTURE is one of the positions specially indicated to be practiced for as long as possible. It allows, if it is consistently performed, the amplification of special qualities (encountered, unfortunately, less and less often nowadays). Indications, effects and benefits of this process The posture harmoniously activates the force center of muladhara chakra vitality, […]

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Sun Salutation - benefits for body and soul

Sun Salutation - "Surya Namaskar" (Sanskrit) is one of the most famous exercises in hatha yoga, ideal for starting yogic practice. Indications, effects and benefits of this process This is a complex, moving yogic technique, but also accessible to beginners in yoga. The Sun Salutation is a succession of 12 asanas (postures), meant to dynamize […]

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The Sun Salutation and its Origins

Although our yoga school is on vacation, for those who practice yoga there is no "vacation" really. This means that it is beneficial to maintain a constant level of practice and during periods when we do not have the opportunity to practice together at the gym. One of the extremely valuable exercises that we learn from the beginning in yoga is the Sun Salutation.

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Sarvangasana - "candle posture" for elevation and rejuvenation

Sarvangasana - „postura lumânării” pentru elevare și reîntinerire Presentation Sarvangasana is a reverse posture. The position of the spine is inverted so that the lower part of the spine is higher than the upper part. The reverse postures have the quality of easily transforming the lower, disharmonious energies or […]

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Talasana - "palm posture" for grounding and energizing

Talasana - „postura palmierului” pentru împământare și energizare Presentation Talasana is a refreshing, beneficial exercise, not at all tiring, which keeps the body alert and active. It energizes the torso and arms, being a wonderful posture for therapists who work with the palms. Indications, effects and benefits of this […]

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Trikonasana - triangle posture (variant)

Prezentare Trikonasana - postura triunghiului (varianta) Trikonasana is a beautiful posture, both for men and women, which amplifies the state of firmness and wise will. Indications, effects and benefits of this process This posture amplifies vitality, firmness, will and determination, affectivity and mental strength. Execution technique […]

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Differences between ABHEDA YOGA and sports -2-

Diferențele între ABHEDA YOGA și sport -2- IN ABHEDA YOGA The fundamental difference is that yoga exercises are opposed to violent muscle movements in sports. This type of movements produce fatigue, muscle stiffness and injuries. The body is regarded as a tool for the journey to perfection […]

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Sport - Differences between ABHEDA YOGA and PHYSICAL CULTURE -1-

The millennial science of yoga has a holistic view of exercises; there are many differences between yoga exercises and traditional physical culture. The main difference between Abheda Yoga and Physical Culture is the fact that sport produces physical evolution and results by generating states of muscular crisis that stimulate muscle development, along with the increase of the blood flow through the muscles and the reduction of the influx of blood through the internal organs, endocrine glands and brain, while ABHEDA YOGA generates an evolution based on harmony, energy throughout the being, including in the internal organs, endocrine glands and brain and all this progressively, at the limit of comfort, without forcing and in permanent balance... AND FOR ANY AGE.

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Uttitha Ardha Dhanurasana - yogic posture for inner balance

Yogi practices have wonderful effects on our physical structure: improving flexibility, toning and elasticizing muscles and improving or even curing certain health problems. But when we begin to enter the traditional yoga universe we discover that this is much more than a sport, it is a science of life. In addition, it has much broader […]

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Bhadrasana - position of the throne

It is considered asana that cures all diseases. Practiced enough, gives the yogi the opportunity to eliminate fatigue or pain. Provides the inner ability to control inferior or unwanted desires. Hatha yoga prapika Bhadrasana or the position of the throne is a basic posture in traditional yoga, suitable even for those beginners in yogic practices. […]

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Savasana, a posture with amazing health benefits

Savasana or corpse posture (sava in translation from Sanskrit means corpse and asana means posture), is the posture with which the cycle of asanas in hatha yoga ends. It is intended for the relaxation of the body and mind, as well as the harmonious integration of the subtle energies that have been set in motion throughout the entire session of asanas. This asana should be performed on a hard surface, preferably on the ground, on the yoga mat, with the legs parallel or slightly apart, and the hands beside the body with the palms up.

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Drishti or the yogic method of looking in focus

How many times have we not surprised ourselves while executing asanas in yoga classes looking around – at the graceful silhouette of the colleague in front or at the clock that ticks on the wall – instead of being centered in the heart and with attention inside? To help those who have such problems, there […]

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