Companies producing patented agricultural seeds and GMOs dominate and hold the monopoly in the diet of the whole world

Throughout the history of agriculture around the world, agriculture has always been a diversified sector of the economy. The multitude of small, self-contained farms were currently producing most crops, over time small farms grew more specialized, many of these farmers saved different types of seeds, so they managed to control the production of traditional agricultural seeds, in the hands of several people and of each people.

But today everything has changed, large companies in the chemical industry and agribusiness firms have gained notoriety, or have merged with seed companies and other agricultural companies, they have successfully gained a foothold, that of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), that is, so-called crops with transgenic features.

These primary and other factors facilitated a crescendo towards the global domination of agriculture by multinational corporations and thus came to the directed supply (often from the shadows) of food throughout the world.

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