What does Linux mean? Love. And freedom.

What does Linux mean? Love. And freedom. "People's operating system". Well, why? An OS - an operating system made by people for humans. Supercreative, without "bombs" put to enter your computer, without advertisements, without control of artificial intelligence from a distance. An operating system that makes your laptop yours and only yours, unrelated to Apple […]

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What is Linux? Spontaneous yoga of help

Motto: Know the whole story, before you judge by appearances. The fragrance of freedom... Linux is a form of... Friendship or even fascinating brotherhood among millions of people and is the most notorious manifestation of the impulse of fraternal help that can manifest spontaneously and perseveringly. […]

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Open Source or spontaneous frantic karma yoga on a planetary level. Altruism and dignity

Open Source is an elite spiritual human phenomenon in which people spontaneously sign up, without approvals and without resentment, giving humanity the miracle of their ideas and work. Lately, programs with free source (open source) appear more and more often, and the term is thrown left and right between big companies, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. […]

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