True New Year – Spring Equinox

In Romania – March 20, 12:29 – Spring Equinox – Authentic New Year Meditation From an astronomical point of view, the spring equinox represents the moment when the Sun reaches the point of intersection of the ecliptic with the celestial equator, moving from the southern latitude to the northern latitude of the celestial sphere. That is why the day is then equal in duration to the night and, astronomically speaking, spring begins.

Inner smile – practical for a long and happy life

A benevolent attitude, a heart at peace with all aspects of life, most often translates into a smile. Most people do not know that we can also manifest a sui-generis “inner smile”, which essentially represents the attitude and the affective state that accompanies a common smile.
This inner smile calls into us unsuspected energies that have amazing effects, going as far as the paranormal.

Lighting posture – simple technique with profound effects

  It is said that the Buddha himself was enlightened using this method, practicing the same posture under the Boddhi tree, where he was in continuous spiritual retreat, until he achieved spiritual enlightenment. . The name clearly expresses the spiritual valences of the technique. The posture of the …

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Trataka – an ancient yogic practice to improve vision

Trataka is a wonderful practice for anyone, and especially for an aspirant in the practice of meditation. In fact, it is classified as a method of purification in Yoga. If we look fixedly at the flame of a candle, and we feel with it clarifying our mind, we may have unknowingly experienced the yogic technique …

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The Sun Salutation and its Origins

Although our yoga school is on vacation, for those who practice yoga there is no “vacation” really. This means that it is beneficial to maintain a constant level of practice and during periods when we do not have the opportunity to practice together at the gym. One of the extremely valuable exercises that we learn from the beginning in yoga is the Sun Salutation.

The amazing power of a hug!

“It is said that a warm hug, prolongs your life by a day!” – Paolo Coelho How many times have we not felt better, after hugging someone we love? Embracing can be considered a universal medicine. It has the ability to heal and relieve suffering. Dressing reduces blood pressure and prevents panic attacks, and helps reduce the stress hormone corizole. What’s the explanation? During hugging, oxytocin, or the love hormone, is released

Regular (weekly) detachment from the mundane – Nivedana Mudra or yogi Sabbath

If we want to live Abheda – spirituality in the midst of life, Nivedana Mudra or yogi Sabbath is, in fact, an offering of time to all that we have holier and highest. It is a more general concept that refers to the consecration of resources, preferably regularly, to the greatest depths of our being …

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White Prayer for Country and Planet – Devotional Meditation – FILM

This meditative technique is of the “Yoga for Life” type and can provide a wonderful efficiency for what we love and want: a wonderful and focused life hopes for safe and pereonvalues, protection in times of restraint. It does not depend on our nationality, it can be used for any nation and any planet (!) …

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White Prayer – devotional meditation to help the planet and the country

Now is the most precious time to use our capabilitiesto do good and to do us good, through the protection of Romania and the Planet against disasters, epidemics and catastrophes. Now we propose thatat 9 p.m., orat 6 am timesat 15 in the afternoon,every day,until we manage to avoid these problems,to enthusiastically practice the “WHITE …

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ZAZEN MEDITATION – peace and bliss – short spiritual initiation

Zazen represents the heart of the meditative practices of Zen Buddhism. Zazen is more than just a meditation, it is an attitude towards ourselves and the whole world in which we are being. The literal translation of the term signifies “sitting meditation”, but the semantic context implies that the Zen practitioner adopts a certain posture, gradually obtains a state of deep calm of mind and body, and thus “invites” into his being the manifestation of illuminating states (satori).

Uttitha Ardha Dhanurasana – yogic posture for inner balance

Yogi practices have wonderful effects on our physical structure: improving flexibility, toning and elasticizing muscles and improving or even curing certain health problems. But when we begin to enter the traditional yoga universe we discover that this is much more than a sport, it is a science of life. In addition, it has much broader …

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Bhadrasana – position of the throne

It is considered asana that cures all diseases. Practiced enough, gives the yogi the opportunity to eliminate fatigue or pain. Provides the inner ability to control inferior or unwanted desires. Hatha yoga prapika Bhadrasana or the position of the throne is a basic posture in traditional yoga, suitable even for those beginners in yogic practices. …

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Effects of Anuttara’s fundamental meditation in Abheda Yoga

Efectele meditației fundamentale Anuttara din Abheda Yoga – spiritual awakening or enlightenment, moksha, kenosis, metanoia, revelation, satori, ushta, Kevala Jnana ; – perception of the state of vacuum – shuniata; the state of emptiness is a nondulum state characterized by the increasing absence (up to the Absolute) of thoughts or, even, …

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Meditation in Action

Meditation in action is perhaps the most important method in Abheda Yoga and is most likely connected with the golden future of mankind. It is an essential condition of a life – at last – spiritualized and spiritualizing. The film was recorded during a much longer shoot, in 2018, with George Adamescuas producer, operator and …

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Meanings of primordial sound “OM” (AUM)

,,This word (OM) indicates the coexistence of the articulated and unarticulated sound of the heart, and of the melody that is hearable and not hearable – of the reverberate sound and the non-reverberate sound, Anahata Nada. Sound can be described by its triple nature – audible sound, inaudible sound and everlasting sound. The audible sound is the one that can be heard by the human ear. The inaudible sound is that which belongs to the higher, or lower, octaves, so that they cannot be seated

Savasana, a posture with amazing health benefits

Savasana or corpse posture (sava in translation from Sanskrit means corpse and asana means posture), is the posture with which the cycle of asanas in hatha yoga ends. It is intended for the relaxation of the body and mind, as well as the harmonious integration of the subtle energies that have been set in motion throughout the entire session of asanas. This asana should be performed on a hard surface, preferably on the ground, on the yoga mat, with the legs parallel or slightly apart, and the hands beside the body with the palms up.

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