Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt – “Oscar and Auntie Pink”

Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt – “Oscar and Auntie Pink”

Death is just a passing.
It’s not death, it’s just the illusion of people who think there’s an end. In reality, no matter how hard someone tries, no matter how consistent they are, they would find that they cannot die.
He would also find that he still exists, just like in the case of a computer game in which, no matter how many “lives” we lose, our character can start the game again and again, the only thing he would lose would be the “score” or the “score”, the in-game equivalent of notions of karma.
In the following story, a little boy sick with leukemia faces with much natural and wisdom the disease and the passage called on earth dead, which is, in fact, an irreversible abandonment of that physical body and a continuation of existence in the new conditions.

The child, named Oskar, lives these moments with a lot of naturalness and flavor, being helped and guided by a woman from the body of nurses called “Pink Auntie”.

His story is very beautiful, strengthens us inside and reads with pleasure.


“Dear God,
My name is Oscar, I’m ten years old.
I set fire to the cat, dog and house (I think they were
fried even the red fish in the jar), and
that’s the first letter I’m sending you, because
so far I haven’t had time because of school.
Know from the beginning that I do not like to
I write, I do it only when I am compelled. Writing is not
than smiling, ploconeal, adorning
etc. Nice lie. Something for people
big, that is.
Proof? Look only at the beginning
to my letter: “My name is Oscar, I have
ten years, I set fire to the cat, dog and house (I think
that even the red fish in the jar were fried),
and that’s the first letter I’m sending you
because so far I haven’t had time because of
school”, when I could as well have said:
“I’m called egg head, I’m ten years old, but I look like
one of seven, I live in the hospital because I
cancer and if I’ve never talked to you it’s
because I don’t even think you exist.”
But if I had written to you like that, not only that
it was crappy, but you wouldn’t even be catadixit to get any more
you take care of me. Or, you see, I would need it hard
to take care of yourself.
I would even say I would catch the damn
well if you would find time to make me and me any
two, three services.
Look, let me explain.
The hospital is a great place to be nice where
there are a lot of great people always
full of good cheer and who speak in the big mouth,
with piles of toys and many pink auntie that does not
waits than to play with the children, and where
friends like Bacon, Einstein or Pop Your Corn
are at all times at hand. What more, the hospital
it’s awesome provided you’re a sick person who
it pleases those around you.
Now, I don’t like them anymore. Since with
marrow graft I see well that I do not do anymore
pleasure to anyone. The morning when I get
examines, Dr. Düsseldorf seems not to have
not the slightest reluctance, it is seen that it’s
disappointed. He looks at me without saying a word,
as if I had done something wrong to him. Or, you must know,
dear God, that I have done my best
at the operation; I was as good as possible, iam
left to fall asleep, I took it all
doctors and I didn’t even scream when he yelled at me
Hurt. There are days when I would say more from
cheek that after all can he, the doctor
Düsseldorf, with those black eyebrows of his, is
to blame for failing the operation. But when I look
to his bitter mutra, as if I no longer come and
all the ocirea stops in my throat. Even the more
Doctor Düsseldorf is silent, looking at me with his eyes
His dog beaten, the more guilty I feel.
I realize that I’m not a sick how
you have to, but one of those who prevents the
people think that medicine is a thing

And know that a doctor’s thoughts are
Contagious. Now the whole floor is watching me with
same eyes – nurses, residents, women of
service. They have a sad air when they see me that I am
cheerful, and when they say a joke they force themselves to laugh.
Really, we don’t laugh like we used to.
Only Auntie Pink remained the same. It’s too
old woman, I say, to change. And it’s too
Auntie Pink for that. I think there’s no point in
I present to you the Pink Auntie, dear God, it’s a
friend of yours, since she told me to you
Write. The only problem would be that only I tell him
so, Auntie Pink. But make an effort to
you understand who it’s all about: of all
ladies in pink robes who come to the hospital to themselves
take care of the sick children, she’s the oldest.
– How old are you, Auntie Roz?
– You are able to retain a format number
out of thirteen figures, Oscar?
– It’s like I don’t know you’re kidding, Auntie Roz!
– Not at all. But you don’t have to at any cost
my age is here, otherwise I will
send home and we no longer see each other
– How does that?
– I entered here, to you, illicitly, Oscar, yes’ to
don’t tell me to anyone! There is an age
limit to be pink auntie, and I have exceeded it
tipped and stuffed!
– Are you expired?
– That’s the word!
– Like yogurt?
– Sttt!
– I know how to hold my mouth, do not be afraid!
I find that he has great courage to
confess this secret. Don’t tell him that I don’t even
it’s not a foundry. I know to keep a secret though at
as it were, I’m surprised that they didn’t give up
realize how old she is when they saw her wrinkles
like some rays of the sun that it has around
Another time I found out another secret of hers and
I think if I tell you it, it’s going to be a piece of cake
to figure out who it’s all about, honey
One day, while we were both walking
through the courtyard of the hospital, Auntie Roz stepped into a
– Yawn’ fucking!
– Yes’ what ugly words you say, Auntie Roz!
– You keep your fleanca, boy, and more
spare me! I talk the way I feel like it.
– Alas, Pink Auntie!
– That’s it! Move the nit out of those cracii, that
we’re on a walk, we’re not crawling like
– Shortly after that, we sat on a
bank to eat candy, and I do not
I could help but ask her:
– How to do it, Auntie Roz, that you speak like this
– Professional deformity, Oscar, boy.
With my job, if I had indulged in
a thinner vocabulary, I was messing it up.
– Yes’ what job you had?
– If I tell you, you will not believe me…
– I believe you. On my honor.
– Wresting fighter.
– I don’t believe you!
– I swear to you. They nicknamed me the Terror of
From that day on, when he sees me more
dark and she’s sure there’s no one through
around to hear us, Auntie Roz me
recounts one of her famous matches:
The terror of Languedoc versus the Butcher of the Butchery of
Limousin, her struggle for twenty years
against Sinclair Diabolica – an Olonadesis
who had a pair of shells instead of breasts – and
especially the world cup he won
facing Ulla-Ulla, also called the from
Büchenwald, whom no one had ever managed before
to defeat her, not even Iron Thighs, his idol
Pink Auntie when she was still a young woman
wrestling wrestler. I often dream of fighting
these of hers, imagining her on the ring as it is
she now, an old woman in pink robe, shaking
nitel on the legs, carrying fists to the midwife
to some kite in the undershirt. And it’s like I’m
me in its place. Which makes me feel more
strong. It’s like that, like a kind of revenge.
That being said, if after all
the details that I have strung you here yet you have not yet
managed to figure out who’s Auntie Pink, I think,
dear God, that it would not be the case to remain
as God, but you would do better to go out
in retirement. I hope I’m clear enough?
But let me go back to mine.
In short, my graft has produced a lot
disappointment around here. The chemotherapy I have
they had done before too, but not quite so
sea; back then there was still hope in the graft.
I have the impression that now the doctors don’t even have much anymore
they know what to propose, you also feel pity for them. Doctor
Düsseldorf, which my mother finds very
nice, though, according to me, those eyebrows of
his are too thick, has a mutra saddened by
Santa Claus was left without gifts in the quiver.
At the hospital, the atmosphere is getting uglier. Even
I was talking to a friend, the other day, one’
Bacon. It’s actually called Yves not Bacon, yes’ us
we call it Bacon because it suits him better
because it’s all a burn from head to toe.
like a roasted ham.
– You know, Bacon, I have the impression that I do not really get
like these doctors, you’d say they’re
depresses my case.
– What do you keep bending, Egg Head? Doctors-s
inexhaustible. They’re buzzing their heads of
the operations that you would still want to have
Make. They’ve already proposed about six to me.
– Maybe you inspire them.
– Maybe.
– What I don’t understand is why I don’t tell myself
honestly that I have to die?
Since I said that, Bacon has done that
everyone in the hospital: he was deaf on the spot. In a
hospital, dear God, as soon as you pronounce
the word “death”, no one hears you anymore. Can
be sure that around you will occur a void of
air and all have to take to the race that most of
to change the word. I’ve tested this all over the place.
This morning I wanted to know if and Auntie
Pink gets loud by the ears if I speak of
– I have the impression, Auntie Roz, that no one here
does not dare to tell me that I
to die.
He stared at me for a long time. She’s going to do it too.
like the others? I beseech you from the bottom of my heart, the Terror of
Languedoc, don’t fret, keep your hearing.
