"Let's dedicate my life to helping others!"

BE GOOD, BUT, BE GOOD AT SOMETHING! It is necessary to be aware of the necessity of your own spiritual evolution, in order to be able to effectively help others. Basically, you work spiritually, primarily for yourself. Each of us (even if we ignore this) have a responsibility regarding the huge number of beings that […]

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Cannabis or Indian hemp does not help kundalini

Cannabis or Indian hemp does not help Kundalini. In fact, Cannabis or drugs can't awaken kundalini, but they can do us a lot of harm. Most of us know the common, so-called domestic hemp – the plant once cultivated in Europe for its fibers, but also for the seeds – Cannabis sativa . It has […]

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Vasugupta - author of shiva Sutra

Vasugupta is a remarkable master of Kashmiri Shivaism, namely the Pratyabhijna school. His life Vasugupta lived approximately from 875 to 925 AD. There was very little information left over time about his life. It is known that he lived close to Srinagar, not far from Mount Mahadeva, in the Sadarhadvana valley of the Harvan River. […]

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Utpaladeva - emblematic master of the Trika School

 Utpaladeva  was one of the greatest masters of shaivism in Kashmir. The great mystical saint of Kashmir is also known as Utpala or Utpalacharya, but also Jnoon-e-Kamil- wise in divine ecstasy. His life Utpaladeva was a precocious child with a sharp intellect, with a great desire for knowledge and transformation. Spurred on by this desire, […]

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The great yogi Gopi Krishna - about Kundalini

Gopi Krishna, you have been taking steps for years to scientifically investigate the yogic experience of awakening the kundalini force. What is the meaning of the word "KUNDALINI" and what is its linguistic history? KUNDALINI, in Sanskrit, means "coiled" and comes from the word KUNDALA. It refers to a force that in the ordinary man […]

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S.N. Goenka, teacher of Vipassana meditation

S. N. Goenka was a Vipassana meditation teacher in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin of Burma (Myanmar).He was born and raised in Burma into a conservative Hindu family. He was a successful businessman and the leader of the Indian community in Burma.It is here that he meets his teacher U Ba Khin, […]

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Mahatma Gandhi on AHIMSA (non-violence)

We present below some of Mahatma Gandhi's aphorisms for non-violence: About AHIMSA â¢Â   AHIMSA is one of the highest®principles of the world that no®power on earth can destroy. â¢Â   AHIMSA is the greatest ideal. It is meant for the brave one, never for the laÅ. â¢Â   AHIMSA is the largest known forÅ£Ä. â¢Â   The most®naltÄ form of religion (spirituality) has been defined by a denial: non-violence (AHIMSA). â

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Dattatreya- Adi Guru or the primordial spiritual Master

He is loved and considered Legendary divine Avatar, master of the yogic masters and fundamental initiator of humanity. It is considered the incarnation of the Divine Trinity of India or Trimurti, consisting of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Brahma is responsible for the creative aspect of the […]

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Mahavatar Babaji- the eternally young yogi

Babaji is known as the immortal yogi of the Himalayas, who has been living for hundreds of years, still having the appearance of a young man. His body remains unchanged, unaffected by the passage of time and does not need food. He has overcome his mortal condition and withdrew from the world, […]

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Lahiri Mahasaya - made Kriya yoga accessible

its spiritual purpose: to show the world that spiritual practice can be effective and if the aspirant does not live in solitude, that spirituality and social or family life are not incompatible.

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Pythagoras and his disciple Apollonius of Tyana

He was a mathematician, philosopher, but also the founder of a school where disciples were initiated into the great mysteries of the world, "The School of Initiation".

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Sri Aurobindo - master explorer of consciousness

Motto: "I had no impulse towards spirituality, but I developed spirituality. I was incapable of understanding metaphysics, but I turned into a philosopher. I didn't have eyes for painting, but I opened it through Yoga." – Sri Aurobindo Great visionary and wise of unanity Sri Aurobindo, by his […]

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Sri Aurobindo and the 18 Siddhasi

"Spiritual life finds the most potent expression in the man who lives an ordinary life through the power of yoga practice. Through a union of inner and outer life, humanity will be lifted up and become strong and divine."

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Nityananda- the one who knew "eternal happiness"

Being permanently in the state of divine bliss, he influenced those around him only by his resin.

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Pratyabhijna School Masters

"Pratyabhijna" means "to recognize, spontaneously realize your Self once again" or "recognition, recall of our divine nature". It means realizing who we really are and finding ourselves.

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Swami Sivananda – truly, a great Indian spiritual master (Swami Sivananda Sarsawati)

He was known as the "argint-free doctor"

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Mandalava- disciple and consort of Padmasambhava, who achieved immortality

She was the daughter of Arsadhara, the king of Zohar, and showed all signs of being a true dakini.

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Aristotle - philosopher and scientist of ancient Greece

He was described as "the first scientific genius in history."

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Boddhisattva-shii, exemplary spiritual beings

Boddhisattva-sii are exemplary spiritual beings who perform their spiritual training not for their own good but for the good of all beings in the Universe.
Thus they aim to transform themselves spiritually, first of all on them , because if they do not transform, they will not be able to help anyone to transform.
At the same time, they make spiritual efforts to help others and to train them in an ascending spiral of spiritual evolution more and more accelerated, doing so, however, in full respect and love of all beings in the Universe. ... (read more)

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About Love - Kahlil Gibran

Gibran's voice shows us a marvel of wisdom in a field in which, more often than not, people are taken by surprise. And yet, in fact, it's simple. As St. Augustine said.

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Drukpa Kunley - "eccentric lighting" or "wise fool"

Buddha Drukpa Kunley was one of the greatest saints of Tibet, known as the "mad sage" or "eccentric lighting", due to his unconventional behavior and obscene humor by which he managed " to free people from dogmatic and limiting religious thought". "What I do is not my way of being, but how I pass on […]

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Yogaswami - the telepathic yogi master who challenges your ego and heals you

Yogaswami a trăit în Jaffna, Sri Lanka în prima parte a secolului trecut. A fost înzestrat cu calități spirituale excepționale Toți cei care au avut prilejul să îl cunoască, l-au simțit ca sursă de înțelepciune, iubire, îndrumare și susținere, chiar dacă nu erau lângă el. Se spune că avea capacitatea de a se teleporta oriunde […]

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Swami Muktananda - unparalleled embodiment of his name - "happiness of freedom"

Swami Muktananda a mai fost cunoscut ca „Baba”. Semnificația numelui său este aceea de „ fericirea libertății”, aceasta fiind ceea ce el transmitea. Oamenii aveau in prezența lui o experiență directă de bucurie și înțelepciune interioară. Viața sa Swami Muktananda s-a născut în 1908 în Bangalore, un oraş din India. A plecat de acasă la […]

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Adi Shankaracharya - one of the greatest yogis saints and masters

Adi Shankaracharya was born in the year 788, in Kaladi, Kerala, India and in his short life of 32 years he had impressive achievements. As an Indian philosopher and theologian, Adi Shankaracharya is recognized for strengthening the Advaita Vedanta doctrine. He united and established currents in Hinduism, exposing the key differences between […]

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Nisargadatta Maharaj and the teaching of the Self - who we really are (film)

Sri Nismargadatta Maharaj was an Indian spiritual teacher and philosopher Advaita Vedanta. He is considered the most well-known teacher of The Advaita Vedanta of Ramana Maharshi. His direct and minimalist exposure of non-dualism, as well as the publication of the most well-known and widespread book "I AM THAT" in 1973, earned him […]

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