Vinaya Mudra. About humility or beiing humble and being creative, authentic and adaptable.

About humility or humility and being creative, authentic and adaptable. Vinaya Mudra or humility is an inner attitude in which we show respect or attention to the possibility of error, to be uninspired or inauthentic and at the same time we feel an abandonment in our soul, Jivatma., so that we can disconnect from the […]

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Why do we need to forgive? The Secret Method of Forgiveness - Kshama

De ce e nevoie să iertăm (kshama - in Abheda)? Not necessarily or only because that's how "my aunt told us" or we heard it at the Sunday service. But because if we do not forgive we continue to live the conflict and because - amazingly - we bind ourselves to […]

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Meditation for quick relaxation and peace of mind

How do you do it? This is a technique that can also be applied as meditation in action. It can be done by standing in any position, even throughout the day (for example when waiting in the queue).However, especially if we are beginners, it is good to follow the following preparatory guidelines. Preparation We sit […]

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Effects of Anuttara's fundamental meditation in Abheda Yoga

- spiritual awakening or enlightenment, moksha, kenosis, metanoia, revelation, satori, ushta, Kevala Jnana; - perception of the state of vacuum - shuniata; the state of emptiness is a nonndual state characterized by the increasingly advanced (up to the Absolute) absence of thoughts or, even, of any form of mental disturbances; […]

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