– Well, what’s the point, Oscar, to be
say since you know it?
Ugh, she at least heard me!
– You know, Auntie Pink, I have the impression that people
they concocted a different kind of hospital than the one
that really exists. One’ in
who make you come to heal, when
you actually go in there to die.
– You’re right, Oscar. And I think it’s done
same mistake and regarding
Life. We forget that she is fragile, tender.
ephemeral. We all behave with
as if we were immortal.
– My surgery failed, eh, Auntie
Auntie Roz didn’t respond. It was her way of
say yes. When she was sure I understood on
fully, he approached me and told me,
pleading with me:
– Of course, you didn’t talk to me, I didn’t tell you
said nothing! You swear, right?
– I swear.
We were both silent, and I ruminated in
mind these new thoughts.
– Why not write to God,
– You just tell me one like
that, Auntie Roz, zau so?!
– How do you mean, just me?
– I thought you were the only person who
don’t lie.
“Well, I’m not lying to you at all,” Oscar.
– Then why do you speak to me of God?
My folks were anoyed with Santa Claus,
that’s it, enough!
– Find out from me, Oscar, that there is no
a connection between God and Santa
– Yes. It’s one-and-the-same bluff.
Brainwashing and suckering as much as
– Listen to Oscar, can you imagine, either
and only a second, that I, a former
wrestling wrestler with a hundred
sixty tournaments won to the active,
of which forty through K.O., I,
The terror of Languedoc, I could to
believe in Santa Claus?
– Nope.
– Find out then, boy, that although I do not believe in
Santa Claus, I believe in God. I swear to you,
This is how the problem is, of course, changing
– Either. But why do you say I should write to him
– To feel less alone.
– Well how to feel less alone with
someone who doesn’t even exist?
– Make it you exist.
He leans over to me.
– Every time you have to believe in it, a
let there be a little more. And if you hold on to
hard, find out from me, there will even be
really. And that’s what it’s going to do to you.
– And what would you like me to write to him about?
– About anything. About your thoughts,
those that you do not tell anyone, who
become oppressive, they take root, you get
it burdens, it immobilizes you; Those
which, taking the place of renewing ideas, you
paralyze by grinding you on the inside.
If you don’t talk and just keep them in you, you have
to turn into the landfill of
old and bad-smelling thoughts,
Oscar, boy.
– O.K.
– And then you can ask God
every day something. Yes’ be careful, one
daily work! One.
– It’s no big deal for God’s head
that’s yours, Auntie Roz. Aladdin
could ask for three things from the lamp
– You speak stupid, Oscar. It’s not better
one thing a day than three in a lifetime
– O.K. And you say I can ask him anything?
Toys, candy, a car…
– No, Oscar. God is not like Santa
Christmas. You can only ask him
things of the spirit.
– For example?
– For example to give you courage, patience, to
open the mind.
– yes, I understand…
– And you can also ask for some
things for others.
– To the regime of one desire per day you just did not
wants you, Auntie Roz, to make it more
do I now share with others?
– Behold, now you know how things are.
In this first letter I tried,
dear God, let me describe to you a little my life
here at the hospital, where everyone looks at me as a
obstacle to the development of medicine, and I would like
also ask you if I have to heal
or not. All you have to do is cut the useless version.
You pup yourself. On tomorrow,Oscar
P.S. I don’t know your address, what do I do?

Dear God,
Bravo! Yes’ I know you’re cool! Not even nam
I got to send you the letter, that you also gave me
Answer. How did you do it?
I was playing chess this morning in the hall
recreation with Einstein when Pop Corn gave the run
let me know:
– Your parents came to you, Egg Head.
– My parents? How does that? They only come
On Sundays…
– I recognized their car, a red Jeep
with white hood.
– Impossible.
I shrugged and went back to the game
with Einstein. But as I was concerned, Einstein
he was always taking me a piece, which annoyed me
and worse. We call him Einstein, but not for
that they would be smarter than others, but only because
it has a head twice as large. They say they would
it had water inside. Too bad of him if he had
brain instead of all that defense, Einstein would have
he could do great things in life.
Seeing that I was losing the game anyway, I got myself
got up and I went into Pop Corn’s room that
it gives to the parking lot. He was right, my parents
they had come to see me.
You must know, dear God, that now
my parents and I live far away from each other
Others. When I was living with them I didn’t give up my
account, but since they no longer live with them,
I find that they are staying far away. That’s why I can’t
come to see me only once a week,
Sunday, because sunday they do not work, and
neither do I.
– Do you see that I was right? He said Pop Corn.
What do you give me that I announced to you?
– I have chocolate with hazelnuts if you want.
– Jellies with strawberries you no longer have?
– Nope.
– Either, with hazelnuts, then.
Of course, we are not allowed to give him the
Pop Corn’s food, which is precisely why it’s at
hospital, to weaken. Ninety-eight kile at
his nine years, one meter and ten tall on
one meter and ten wide! The only coat in which
fits is an American polo shirt. Just that and
at this the stripes have entered the pitch, as if they were
he had seasickness. To put it bluntly, as neither do I
and none of our friends do we believe that
Pop Horn might be different than fat and how we are
pity to see him always harassed, we give him all
leftovers from the table. Honestly, what’s a bit of
chocolate versus all that pile of fat?
Even the nurses stopped tormenting him
with suppositories prescribed by doctors.
I went to my room to wait for me
Parents. At first I didn’t notice how it was
the minutes were running out that I was a little tired, where
I had run. After a while, however, I realized
that he would have had time to get to me ten times.
I guessed right away where they were both lingering. And
I slipped into the aisle. I lingered not to myself
seeing no one, I went down the stairs and, walking
tiptil through the semi-darkness, we arrived at the cabinet
doctor Düsseldorf.
I wasn’t wrong, there they were! I heard them
the voices on the other side of the door. How the descent
the staircase had kind of taken my breath away, I needed
a few seconds until my heart caught on again
to beat normally and I can say that from that moment on
they all went crazy. I’ve heard what it wouldn’t be
I had to hear. My mother was crying in roar, and
Dr. Düsseldorf kept repeating: “I did
all that could be done, please believe me, I
tried everything”, to which my father replied with a voice
strangled: “We do not doubt, doctor, no
we doubt it.”
I was left with my ear glued to that door
iron. I don’t even know, rightly speaking, who was
colder, me or the metal.
Dr. Düsseldorf said:
– Do you want to see it, to embrace it?
– I have no courage, Doctor, answered
– They don’t have to see us in this state, a
completed dad.
And that’s when I understood that my parents
they were cowards. Nay, worse, some cowards who me
they also took me as a coward.
The noise of the seats gave me to understand that
they had gotten up and were going to get out of the office. I got myself
I pounced on the first door that came out to me in
That’s how it is that I got in the closet with
brooms where I spent all morning
because, the thing you may not know, dear
God, the broom closets open outwardly,
but not from within, as if people are jumping
fears lest brooms, buckets and rags
to wipe on the floor to take his sole overnight.
In fact, I did not mind at all to stay
there in the dark, but being that I still didn’t feel like it
to see no one and that my legs and arms do not
they were still responding to commands anyway, as a result of
the shock caused by what I had heard.
Around noon I felt a big commotion at
the floor above. Footsteps, running around.
Then my name began to resound
– Oscar! Oscar!
I was glad to hear them yelling at me too.
not to answer. I wished the whole earth had
be worried about me.
I think I spit a while after that mam
poignant nose to nose with his galoshes madam
N’da, janitor. When he opened the door, I
they both relieved of fear, and in the next moment
we put one and the other on the howling, she because she didn’t
he had expected him to come across me there, me because
I didn’t remember it being so black. Nor that
he could scream so loudly.
An indescribable hustle ensued. All
they pounced on me, Dr. Düsseldorf,
chief sister, nurses on call, and all
the janitors in the ward. I thought at
the beginning that they all have to take me to refec, but
seeing that they soon felt biting on
hat, I realized it’s time to
take advantage of the situation.
– I want Auntie Roz, to come Auntie Roz.
– But where have you been, dear Oscar? How you get
– Let pink auntie come.
– How did you get into that closet?
Has anyone locked you up there? Have you heard any
noise inside?
– Let the Pink Auntie come!
– Drink a little water!
– I don’t want to. Let the Pink Auntie come.
– Take a sip of…
– I don’t want to. Let the Pink Auntie come.
I was granite. A granite cliff. A tile
concrete. There was nothing to do with me. Nor
at least I didn’t listen to what they were saying anymore. I wanted it on
Pink Auntie.
