About the need for a spiritual master

  What is a spiritual master or an authentic guru? A Spiritual Master is a person who meets the following conditions: possess a certain achievement or mastery in certain directions and especially in a spiritual direction; has the ability to explain the "road" to those achievements […]

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Drukpa Kunley "eccentric lighting" or "wise madman"

Buddha Drukpa Kunley was one of Tibet's greatest saints, known as "the mad wise man" or "eccentric enlightenment",due to his unconventional behavior and obsessive humor by which he succeeded in "freeing people from dogmatic and limiting religious thinking". "What I do is not my way of being, but how I pass on my teaching." "Carefree […]

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Swami Sivananda – truly, a great Indian spiritual master (Swami Sivananda Sarsawati)

He was known as the "argint-free doctor"

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S.N. Goenka- meditation teacher Vipassana, who made this technique known around the world

More about Vipassana meditation HERE S. N. Goenka was a Vipassana meditation teacher in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin of Burma (Myanmar).He was born and raised in Burma, in a conservative Hindu family. He was a successful businessman and leader of the Indian community in Burma.Here he meets his teacher U Ba Khin, […]

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Sri Aurobindo and the 18 Siddhasi

"Spiritual life finds the most potent expression in the man who lives an ordinary life through the power of yoga practice. Through a union of inner and outer life, humanity will be lifted up and become strong and divine."

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Swami Muktananda - unparalleled embodiment of his name - "happiness of freedom"

Swami Muktananda was also known as "Baba". The meaning of his name is that of "the happiness of freedom", which is what he conveyed. People had in his presence a direct experience of joy and inner wisdom. His life Swami Muktananda was born in 1908 in Bangalore, a town in India. He left home at […]

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Yoga Swami- the master yogi telepath who challenges your ego and heals you

Yogaswami lived in Jaffna, Sri Lanka in the early part of the last century, for over ninety years. He was endowed with exceptional spiritual qualities All those who had the opportunity to know him felt it as a source of wisdom, love, guidance and support, even if they were not near him. He is said […]

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Aristotle, philosopher and scientist of ancient Greece

He was described as "the first scientific genius in history."

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Nityananda- the one who knew "eternal happiness"

Being permanently in the state of divine bliss, he influenced those around him only by his resin.

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Pratyabhijna School Masters

"Pratyabhijna" means "to recognize, spontaneously realize your Self once again" or "recognition, recall of our divine nature". It means realizing who we really are and finding ourselves.

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Nismargadatta Maharaj - the master of jnana yogi and the teaching of the Self - who we really are (film)

Sri Nismargadatta Maharaj was an Indian spiritual teacher and philosopher Advaita Vedanta. He is considered the most well-known teacher of The Advaita Vedanta of Ramana Maharshi. His direct and minimalist exposition of non-dualism, as well as the publication of the most well-known and widespread book "I AM THAT" in 1973, earned him worldwide recognition and […]

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Sri Aurobindo - master explorer of consciousness

Motto: "I had no impulse towards spirituality, but I developed spirituality. I was incapable of understanding metaphysics, but I turned into a philosopher. I didn't have eyes for painting, but I opened it through Yoga." – Sri Aurobindo Great visionary and wise of unanity Sri Aurobindo, by his name Aurobindo Ghosh or Ghose (15 Aug […]

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Ramana Maharshi - the nectar of spiritual achievement was his daily taste

  What is extraordinary about Ramana Maharishi is that he has received exceptional grace.He felt the thrill of spiritual aspiration from a young age and meditated with an enormous "thirst" to know the Self. The nectar of spiritual achievement was his daily taste and his disciples appeared around him without […]

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Pythagoras and his disciple Apollonius of Tyana

He was a mathematician, philosopher, but also the founder of a school where disciples were initiated into the great mysteries of the world, "The School of Initiation".

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Milarepa, the great Tibetan yogi and divine model

Milarepa, was born in 1052, in Tibet, under the name Thopaga ("Delightful listening") Coming from a wealthy family, Milarepa, along with his sister and parents, enjoyed the admiration and respect of all who knew them. When his father, Mila-Dorje-Senge, became seriously ill, he called the whole family to make known his last wishes. He wanted […]

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Zen Master - Dogen Kigen

Dogen is the author of important treatises that have underpinned the doctrine and practice of Zen and laid the foundations for a monastic life dedicated to authentic Buddhism.

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Alexander the Great, Ganesha's strength and Gordian knot

  Breaking the Gordian knot is a misserious expression if you don't know its origin. It is used when faced with an extremely complicated problem, which apparently has no solution.But only apparently, we need to look at the problem from several points of view in order to understand its solution. […]

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