The Secret Method of Forgiveness

The main issue that is often the motivation for unforgiving is the misunderstanding of what forgiveness means and the consequences of unforgiving. To forgive is to give up any desire for compensation- of any kind for whatyou rightly or wrongly believe that person has wronged. It does not mean (although some may be right and […]

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Why do I love Abheda Yoga? - "the 24" about Abheda

Abheda is that form of yoga of spirituality in the middle of life that is based on the Great Recognition: "Identity between the human being, the world and God", founded by Acharya Leonard. 1) The main methods of Abheda are valid (almost all) in the three worlds - physical, subtle (astral) and causal - and […]

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About laziness - from the authentic perspective of Abheda

Relate to the stars, to the high, precious values for which it's worth fighting, and see that your time is running out...

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Ganesha - representation of perseverance, realizeability and prosperity

Hindu philosophy has shed light on the understanding of many aspects of our being. Essentially, we are infinite, but in order to understand and worship the Infinity within us (/Supreme Consciousness/Supreme Self Atman... or God), we need to assign him certain characteristics... because it is difficult for our minds to relate to Infinite (/God) without […]

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Abheda Yoga este o cale deosebită, rară, care poate cu adevărat să ne transforme. Putem dezvolta chiar și ceea ce nu am primit prin naștere și genetică sau nu am reușit să realizăm prin educație și alte influențe formatoare.
Acharya Leonard
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