Paradise in Meditation

A disciple fell asleep and dreamed that he had juns in paradise.
To his astonishment, he found here the Master and the other disciples...

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Do we really have free will?

People have free will but most can't use it Fiindcă o parte din viitorul lor este prefigurat de acțiunile lor anterioare This is where what is predictable comes in, according to the principle of "how you sit down, this is how you sleep" (e.g. you did not learn - you […]

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Either way, it's between you and God

People are often misunderstood, irrational, and selfish.
Forgive them, anyway.

If you're good, people want you[...]

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Firmness and Love

Can firmness and love manifest simultaneously in the soul? Fermitatea este o trăire specifică centrului de forță Manipura Chakra - centrul voinței și al curajului, sediul focului subtil al ființei. Iubirea este mai mult decât o stare, este un nivel de conștiință. Un ajutor în trezirea și amplificarea iubirii este dinamizarea […]

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About Shaktipat - Grace or help that usually comes through the Spiritual Master

Shaktipat means, in translation, "coming", "descending" or "descending" Grace or Energy, Shakti on a man. That is, it is an aid, an impulse that comes through a Master or even without such external support (i.e. spontaneously) and that allows the student to attain, for the moment, skills that he alone would not have achieved at […]

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26 on how we recognize a genuine spiritual master

Clues to recognize an authentic spiritual master. First, we must know that we could not, as students, accurately determine that someone is an authentic spiritual master. This is because: - charlatans can pretend very well - only an authentic master can recognize an authentic master - an authentic master […]

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4 Reasons to Seek an Authentic Spiritual Master

It is not fanaticism or any form of proselytizing as some might tend to think, but only an authentic ancient tradition, verified over time and which has worked. For a Western mind, it's hard enough to accept that. But if I met an authentic master, freed from the conditionings of this ephemeral world and who […]

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About the need for a spiritual master

  What is a spiritual master or an authentic guru? A Spiritual Master is a person who meets the following conditions: possess a certain achievement or mastery in certain directions and especially in a spiritual direction; has the ability to explain the "road" to those achievements […]

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Effects of Anuttara's fundamental meditation in Abheda Yoga

- spiritual awakening or enlightenment, moksha, kenosis, metanoia, revelation, satori, ushta, Kevala Jnana; - perception of the state of vacuum - shuniata; the state of emptiness is a nonndual state characterized by the increasingly advanced (up to the Absolute) absence of thoughts or, even, of any form of mental disturbances; […]

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Spiritual Zapping - when you go on multiple paths (video)
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Do we really need a spiritual master? Couldn't we handle this on our own?

We can find ourselves in several types of situations. 1. If we are not awakened spiritually (the case of most practitioners on an authentic spiritual path) then we really need a master spiritually to guide us, to explain and appropriate the methods of transformation to our concrete situation and, above all, to help us overcome […]

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Whenever the disciple is ready, the master appears!

"In the ancient Egyptian books it is said that whenever the disciple is ready, the master appears. Whenever the disciple is ready, the master appears. There is no need for the disciple to look for the master, the master always seeks the disciple.

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How does spiritual aspiration increase? Dom' teacher, my spiritual aspiration has decreased a lot. In fact, I don't feel it at all anymore. What can I do?

"What can I do to regain my inspiration and spiritual aspiration?" someone asks me. Do you think such a problem is rare? It's not. Those who succeeded have experienced this most of the time (compared to other people). In fact, it is a common situation, which occurs almost always, programmatically, in any direction we seek to develop - but, especially, when we pursue a spiritual transformation. It is natural and, even, expect this to happen and p

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"The rose (rose) of Paracelsus"

From his workshop, located in two rooms hollowed out under the ground,
Paracelsus asked God to send him a disciple...

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Receiving Spiritual Initiation

Receiving an initiation requires more than just physical participation – going to a certain place at a certain time to receive something that someone will give you. It also involves active mental participation. We need to have the ability to open up and allow the experience to penetrate, instead of being crisp and obsessive. Because, you see, initiation, including all the meditations that compose it, is a method that leads us within an experience of totality, and this to

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