Common hemp and its age on Earth

Common hemp and its age on Earth Next, in this writing we do not deal with Cannabis Indicum but only with the common hemp- Cannabis sativa . Common hemp (cannabis sativa) it has an interesting name, because in Latin the word "sativa" has to do with what is fulfilled, with abundance, prosperity, satiety. The consequences […]

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HEMP - the astounding divine gift of abundance and health

HEMP - the astounding divine gift of abundance and health In most of Eastern and Western Europe, in North America (even in the USA, where it is illegal to grow hemp), Russia, China, India, South America, the Middle East and many other countries, there is no ban on using hemp seed products. Unfortunately, there is […]

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Testimonies - clay has amazing effects

"Iconsider clay a universal panacea. Although I'm a doctor, I prefer natural treatments.My husband and I have resorted several times to clay torevitalize and cure colitis, bile dyskinesia andHypertension. I've even done wraps withClay. But the cure that we used that gave us someextraordinary results last 6 months. For 3 weeksconsume three times a day […]

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Corona influenza, flus and colds - healing by Abheda Ayusya

Warning: The information is synthetic and is exposed from the perspective of "diseases, not people" to be a simple guide and accessible to many; in reality, each case is personal, individualized and depends on the predominant structural type and possible dezechilbres of the elements in the patient's body. This information should be used with discernment, […]

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ABHEDA AYUSYA: Clay and its amazing therapeutic effects

First-rate medicine in antiquity, clay today becomes a medicine of the future [...]

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