Dr. Düsseldorf was embarrassed as he did not
he may be in front of his colleagues that he did not have
not the slightest authority over me. We
they finally had to ask.
– Let someone go and call her!
Hearing this, I finally consented
to rest nitel and I went to my cameo
where I slept logs.
When I woke up, Auntie Pink was next door
me. He was smiling at me.
– Bravo, Oscar, beautiful business you have
more done! You’ve given them a slap in the face.
morals. But the result is that they have to me
jealousy me from today onwards.
– Little do we care about their jealousy!
– Why do you say that, Oscar? They’re all
some nice people. Even very of
– It hurts in my elbow!
– And now, tell me and me, what’s the problem?
– Dr. Düsseldorf told his parents
my that I have to die, and they ran away without
he sees me. I hate them!
And I started to tell him everything, in
in detail, as you now, dear God.
– yes, auntie Roz muttered, that’s me
remembers the tournament in Béthune
when I faced Sarah Trosc
Pleosc, one who anointed his body with
oil, they called it the eel of the ring,
a real acrobat who escapes you from
hands whenever you try an outlet. Not
accept to fight only at Béthune where
take the city cup every year.
The problem is that I needed the cup too.
– And what did you do, Auntie Roz?
– I put some friends to throw with
flour over it when it entered the ring.
The oil with the flour turned it into a
pané schnitzel. So in two strokes and three strokes
my movements I sent her to the mattress on
Trosc Pleosc that hasn’t been seen! After
which no one ever called him the eel, but
pané shawl.
– I don’t really see what I have to do with
this story, Auntie Pink.
– I see very well. Namely that there is a
solution in any circumstance, Oscar, a
Bag with flour is always found on
somewhere. You should write to him
God. He’s stronger than me.
– Even in wrestling?
– Even. God succeeds
always. Try it, dear Oscar. Takes
day, what has done the worst to you?
– I hate my parents.
– Then hate them very much. Yes’ hard of everything.
– You are urging me to do
that, Auntie Pink?
– Yes. Hate them badly. A piece of time you have
to keep pinking at this bone. And after you’ve
to finish it, you have to realize that you do not
Deserves. Tell him all this
God in your letter and ask him to you
make a visit.
– He also moves?
– In its own way. Not too often. Even
– Why? Is he sick?
From her sigh I understood that Auntie Roz does not
he wanted to reveal to me that you too, dear God,
you are rather paradited with health.
– Your parents never told you
about God, Oscar?
– What to talk about my parents, Auntie
Pink? They’re.
– Let’s say. But about God they do not give you
narrated even never?
– Yes. Only once, when they told me
that they don’t believe in it. They only believe in
Santa Claus.
– You can’t! Even so are,
Oscar, boy?
– You can’t even imagine it! On the day when
I came back from school and told them
that he gets with the baloney, that I knew, that
all my colleagues, that Santa Claus does not
there is, you would have sworn that they fell out of the moon.
How I was furious that big need of that of
their cause all the breath of the school had laughed at
me, they found nothing better to say
than to swear to me that they had sincerely believed
that Santa Claus exists and that they were
disappointed, as much as possible
disappointed, to find out that eh! Two
stupid, Auntie Roz, if I tell you!
– They don’t believe in God?
– Nope.
– And that didn’t give you food for thought?
– Well, if I waste my time with what everyone thinks
stupid people, when to find time to
find out what smart people think?
– You are right too. However, once you say that
your parents are stupid…
– And still what a stupid thing, Auntie Roz!
– So if they, who are stupid, do not
I think, why you who are a boy
smart, you would not believe in him, asking him to
make a visit?
– Either. Yes, it was like you said he was lying in bed?
– Nope. I was saying he had a special kind of ai
visit on people. He visits them in
thought. In spirit.
This thing with the spirit gave me ready. I’ll
it seemed cool.
Auntie Pink added:
– You have to see, his visit is going to do you good.
– O.K. I’m going to talk to him. But until
one, another, the only visits I make
well are yours, Auntie Pink.
He smiled at me and, with almost shyness, was
bent down to kiss me on the cheek. But he didn’t dare
to go all the way. He was begging me like he was begging me
– Come on, kiss me, Auntie Pink. I never have to
say to no one. I don’t want to spoil your
the reputation of the wrestling wrestler.
Her lips touched my cheek and that’s what she told me.
made pleasure, that it was so like a warmth with some
small stings and smell of powder and soap.
– When are you still coming, Auntie Pink?
– I am only allowed twice a time
– Impossible. How am I going to wait three days?
– This is what the regulation wants.
– Who made this regulation?
– Doctor Düsseldorf.
– When he sees me, Dr. Düsseldorf does
on it, Auntie Pink. Go and ask for it
permission to come more often. I’m not kidding.
to know.
He looked at me with a certain hesitation.
– Yes, I’m not kidding. If you don’t come to see me
every day, I don’t write to him anymore
– Either, I’ll try, Oscar.
Auntie Pink walked out of the room, and I got myself
put on crying.
I hadn’t realized until then how much
I needed help. I hadn’t figured it out
until then that I was really sick. Thought
that I was not going to see Auntie Roz again made me
to understand everything and the tears began to me
burns cheeks.
Lucky for me that I had the time to come to me
in the flesh before he returns.
– That’s it, it’s done! For twelve
days I’m allowed to come every day.
– To me and only to me?
– To you and only to you, Oscar, boy,
twelve days.
What grabbed me I don’t understand, but the tears
they podidit me again and I was shaken by crying.
Even though I knew perfectly well that boys weren’t allowed to
weep and even less I who, with the head of the head
my egg, I show neither a boy nor a girl, but
rather a Martian. But what to do? It was my
over the possibility to stop.
– Twelve days, Auntie Pink? Even so
the stupid stand?
And she was kind of emboldened by crying. He was sitting in
balance. It was funny to see how the former
wrestling wrestler thwarted the former
little girl to let go of the tears, and that’s what I’m going to do.
banished nitty-gritty thoughts.
– On what date are we today, Oscar?
– How ie on what date, you do not see
timing on the wall? We are in 19
– Through our parts, Oscar, there is a
legend that says that in the last
twelve days of the year you can guess
what time it will be in the twelve months
of the year to come. All you have to do is
you observe the weather every day so you can
fix the thumbnail picture of the month
Those. December 19 therefore represents
January, 20 December February,
and so on until 31 that
represents the month of December of the year
– True?
– This is what the legend says. The legend of the
twelve magical days. Why not let us
we play for the past twelve months
Magic? I mean you, that I with the games… Would
we must therefore, from today onwards,
observe each day individually and tell yourself that
it’s worth ten years.
– Ten years?
– Exactly. One day equals ten years.
– It would mean that in twelve days’ time
to be one hundred and thirty years old!
– Even so! It would be cool, right?
Auntie Roz kissed me – she starts to like it,
I see it well – and it’s gone.
So, dear God, behold, today I have
born and I, which I did not give myself too
well realized than at noon time when
I was five years old; my consciousness has developed,
but I can’t say that that would be who knows what news
Hello; tonight I have ten years, which
it means that we have reached the age of reason. And because
I mean, I would have a request: when you have how many
something to tell me, like today at noon, maybe you’re trying so
you do with a little less brutality, right? Thanks.
You pup yourself. On tomorrow,
P.S. And I’d like to ask you one more thing. Know
that I am entitled only to one desire per day, but
the above request was not actually a request, but
rather a tip.
Know that I would agree to pay me a visit.
In spirit, I mean. I find it a thing
cool and I’d love for you to visit me. Receive
guests from eight in the morning until nine in the evening.
The rest of the time I sleep. Sometimes I have a little bit of a nitty-gritty
even during the day, because of the treatment.
If you happen to fall into such a
moment, wake me up without any worries. It would be a
stupidity not to meet because of a moment
extra sleep.
Dear God,
Today I lived my adolescence and you have to
they say it didn’t work at all like a wheel. What a tărășenie
and this adolescence! I had a lot of
annoyances with friends, with parents and that’s only
because of the girls. I want to tell you that it doesn’t seem to me
bad not at all when I think that tonight I
twenty years, because that means I have
past why it was harder. Puberty, thanks! We
date, let’s pass from me, but the second time, no
not to hear!
First of all, I draw your attention, dear
God, that you have not come. I barely could
close an eye all night with the problems
these puberty, so it wouldn’t have been a way to get you
Get rid. And, as I’ve told you before, even though
I sleep, I shake myself and I wake up.
