The "burning" of karma during eclipses

The period of time in which a solar or lunar eclipse occurs has various meanings for people belonging to different cultures. Many times the eclipse was associated with something negative: the "werewolf" that eats the sun or moon, or a demon who wants the evil of people and wants to deprive him of the influence […]

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How do we evaluate the effectiveness in meditation?

I mean, is it working or not ? It is possible to sit for an hour with your eyes closed wondering: is it any point in what I'm doing here, or is it an awkward autopsy because I'm not progressing? If the end result we might imagine what it should look like, we would be […]

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21 common mistakes in meditation and some solutions

There are many types of meditation and these tips are general. In particular, each type of meditation has its precise indications, which must be followed. The advice of the teacher or master can help and boost significantly, sometimes even decisively. 1. Let's keep the spine flexed, the torso or head tilted in any way or […]

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Is meditation good when, however, we are sleepy?

HERE a meditation for beginners We would be tempted to say that it is not worth the effort, because then we need sleep and not meditation. Meditation may seem ineffective, excruciating or pointless. That's right... i.e. then we need sleep - but out of perseverance we can gain a spiritual gold perhaps even more precious. […]

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OMKAR meditation with AUM or OM

IN ABHEDA OMKAR meditation with AUM OR OM breath is aimed at -elevation of the inner state - wisdom, - amplification of mental power - transcending inferior temptations and passions, -"burning karma" or improving the spiritual framework of existence. HOW PRACTICAM It is done in a meditation position or on the chair, with the relatively […]

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Meditation of concentration on breathing

Its purpose is the state of peace, of mental vacuum and better attention and inner stability. It is very accessible and effects sometimes occur even in seconds. It is done in a meditation position or on the chair, with the relatively straight torso. Hands are positioned on the thighs or knees with the palms face […]

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Meditation of mental stability, Sthiti Dyana

It's a meditation with a very simple explanation. Its purpose is the state of peace, of mental vacuum that is characterized by - mental inspiration, - depth in psychic processes, - amplification of the emotional and mental intelligence coefficient, - better attention and inner stability. How is it practiced? In a meditation position or on […]

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Meditation for quick relaxation and peace of mind

How do you do it? This is a technique that can also be applied as meditation in action. It can be done by standing in any position, even throughout the day (for example when waiting in the queue).However, especially if we are beginners, it is good to follow the following preparatory guidelines. Preparation We sit […]

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Abheda Meditation of the Spiritual Rose

The rose is a wonderful flower that has many fascinating petals that open like a flower's heart and then allow the manifestation of a bright and apotheotic beauty. It symbolizes in many traditions the spiritual awakening. Rose Meditation aims to - the awakening of the soul, - wisdom, - amplification of the power to love […]

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Abheda Yoga este o cale deosebită, rară, care poate cu adevărat să ne transforme. Putem dezvolta chiar și ceea ce nu am primit prin naștere și genetică sau nu am reușit să realizăm prin educație și alte influențe formatoare.
Acharya Leonard
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