Sri Aurobindo and the 18 Siddhasi

“Spiritual life finds the most potent expression in the man who lives an ordinary life through the power of yoga practice. Through a union of inner and outer life, humanity will be lifted up and become strong and divine.”

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Pratyabhijna School Masters

“Pratyabhijna” means “to recognize, spontaneously realize your Self once again” or “recognition, recall of our divine nature”. It means realizing who we really are and finding ourselves.

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Special people and spiritual masters
Amrita Devi

Lahiri Mahasaya – made Kriya yoga accessible

its spiritual purpose: to show the world that spiritual practice can be effective and if the aspirant does not live in solitude, that spirituality and social or family life are not incompatible.

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Manipura and Love

Is there love in Manipura? There may be. If we don’t have love in Manipura, there’s no way to find it but it’s important to

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