Pink Auntie had already come when I woke up
this morning. While I was having breakfast,
told me how she fought with the Royal Nipple, a
Belgian wrestling wrestler swallowing
three kiles of raw meat a day sprinkled with a
beer keg. It was said that what he had left
the dreaded Royal Nipple was the smell of the mouth, from
the cause of the fermentation of beer and meat, so that
he rested his opponents to the ground only blowing
in front. To defeat her, Auntie Roz was forced
to invent a new tactic: he put on a hood
soaked with lavender water and got its name
by the Executioner of Carpentras. Wrestling, says
it forces you to have muscles and the brain.
– Who do you love, Oscar?
– Here at the hospital?
– Yes.
– On Bacon, on Einstein and on Pop Corn.
– Of the girls, I ask you?
Question that closed my pleat. Not
I was in the mood to answer him at all. Only that Auntie
Pink waited, and in front of a champion
international wrestling doesn’t really feel like it
you’re doing the madman for a long time.
– On Peggy Blue.
Peggy Blue is the blue girl. The one in
the penultimate room in the aisle. Smiles
always, but talking almost does not speak
not at all. You’d say it’s a fairy who stopped in the hospital
to rest for a moment. Suffer from a disease
complicated, that’s why he calls the blue disease, a
the blood thing that instead of going to
lungs, goes do not know where, making that skin
become bluish. Peggy waits for surgery
that will make it turn pink. I say it’s a pity, it’s
it sits so well blue. There’s so much light and there’s so much light.
such silence around her that when you get
close to it, it’s like penetrating into a
– Did you say it to him?
– How to tell him, so suddenly, “Peggy
Blue, I like it”?
– Very good. Why not tell him?
– I wonder if he even knows that I exist.
– Even more so.
– And then you’ve ever looked at
My mutra, Auntie Pink? Should have
an inclination towards aliens, which
I wouldn’t really believe it.
– I find that you are a beautiful boy,
After that, Auntie Pink put an end to it.
Conversation. It’s damn nice to hear that way
of words, takes you with a kind of trembling, of no
you still know what to answer.
– I wouldn’t want to like it only because of
physique, Auntie Pink.
– Take the day, what do you feel for her?
– I would like to protect her from ghosts.
– What kind of ghosts? Do you have ghosts here?
– Yes. Every night. They come and wake us up,
I don’t know why. They pinch us and it hurts. And
as you don’t even see them, you’re even more
fear. Then it’s so hard to fall asleep
– And it often happens to you that they come to you
these ghosts?
– Nope. I sleep deeply. But I hear it often
on Peggy Blue screaming in his sleep. I would like
so much so that I can defend it.
– Tell her.
– Yes’ not even that I could do,
the regulation prohibits us from going out
at night in the room.
– What do they, the ghosts, know of the regulation?
They have no idea. All you have to do is be a little bit of a nitty-gritty.
trickster, when they hear you say
Peggy’s Blue that at night you have to stay
to watch to defend it, the ghosts have not to
dare to show herself.
– Um, yes…
– How old are you, Oscar?
– I don’t know. What time is it?
– Ten. Carevasăzică, go on
fifteen years. Don’t you think it would be
time to have the courage of your own
At ten and a half I decided and I
taken to the door of his room which was open.
“Hi, Peggy,” I said, I’m Oscar.
She was lying on the bed, to swear she was White-like.
Snow when waiting for the prince and the fools to come
those dwarves think it’s dead, Snow White
from photos where the snow looks blue,
in so much whiteness.
He turned to me, and I wondered
if you take me rightfully prince or as one of
Dwarfs. I would have ticked “dwarf”, because of the head
but she didn’t say anything, and that’s exactly it
great with Peggy that never says anything and
that everything remains mysterious.
– I came to tell you that at night, and in
all the nights ahead today, I have to stand guard
in front of your camera, if you want to, to defend you
of ghosts.
She looked at me, blinked, I was like
in a slow-motion film, the air had become
and more airy, the silence even quieter, I had
the impression that I was walking through the water and that everything was
change when you approached that bed of hers on
that a light was falling as if from nowhere.
– Hey, take it slowly, Head of Egg, I announce you that
I’m Peggy’s watchman!
Pop Corn was on the doorstep or more
rather it filled it. The thrills passed me by. One thing
he was certain, if he stood guard, safety was
maximum, no ghost could have ever
he goes all the way to Peggy, having nowhere to go.
And then I throw him a murderous ounce.
– Eh, Peggy, that you and I
are we old friends?
Peggy was content to raise his eyes to the ceiling.
Pop Corn took this as a confirmation and he gave me
pulled out into the aisle.
– If you want a girl, all you have to do is take it
Sandrine, Peggy’s already taken.
– By what right?
– With the right that I came here before
Your. If it doesn’t suit you, it doesn’t stay
than to beat ourselves.
– It suits me.
I was kind of tired, so I went to get myself
I rest in the games room. Where exactly
Sandrine had come. Sandrine has leukemia as well
me, only that they seem to succeed them
Treatment. She is called Chinese woman, because of
black and glossy wigs with wired threads and with
bangs that make her look like a Chinese woman.
He stared long at me and sparse between his teeth a
bubbler of chewing gum.
– You can kiss me if you want.
– What are you talking about? Gum doesn’t reach you?
– Well, you wouldn’t even be able to, zero bared! I put
hand in the fire that until now you have not yet
kissed no girl!
– Come on you make me laugh! Find out that at cinșpe
years I have already kissed a lot of girls,
be quiet!
– Zau, you have cinșpe ani?
I look at the clock.
– Fulfill.
– Since I dream of one kissing me
big, honest years.
– I think too, it’s tempting! I say, giving me
And only what I see that pulls me a mutra that
you didn’t see it, ruffling his lips as if he were
a suction cup glued to a window, from where I can not
rather than conclude that he is waiting to kiss her.
When I get back, all the friends are in
my back, lurking my movements. I can’t
to give back. It’s time to show that I am
man. Now or never.
I approach Sandrine and kiss her. She’s
coils his arms around me, I can not
I detach myself, her mouth is wet and suddenly I
I mention that I pass to me the gum that I
chew. Taken unexpectedly, I swallow it on the spot.
I was engulfed in anger.
And in the same moment I feel a hand that I
beats on the shoulders. Hence the talk of that a misfortune
it never comes alone: my parents! I had forgotten
that it was Sunday.
– Do not introduce us to your girlfriend,
– She’s not my girlfriend.
– What if? Introduce us to it.
– Sandrine. My parents, Sandrine.
“I’m glad to meet you,” says
Chinese, in a sweet tone.
I’d cut her by the neck.
– You want sandrine to come and with us in
your room?
– I don’t want to. Sandrine has work to do.
Arriving at my room, I gave myself
you know I’m kind of tired, so I slept a little bit.
Besides, I didn’t feel like talking to them…
After I woke up I saw the presents on
which, of course, they had brought to me. Since I’ve been
in the hospital my parents are bad at the chapter
conversation, so I bring myself all kinds of games
whose explanatory instructions we read in the afternoon
whole trying to understand how to understand how to
Play. Dad’s particularly skilled at instructions
these; even if they are in Japanese or Turkish he
they never get discouraged, fiercely
to unravel their scheme. What more, if it’s about
to ruin a Sunday afternoon, no one
he’s no longer skilled as a father.
Today brought me a CD player. With that he has me
closed the pleat, I could not reproach him anything,
though I would have had a craving.
– You didn’t come yesterday?
– Yesterday? How could it have come yesterday? You know well that you don’t
we can only come on Sunday. But why
– Someone saw your car in the parking lot.
– As if there were only one in the world
red jeep. The machines resemble each other.
– yes, not like parents. Sin.
That’s what I’ve been aiming for. I miam
got the tactical CD player and I put the two
or in a row the Nutcracker that I have
listened to in front of them from one end to the other. Two
hours when they didn’t get to take out a
word. And well I did.
– Do you like it so much?
– yes. But now I’m asleep.
They understood they had to leave. But it does not
they endured. They couldn’t get away from the
my room. It was clear that he wanted to tell me a
lot of stuff and they didn’t know how. Me
but I was glad to see how they suffer in turn
After which my mother rushed and gathered me
loud-hard at the chest telling me among the roars:
– I love you, Oscar, honey, I love you so
I wanted to get out of his arms, but in the last one
moment I still let myself be kissed, that’s what I
remember the good and simple caresses of
before, when the mother’s voice was not anguished
when he told me he loved me.
