For a more intense Spiritual Aspiration

The increase of the spiritual aspiration through conscious actions performed by the person unhappy with his current level is possible[...]

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Why do we need to forgive? The Secret Method of Forgiveness - Kshama

De ce e nevoie să iertăm (kshama - in Abheda)? Not necessarily or only because that's how "my aunt told us" or we heard it at the Sunday service. But because if we do not forgive we continue to live the conflict and because - amazingly - we bind ourselves to […]

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Why do I love Abheda Yoga? - 23 about Abheda

Abheda is a form of yoga of spirituality in the midst of life that is based on the Great Recognition: "The identity between the human being, the world and God" . 1) The main methods of Abheda will be useful to us even after the so-called death and are valid […]

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About laziness - from the authentic perspective of Abheda

Relate to the stars, to the high, precious values for which it's worth fighting, and see that your time is running out...

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Ganesha - representation of perseverance, realizeability and prosperity

Hindu philosophy has shed light on the understanding of many aspects of our being. Essentially, we are infinite, but in order to understand and worship the Infinity within us (/Supreme Consciousness/Supreme Self Atman... or God), we need to assign him certain characteristics... because it is difficult for our minds to relate to Infinite (/God) without […]

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