It has been scientifically proven that meditation strengthens the brain

Researchers at UCLA have been studying the effects of meditation on the brain for many years. Among other things, they found that those who meditate for several years have altered the amount of gray matter and the connections between neurons have become faster. Professor Eileen Luders, an assistant at ucla Imaging Neuro Laboratory, and his colleagues, found that in the long run, meditators have a higher number of circumvolutions ("folds" of the cortex, which allows the brain to

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Keshe Foundation and the space technologies of the future!

In a world where energy resources are imputed by seeing eye to eye, where the Earth is plagued by the unprecedented exploitation of its natural riches, the future of mankind seems rather uncertain, and without real possibilities to overcome the current energy crisis. Is this the end? Apparently not! Mankind has always dreamed of finding an inexhaustible source of energy, and it seems that this source has always been at our fingertips, it is GRAVITY itself! The dream of a united world, in

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It has been discovered that objects can levitate with the help of sound!

A team of researchers from Switzerland has developed a way to levitate and transport small objects, only with the help of sound Using ultrasonic waves – the frequency of which is too high to be heard by human hearing– scientists from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich managed to move in the air along a plane: drops of water, instant coffee crystals, polystyrene flakes, and even a toothpick, among other objects, making them interact with some

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"Crystal Memory - Superman", now the data can be kept safe for millions of years!

A group of researchers from the UK, recorded data in a nanostructured glass crystal. This storage device of the future has practically an unlimited life time and a capacity that exceeds that of Blu-Ray 2800 times, being able to save data and information about our entire civilization, for those who will come after us... Scientists at the University of Southampton have developed a "penta-dimensional" optical memory, experimentally proving p

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A romanian woman has discovered the Elixir of Youth!

A young woman from Oradea, aged 32, Simona Bisboaca, amazed the scientists at the Warsaw International Exhibition of Inventions in November 2012, which also marked the 100th anniversary of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, to Maria Sklodowska Curie, where she won the gold and silver medals for two original products: o,,bomba "of antioxidants and propolis dissolved in water without acool. The young inventor amazed with her products, the elite of researchers. For the product often

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We'll learn new skills like the characters in the movie "The Matrix."

We will be able to download new skills into our brains like the characters in the movie "The Matrix", this will become a reality in surt time, scientists say! Learning martial arts, how to fly an airplane, or how to speak a foreign language without even being awake, is about to become a reality, the researchers tell us. Researchers at Boston University and atr Computational Neuroscience Laboratories in Kyoto, Japan, believe that in the future learn new abi

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming - Some errors and problems mentioned by scientists, system trainers and yogis

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP or NLP after the Abbreviation in English) appeared in the 70s. His parents, linguist John Grinder, and psychology student Richard Bandler had set out to observe how successful psychotherapists managed to alter the behavior of their patients. In the preface of their first book, Virginia Satir, among those studied, wrote: "this book is the result of the efforts of two young people interested in finding out how the changes take place

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Biocentrism scientifically proves that death does not exist!

In the current era, perhaps the most fascinating unsolved scientific mystery is the game of life itself, the mystery in which it begins and ends. Do we really know where we're coming from and where we're going? Why are we so afraid of death? Maybe it's because our greatest fear is that we can't imagine our non-existence. The vast majority of people believe that after the death of the fizc body, they will disappear without a trace, and they will only be... nothingness, and this

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It was discovered accidentally - chemotherapy worsens cancer!

A team of American researchers, while studying the fact that cancer cells are extremely resistant to treatment, accidentally discovered something much more important, namely, that chemotherapy strongly affects healthy cells by damaging them, and at the same time causes them to release a protein that supports and fuels the growth of the cancerous tumor. In the report on the findings of the study conducted in the journal Nature Medicine, scientists report that they summarize

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