Probably then I fell asleep a little.
Auntie Roz is the champion of awakenings. De
whenever I open my eyes, she just walks in the door. And
always has a smile for me.
– Well, what was it like with the parents?
– Zero barred, as usual. They offered me
The nutcracker.
– No, huh? How curious, I had
oprietenă with this name. A champion
great. Crush the neck of opponents
squeezing it between the legs. And with Peggy
Blue as we stand, did you go see it?
– Stop talking to me about Peggy Blue, it’s
betrothed to that grain of Pop Corn.
“Is that what she told you?”
– Him.
– Bluff, you did not get it?
– I don’t think so. I’m really sure you like it
more on him than on me. It’s more
solid, more reliable.
– When I tell you that they are bluffing! Look, me
that looked like a mouse on the ring I have
beaten fighters the size of a whale or a
hippopotamus of large. On Plum Pudding,
for example, one Irish, one hundred
fifty kile, in slips, on an empty stomach,
before the morning Guinness,
biceps as big as ham pint, and the pulp
thick you couldn’t make it around.
Not you waist, not anything to have from where it
grab. Impale, what more!
– And how did you do it?
– Everything that does not make the outlet rolls.
To begin with, I put it on the run, so that it could be
I get tired, after which I overturned it. They have
he had to come with the crane to get it
pick up off the floor. You, Oscar, have the osatura
easy and with meat you do not boast too much, but
to know from me that we do not like only
as bifteck and bone, the qualities of the soul
they matter too. And spiritual qualities you have
with the chariot, boy.
– Me, Auntie Pink?
– Get to go you to Peggy Blue and let them
you say everything you have on your soul.
– I’m a little tired and…
– Tired? How old are you at this time,
Boy? Eighteen? Well how to be
tired at eighteen?
Does she have a kind of talking, Auntie Pink, which
it’s like recharging your batteries.
When the night fell, the noises
they resounded as if deeper into the darkness, and
the linoleum in the aisle shone in the rays of the moon.
I went to Peggy and handed him the CD
my player.
– Look, listen to the Snowflakes Waltz. Is
unspeakably beautiful. So beautiful that
when I listen to it I think of you.
Peggy listened to the Snowflakes Waltz. He’s got it
listened to smiling all the time, as if the waltz were
was an old friend who would have whispered in his ear
all sorts of funny things.
Then, giving me back the device said to me:
– Beautiful.
It was the first word he uttered. Terrific
– And I’d like to tell you something else, Peggy
Blue, don’t operate. You are beautiful
so, blue.
That’s what he liked, I saw immediately.
That’s not what I had told him about, but I was glad that
he enjoyed it.
– I would like you, Oscar, to defend me
of ghosts.
– Count on me, Peggy.
I was overjoyed. Carevasăzică, I
I was the victor!
– Kiss me.
Decided thing, the thing about kissing is
not present in girls, like this, as a kind of need. Only
that kissing Peggy was something other than
on that vicious Chinese woman. He stretched out to me
cheek and I can say that I also felt a kind of
heat when I kissed him.
– Good night, Peggy.
– Good night, Oscar.
So here’s how the day has gone by today, dear
God. Now i understand why adolescence i
it also says “ingratiated age”. Even that’s not
Easy. Cheers that on to the age of twenty they all get
Arranges. So, look, I also wish you
on my today: I wish that Peggy and me
let’s get married. I’m not really sure if that’s it
it’s about the spirit, the marriage that is, and if it’s the
your domain. In other words, I don’t know if you
you can fulfill that kind of desire, type
matrimonial agency, or if necessary to me
I’m going somewhere else. I would ask you to give me
the answer as quick as possible, so that I know what
to do. I wouldn’t want to rattle you out, but don’t forget that
my time is limited. So: Oscar marriage-
Peggy Blue. Yes or no. I don’t hide that I would
arrange great as in the field you are dealing with to
there is also the article “marriage”.
You pup yourself. On tomorrow,
P.S. What is, after all, your address? That
you still didn’t tell me.
Dear God,
That’s it, I got married. We are in the 21st
December, I’m going on thirty years and I’m
Married. As for the kids, Peggy and with
I decided to leave this for more
late. In fact, I think she’s not ready yet.
Things happened last night. Let’s
About one o’clock at night, I hear Peggy
Blue whimpering. I immediately jumped out of bed.
Ghosts! They had come again to torment her, and I, to whom
I had promised to protect her from them, I slept. What more,
he would realize that I was nothing but a
unspoken, he certainly won’t even want to do it anymore.
speak and, rightly so, that and
we deserve it!
I walked out into the aisle and headed in.
the direction from which the screams came. Arrived at
Peggy’s room, I saw her sitting on the bed,
completely surprised that she sees me. And I must have
made a mutra amazed having it in front of her eyes on
Peggy who looked at me, with his mouth closed, while
the screams kept breaking my ears.
We took a few more steps to the camera
next and suddenly I understand that Bacon was screaming
so, because of the burns. Which challenged me
qualms of conscience, thinking how I
I set fire to the house, the dinner, the cat, how I fried
the red fish in the jar – that is, I boiled them, more
well said – and how much they had to suffer and that more
well that they perished, than to have remained alive and to
be terrorized endlessly by the memory of the flames, and
of burns like poor Bacon, despite all
grafts and pomegranates of all kinds.
Bacon curled up and stopped
moan. I went back to Peggy Blue.
– So you weren’t, Peggy? I was convinced
that you screamed at night.
– And I thought you.
We were completely stunned by what was happening to
we. Of all that we confessed to ourselves. In reality,
we’ve been thinking about each other for a long time.
From blue as it was, Peggy Blue became
and bluer, which to her is like blushing
of embarrassment.
– And now what are you going to do, Oscar?
– What about you, Peggy?
It’s amazing how much we’re like.
same ideas, same questions.
– Wouldn’t you want to sleep with me?
Whatever you say, the girls are great. Well
to me, to say such a phrase, I would have
it took hours, weeks, months, to get it
spin in your mind, to prepare it. While Peggy
he let go of it simply, as if it were the thing
the most natural.
– O.K.
And I got into bed next to her. I had to
we kind of tighten up, that it was narrow, but it was
a great night. Peggy Blue smells like
peanuts and her skin is smooth and velvety, like mine on
the inner part of the arms, but to her that’s the way it is
all over the body. We slept for a long time, we dreamed, we
we held tightly in our arms, we told each other
Of course in the morning, when the lady
Gommette, the chief sister, came across us, got hot
an operetta of all splendor. She began to
screaming, the night nurse started screaming and she,
they howled like that for a while at each other, then
they yelled at Peggy, then at me, the doors have
began to wrestle, they took the witnesses to the
all saying about us that we are some “little ones”
unhappy”, while we were as it could not be
happier, in the end luck that fell
Pink Auntie who, in two strokes and three movements, has
stopped the concert.
– Get to leave the children alone, hear? Why
are you here, to give thanks to thank you
patients or regulation? I’m doing something on
he’s the regulation, so you know! And-now
Mouth! Let me not hear you anymore! Go and go
scold somewhere else, you’re not at
locker room here!
No reply! You weren’t going with Auntie Pink.
He took me back to my room and I slept a
bit. When I woke up, we were able to talk
about all.
– Carevasăzică, it’s serious business between
you and Peggy, Oscar?
– Reinforced concrete, Auntie Pink. Are
superferous. Last night we got and
– How did you get married?
– I mean I did everything that a man and a man do
woman when they are married.
– I-hear, dom’le!
– Well how? I have – how long is the clock? – twenty
and something for years now I understand to my
I lead life the way I think, right?
– See good.
– And imagine that all that stuff
that kind of abhorred me before, when
I was younger, you know, kisses.
caresses and so on, now
they seemed very pleasant to me. How to
change the man, right?
– Bravo, Oscar, I’m glad. I love how
– One thing I didn’t do, the kiss
that one with the tongue, Peggy was afraid to
he doesn’t get picked up with any child. You
what do you think?
– I think well done Peggy.
– Yes? You can make babies if you kiss on
mouth? So it would mean having one
with the Chinese woman?
– Calm down, Oscar, the chances are small.
Even very small.
Auntie Pink seemed sure of what she was saying and that
it really reassured me, because I can tell you
I confess, dear God, to you and only to you,
that Peggy and I kissed and with the tongue, a
once, two, and maybe even several times.
