Change your thoughts – and your life will change! – An exceptional film with Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dr. Wayne Dyer is a true magician today. He does not move his magic wand through the air, in intricate volutes, to make an object or person appear or disappear. More profoundly, he uses the irresistible power of words, of the metaphor of life, to open our “eyes of the heart.”

Nothing new can occur in one’s life without the prior occurrence of a leap in consciousness. It often manifests spontaneously, unpremeditatedly, and seems to catch us off guard. This is, at least, the feeling of the person in question, because any such leap of consciousness takes us out of the “comfort zone”, from stereotypes and daily routine, from the lukewarm indulgence of daily habits. In reality, every time we “take the leap” we are perfectly prepared for it, in fact, our deep being, the intimate structures of the soul were waiting for this mutation of consciousness!

How? Why is that? The answer is bewilderingly simple: In an unexpected, unforeseen way, and – for no reason! In fact, the real reason is the necessity of the evolution of the soul, which has methods, ways, and ends that mostly evade rational understanding.

Perhaps you are now looking for something, or you are dissatisfied with at least one aspect of your life. Or maybe, on the contrary, you are in the “center of your comfort zone”, and you do not believe yourself on the edge of the cliff, ready to take a leap…

In both cases, you need to watch Dr. Wayne Dyer’s movie. And nothing will be like before…

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