I slept a little bit. Then we dined
together with Auntie Roz, after which I began to
I feel better.
– It’s in horror how tired I could be azidimine.
– It’s normal, Oscar, between twenty and
twenty-five years go out in the evening, walk
on to all sorts of parties, lead a life
scattered, it doesn’t even cross your mind
to housekeep yourself. And there comes a time when
all of this pays off. What would you say if iam
make a visit to God?
– Oh, did you find out his address?
– I think we will find him at the chapel.
– Auntie Roz twisted me as if
I was going to the North Pole, he took me in his arms
and we went to the chapel, which is located in
the hospital park, on the other side of the
lawns covered in ice, I pray,
what to explain to you all this that only them
you know, it’s at your home.
I had a shock staring at the statue
your, that is, seeing what hal you were in, I mean,
nailed to that cross, half empty, weak, with
the body still only a wound and with bloody head
under the crown of thorns barely holding on to the
neck. It’s like it was me. That’s what outraged me.
Hollow. I, if I were God, would not allow
to be treated that way.
– Let’s be serious, Auntie Roz, you’re not going to tell me
you say that you, a fighter of
wrestling, a great champion, you believe in
something like that!
– And why not, Oscar? It would inspire you more
much trust a God
bodybuilder, with hard-working muscles, sculptural,
with the skin given with oil, cutter to one side
and slip the latest fashion?
– Well…
– Think about it, Oscar, who would you feel about
you closer as a man, to a god
unsympathetic or one who suffers?
– Of course the one who suffers. Only
that I in his stead, if I were God,
if I disposed like him of all powers,
I would have done so that I would not suffer.
– No one can live without suffering,
Oscar. Neither God nor you. Nor
your parents and neither do I.
– Okay. Say. But why it’s necessary
need to suffer?
– There is suffering and suffering. Look more
good to His image. Look at Him with
Attention. You find that it has the air of someone who
Suffering from?
– Nope. It’s really curious. You’d say not even
he doesn’t feel the pain.
– Exactly. And that’s because there are two
kinds of suffering – the physical and the
morals. Physical suffering endures it. The one
you choose your morals.
– I do not understand.
– If you are beaten in the sole two nails, you have no
where, it hurts, so you suffer. In other words
endures. Instead, the idea of death does not
it necessarily means pain. First
for no one knows what death is.
It’s up to you, to the meaning that it’s meant
– You met someone, Auntie Roz, who
to have rejoiced that he must die?
– Yes. My mother. On his deathbed was
only smile, can not wait to see what
it was still going to happen.
I had nothing to argue about. How I was
curious to find out and follow up, I let it pass a
time, reflecting on what he told me.
– But you see, Oscar, the majority
people are completely devoid of
curiosity. They fiercely cling to
of what they have as the ear lice
bald. Take Plum, for example,
Pudding, my Irish rival, one hundred
fifty kile, in the morning on the empty heart,
in slips, before the Guinness. He was telling me
always: “Sorry, death is not me,
I’m sorry, I didn’t sign anything.” He was wrong
however. She told her someone that life is
Eternal? No one, ever. She was that
who was stubborn to believe that. Which
rebelled, peat at the idea that he could
it ends. Finally made a
depression, he weakened, he left his job,
he was barely pulling thirty-five
kile to the scales, looked like a skeleton of
fish that was eventually made
Shreds. In other words, she also died as
everyone, except that the thought of death has them
poisoned life.
– A fool, Plum Pudding that, Auntie
– Stupid as a liver pate, Oscar.
But, you see, the goose pate is
very widespread, very current, to say the least
I nodded my head because that was it and
my opinion.
– People are afraid of death because
the unknown scares them. But at the end of the day
after all what’s the unknown? I would
proposes, Oscar, not to be afraid, but to have
confidence. Look at his face
God on the cross: endures pain
physical, but morally not trying any
suffering because he trusts. Andwhen
even the nails miss him less. In
his self always says to himself: it hurts me,
but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be bad.
See, that’s what the benefit actually consists of.
Faith. I wanted to make you understand it.
– O.K., Auntie Roz, I’ll try to try my
I keep the confidence when it has to be my
He kissed me. And I said to myself that in those of the
the trace was fine in that empty church with you,
dear God, who had such an image
After that we returned and slept
long. I’m getting more and more sleepy. It’s like a
hunger. When I woke up, I told Auntie
– You know, in fact not the unknown I’m afraid of,
but the fact that I will lose all that I have
– And I too, Oscar. What would you say to her
we call on Peggy Blue to take the tea with
Peggy Blue took the tea with us. It is understood
very good with Auntie Roz, I laughed like splinters when
she told us how she fought the Sisters
Gushing, three sisters posing as one
Single. After each round, the Gusher who
she had exhausted her opponent, forcing her to run without
interruption after her, she frolicked her out of the ring
pretending that he goes to pee, rushes
to the toilet where her sister was waiting for her who was entering
fresh and relaxed in the second round. And so
further. Everyone was convinced that
The gushing was one and that it was a
infallible fighter. Pink Auntie though, fumbling
tărășenia, locked the two replacements
in the toilet, he threw the key out the window and gave it to him.
came by the sister with whom he was in the ring.
Wrestling is a particularly ingenious sport.
in my opinion.
After that, Auntie Pink left.
Nurses supervise peggy
Blue and me as if we were a package of
dynamite ready to explode. What the hell, that’s just
I am no longer a child, I am thirty years old too!
Peggy Blue swore to me that at night he had to
she comes to me as soon as she can; i have sworn
that this time I’m not going to kiss her tongue.
Really, it’s easy to have kids, but you have to
to have the time to grow them!
So, dear God. I don’t really know what you’re going to do
I ask in closing, because today I had a good day. A,
yes! Make Peggy Blue’s surgery tomorrow
it goes well. Not like mine, you know what I want to
You pup yourself. On tomorrow,
P.S. The operations are not of the spirit,
maybe you don’t have them in the store. But at least do that
Peggy Blue accept the result, whatever it may be.
I count on you!
Dear God,
Peggy Blue was operated on today. Ten years
awful to me. It’s not easy age at all
for thirty years! Seems to be the age of worries and
Last night, Peggy Blue couldn’t
come to me because of that Mrs. Ducru,
night nurse, stayed in her room as so
prepare for anesthesia. Targa has
transported her to the operating room about eight.
My heart tightened to see her in that stroller.
small and skinny, she barely guessed herself among
Auntie Pink held my hand in hers, to
I don’t get annoyed waiting.
– How to do it, Auntie Pink, that God
this one of you allows to exist on
world beings like Peggy and like me?
– Good luck that you exist, Oscar, boy,
the world would not be as beautiful without you.
– Nope. You don’t understand me. Why does he let it
is there sickness and sick? Out of two one:
either it’s bad, or it’s not really who knows what of
his head.
– Oscar, disease is a fact, like death,
not a punishment.
– It is seen that you are not sick!
– How do you know I’m not, boy?
That closed my pleat. I hadn’t thought about it.
ever that Pink Auntie, that’s always
jumping and careful with those around you, could have
and she her problems.
– You have nothing to hide from me, Auntie
Pink, you can tell me everything. I have
thirty-two years, or on-the-near,
cancer and a wife on the operating table,
see, then, that life has no secrets
for me.
– How much I love you, Oscar!
– And I on you, Auntie Pink. Tell me what
problems you have, maybe I could help you.
If needed, I could even set you up.
– To set me up, you me?
– Well, I didn’t set Bernard up when
he said he was bitter?
– Bernard?
– Yes, my bear. That one in the closet. There
up on the shelf. It’s my bear since
I was little, look, all he had left was
an eye, the muzzle has no, the nose has no, and
lost half of the stuffing and everything
his body is full of scars. Resembles
nit with you, Auntie Pink. I adopted it in
in the evening when those of parents of
they brought me a new bear. Hear, let’s
I accept that is, a brand-new bear! They didn’t
than to accept her a brand-new brother
if it suits them, they have nothing but! So I got it
defied Bernard. I’ll bequeath to them
all I have. If you want, I’ll set you up too,
Pink Auntie.
– Of course I want to, Oscar. I even think that
that’s going to do me good.
– Then, beat the palm, Auntie Pink.
After that we went to pergate the room
to Peggy, I took flowers, chocolate, to them
find there when to turn it around.
Then I slept. I don’t know what it’s going to be with
this sleep on me lately.
By the end of the afternoon, Auntie Roz had me
woke up to tell me that Peggy Blue was back in
her room and that the operation had succeeded.
We went together to see her. Her parents
they were already there. I don’t know which of them, Peggy Blue
or Auntie Pink, they’d talked about me, but
they seemed to know who I was, they treated me a lot
respect, they offered me a chair between the two of them and
so I was able to watch over my wife with
my in-laws.
I was glad because Peggy was still there
Bluish. Dr. Düsseldorf passed it
seeing, he rubbed his eyebrows and said that in the hours
next the change will occur. I looked at
Peggy’s mom who’s not blue, and I’ve
said that after all my wife, Peggy, has no
than to have the color which he lusts, I have
to love her the same way.
Peggy opened his eyes, smiled at our parents
her and me, and he fell asleep again.
The parents had now calmed down and needed to
to leave.
– We entrust you with our daughter, they have me
said. We know we can count on you.
We kept to stay, Auntie Pink and with
me until Peggy opened once again
eyes and then I returned to my room
to rest.
I realize by closing this letter
that I had a good day today. A family day. I have
adopted Auntie Roz, I got along well with the in-laws
and I found my wife well healthy, even
if by eleven o’clock it would become
On tomorrow. You pup,
P.S. No desire on today. May
you breathe too.
Dear God,
Today I turned forty and then fifty
for years, and I’ve only done stupid things.
I tell you that they don’t even deserve to be
say otherwise. Peggy Blue’s fine, but Chinese,
sent by Pop Corn who has a sigh officiating on me, a
came to give her the report that I kissed her on the mouth.
So Peggy Blue told me that between
me and she is all over. I protested, I protested them
explained that the story with the Chinese woman was a
mistake of youth, committed long before
to know her, and that he was just not going to
it compelled me all my life to redeem my sins.
But she held on tightly. It even got
befriended the Chinese woman, only to make me
me to peat, and I heard them laughing
If I saw it that way, when Brigitte,
trizomics – one that keeps everyone alive, as it is
and of course, these trisomics are very affectionate –
came to my room to give me hello,
I let her kiss me where she had a craving.
Which he did by not getting in his skin anymore.
Thanksgiving. You’d have said it’s a dog that’s gouging.
besides the master. The problem is that Einstein was there.
in the aisle. And be he having water in his brains, but peels
of salami on the eyes has not. So he saw everything and he did.
ran to tell Peggy and
Chinese woman. The whole floor doesn’t tell me otherwise
than fustangi. And when you think that I don’t even
I never put my foot out of the room!
– I don’t know what grabbed me with Brigitte this,
Pink Auntie…
– The Demon of Noon, whatever you want, Oscar. So
are men between forty and five, and
fifty years, feel the need to put themselves
on the test, to check if they are still in
state to please other women than the one
which I love.
– Let’s say it’s normal, but that’s not
it means I’m not an.
– Yes, you are completely normal.
– Yes, yes’ what am I doing now?
– Which of them do you love?
– On Peggy. And only on it.
– Then tell her. The first couple is
always fragile, subject to oscillations,
but if it’s the one you wanted,
you have to fight for it.
Tomorrow is Christmas, dear God.
Your anniversary, look, I never did
Link. Please, do you somehow come to terms with
Peggy because, I don’t know if it’s because of her.
no, yes’ hard-s sad tonight and I do not burn anymore
of nothing.
On tomorrow. You pup,
P.S. Now that we are friends, what would you like
shall I offer you on your birthday?
Dear God,
This morning at eight o’clock I told him
Peggy Blue c-i love her, that only I love her
and that I could not conceive of life without it. She has
started crying confessing to me that I took them
a stone from the heart because she also loves me
me and only me and that will never
may find another, especially now that a
turned pink.
We both got on crying when she said
that, but it was a very pleasant cry. Must
say that life as a couple seems to me particularly
Agreeable. Especially after fifty years when you have
gone through all sorts of trials.
Around ten I suddenly realized that,
being Christmas, I will not be able to eat with
Peggy because all her family – brothers, uncles,
grandchildren, cousins – he would soon invade them
room, and I will in turn be forced to them
support on my parents. What more could I do?
Provide? A puzzle of ten thousand pieces? Books in
Kurdish? A box of instructions for use?
My own portrait from when I was
healthy? With two morons like these, intelligent as
garbage crate, it was clear that dangers were lurking in me
on the horizon; for a thousand and one fears naveam
than one certainty, namely that
I was going to spend a Christmas of all the.
I decided instantly and started
to prepare my escape. A little barter: all
the toys i give to Einstein, my duvet from
Bacon’s goose flakes, Pop’s candy
Horn. A little observation: Pink Auntie stopped
always in the locker room before he leaves. A small
provision: my parents would not arrive
before twelve o’clock. Everything went as
on wheels: at eleven and a half Auntie Pink ma
kissing wishing me to spend a Christmas
beautiful in the company of my parents, after which he
disappeared on the floor where the locker rooms are located. I have
whistled the agreed signal. Pop Corn, Einstein and
Bacon dressed me one two and wore me
on top to the hustle and bustle of Auntie Roz, a car
which dates back to before the automobile era. Pop
Horn, which opens any frog in the blink of an eye
because he was lucky enough to grow up in a neighborhood
disadvantaged, forced the back door and they forced me
thrown on the ground between the two benches. After
who have returned like saints to the rooms
to them, that saying, “I have not eaten garlic, nor
my mouth does not smell.”
Pink Auntie came after a good chunk of
weather, got in the car, gave spritzes of
about ten, cynical times before it starts
the engine and finally we started in the thrombus.
These pre-era cars are brilliant
of the car, that they rattle you’d say that
you fly and shake, you are shaken in them as at
I am convinced that Auntie Roz has learned to
driving with a stunt buddy; it has no job
with the taillights, neither with the sidewalks, nor with the
roundabouts, so sometimes the car gets up by
on the ground. What more, a tărăboi numaru’ one in
cockpit, the horn almost did not stop, and
as for vocabulary, more favorable opportunity to
you enrich yours not even if it could be:
farrowed as the enemies came to his mouth that
dared to cut off his path, splattering them with
the most terrible insults, which made me
I see once again what a formidable school of life
it can be this wrestling.
I had planned that, once I arrived, I would show up
saying: “Cucu, Auntie Roz”, but the race with
the obstacles lingered so badly that I
asleep on the road.
As a result, when I woke up, around
my was dark, cold, quiet, and I was
alone, lying on something wet. For the first time
I thought that maybe I made a more buggy
great as me.
I got out of the car. It was starting to snow.
Nothing to do with the Waltz of the snow fungi in
The nutcracker. I was clinging to my jumping
teeth in the mouth.
I saw an imposing house with the lights
Lit. I got it in there. But barely more
I was going. To get to the doorbell I had to
to execute such a jump that in the moment
next I collapsed on the mat in front of the door.
That’s where Auntie Roz found me.
– But… but… he groped it.
Then he leaned over me, muttering:
– Dear dear dear mother!
Which made me say to myself
that maybe I hadn’t even done a buggy.
He took me in his arms to the salon where
he had made a Christmas tree up to the ceiling that
the twinkle of lights. I was amazed to see how beautiful it was
at Auntie Roz’s home. After he had me
I warm up at the mouth of the fire, we both drank each
a large cup of chocolate. I didn’t doubt that
he wanted to make sure I recovered before he recovered.
it takes me to refec. So I was kind of procrastinating with it myself.
income in nature, which in fact did not even ask me
who knows what effort because I really felt like I felt
– At the hospital everyone is looking for you, Oscar. Is
alert status. Your parents, the poor, are
Desperate. They notified the police.
– I’m not even surprised. They’re pretty stupid
to imagine that I will love them more
much when, by their care, they will be put to me
– What do you actually reproach them, Oscar?
– They are afraid of me, Auntie Roz. They didn’t
the courage to speak to me. And how much is it for them?
the more afraid they have, the more I have the impression
that I’m a mosntru. Why they seem so
terrorized? Do I really look that awful?
I started to stink? Or become an idiot and
I don’t realize it?
– They’re not afraid of you, Oscar. It’s about sickness.
– The disease is part of me. Why you need to
to behave differently only because they are
sick? I don’t know how to love but a
Oscar healthy?
– They love you anyway, Oscar. They told me.
– You talk to them?
– Yes. They are jealous that we get along so much
well both of them. No, actually not jealous,
Sad. You’re sad that they’re not succeeding too.
I shrugged, but my anger kinda
it had passed by now. Pink Auntie gave me another
cup of chocolate.
– You know, Oscar, one day you’re going to die. But
your parents will also die.
I was overjoyed to hear that. Don’t me
he had never crossed his mind.
– They will die, yes. Alone. Bearing in the soul
the terrible remorse of not having known to himself
approaching their only child, Oscar,
the light of their lives.
– Stop talking like that, Auntie Roz, me
it encompasses the bitterness when I hear you.
– But do you not think about their bitterness?
You realized in advance that you were going to die
because you are a very clever boy,
Oscar. Only that what escaped you from
the view is that everyone dies.
Your parents too, someday. And I
– Yes, but I, before everyone else.
– You before everyone else. But does that give you the
all rights? Even that of
don’t you think about the others?
– That’s it, I understand. Call them, Auntie Pink!
That was, dear God, following it
I shorten, that tired my hand. Auntie Roz has them
announced those at the hospital, who notified them to
their turn on my parents who came to Auntie
Pink, where we all spent Christmas.
When they came, I told them:
– Forgive me, I had forgotten that you too would die
one day.
I don’t know what a be unlocked in her phrase that, but
I found them as they had been before and I
spent a great Christmas evening.
At dessert Auntie Pink wanted to see the service
from midnight on television and a recording of
a wrestling match. He says that every year he
reserves a game he looks at before the job
because it strengthens the muscles of his feet, and
because it’s an old habit, and because that’s what it does.
they pleasure. So we all looked. Something
formidable. It was Mephista against Joan of Arc! In
swimsuit and boots with a high waistband. What
zdrahoance, as my father who had turned red at
front and it seemed that suddenly he adored wrestling.
What of the punches they were able to burn at the mutra one
to another, it’s unimaginable! I think I would have given it
ortul popii a hundred times to have participated in
that kind of competition. The thing of
training, Oscar, boy, said Auntie Roz, with
the more punches you get, the more you can
cash in more. It’s all about keeping your hope.
In the end, Joan of Arc came out victorious,
though at first it would not have been said. That’s what I think you have
made pleasure.
By the way, happy birthday, dear God.
Pink Auntie, who just slept in my son’s bed
her elephant vet in congo, suggested to me that
reconciliation with parents is the most beautiful gift on
which I could have done to you on your birthday. According to me,
honestly, such a gift is at the bottom limit of
of gifts, of’ if so says Auntie Roz who is a
old friend of yours…
On tomorrow. You pup,
P.S. A, it was to forget the desire: do like my parents
always be like tonight. And I do. I have
had a first Christmas, especially with Mephista
and Joan of Arc. Don’t wear spades for my job,
it stole my sleep.
Dear God,
I am sixty years old and I pay the bill for
yesterday night’s abuses. Today I’m not really in anymore
I enjoyed going back home to
hospital. In old age you don’t really burn to
you travel, anyway I, for one, I don’t feel like to
walk the twig.
What I didn’t tell you is that yesterday at Auntie
Pink, I saw the statue of Peggy Blue. I swear to you.
Exactly the same, only from gypsum: the same
gentle face, all in blue, to clothes and body.
Pink Auntie claims to be the Virgin Mary, mother
yours, if I understand correctly, a madonna ie,
inherited from them in the house from generation to
generation. He agreed to give it to me. Miami
put it at the head, on the bedside table. Anyway, everything at
she will come back someday, since I
adopted Auntie Roz.
Peggy Blue’s better. He came to me
visit in a wheelchair. He didn’t find that
resembles my statue, but I spent a
wonderful moment together. I listened
The nutcracker holding our hand, as in
the good old days.
I’m not telling you more, that’s starting to me
be harder and harder to hold the pen. Everyone in
the hospital is sick, even Dr. Düsseldorf,
because of chocolate, the goose pate, the
the chestnuts voiced and the champagne on which
families offered them in massive quantities
medical staff. I would love to make me a
You pup yourself. On tomorrow,
Dear God,
Today I was seventy, then eighty years old
and I thought about a lot of things.
First to know that I used the gift from
Pink Auntie, I don’t remember if I told you about
he, a Saharan plant that lives all its way
life in one day. How do you put the seed in
earth and sprinkle it, sprouts, gives stems, gives it
the leaves appear and then make a flower that produces
seeds, shake, let go down and, hop,
by the evening it’s over! I find it a gift
awesome and thank you for concocting him.
I watered it this morning myself, Auntie Pink and my parents
my – oh, I don’t know if I told you, they’re sitting now
to Auntie Pink that’s closer – so I could
to follow his whole existence. It moved me.
Okay, sure, it’s not who knows what flower, it’s soon
it’s flimsy, and at the appearance it doesn’t really beat the record,
the poor woman, though she does not bring with any baobab,
it does its job as a plant as a big one, without interruption,
in one day, before your eyes.
Peggy Blue and I often read from
The medical dictionary. It’s her favorite book. We
passionate about diseases and wonders in every way that
of them will have it, later, when it is done
sea. I didn’t look until after the words
which interests me: “Life”, “Death”,
“Faith,” “God.” And imagine, you’re not going to
you believe me maybe, but they weren’t there! Naturally, dacar
let’s take it that way, it’s proof that neither life nor
death, neither faith nor are you
diseases. Which is already good news. Although, after
me, in such a serious book should I
there are the answers to the most questions
serious of existence, right?
– I have the impression, Auntie Pink, that in
The medical dictionary only got rid of
special stuff, problems that you can
meet each other. But things
who concern us all, Life, Death,
Faith, God were left by it
– It would perhaps be better to look into
Philosophical dictionary, Oscar. Although, after
my opinion, even if you find
the words that interest you, you might
to be disappointed. Are proposed there
very different answers for each
– How so?
– The most interesting questions remain
and questions will remain. They maintain
Mystery. Every answer must be
preceded by “maybe that”.” Just the questions
uninteresting can get an answer
– You mean that at “Life” there is no
– I want to say that at “Life” there is more
many solutions, therefore it does not have
– According to me, Auntie Pink, the only solution to
life is to live.
Dr. Düsseldorf went in to see us.
He had his dog air beaten again, even more
expressive because of the thick eyebrows and
– Comb your eyebrows, sir
doctor? I asked him.
He looked at everyone around him, surprised, with
the air that he asks Auntie Roz and his parents
if they also heard what he heard. In those of
the trace responded by a strangled yes.
– I was asking, there’s no need to do it
mutra this, doctor. Incidentally, if it’s to
we are honest, I want to tell you that, on my part,
I was as fair as possible in terms of
medicines, and you too
as for the disease. So finish with the air
that’s guilty. It’s not your fault if
you have to give unpleasant news to people
letting them know that they suffer from all kinds of diseases
incurable with Latin names. Unwind your nitty-gritty,
relax, what the heck, that just does your not
you are God the Father. You’re not
you who command nature.
You are but a repairer.
Stop being so tense, Doctor,
what the heck, do not give yourself so much importance,
otherwise you will not be able to continue for a long time
this job. Just take a look at what mutters
While he was listening to me, Dr. Düsseldorf
he had made a face to say he had swallowed an egg. Then
he smiled at me with a real smile and smiled at me
– You’re right, Oscar. Thank you that miai
said all that.
– You don’t have for what, doctor.
Pleasure is on my side. Come back when
That’s it, dear God. I’m waiting for it to me
make a visit, do not forget. Come. Don’t hesitate, even if it’s
a lot of people at the time. I would do
really pleasure, you know.
On tomorrow. You pup,
Dear God,
Peggy Blue is gone. He returned home to
her parents. I’m not ashamed not to realize that
I’ll never see her again.
I’m not writing to you anymore, I’m too sad. Peggy and
with me we lived a life together, and now I
I mention alone, bald, rambunctious and tired in the bed
that’s a hospital. Hated his old age!
Today I don’t love you.
Dear God,
Thank you for coming. You chose to fix it
the moment, that I didn’t feel well at all. Maybe
that my letter yesterday offended you a bit…
When I woke up from my sleep, I brought myself
remember that I am ninety years old and I have turned my head
towards the window to look at the snow.
And suddenly I realized that you were going to come. Was
Morning. I was alone on Earth. It was so
early on, that even the birds slept,
let alone the night nurse, Mrs. Ducru,
who was pulling at the aghioase, while you were working
to bring the dawn. It didn’t seem to come out of your first place,
but you were struggling. The sky was fading. You were filling up
the sky of white, gray, azure, invigorating
World. You didn’t stop for a second. And in that moment
I understood what was the difference between us and you:
you are an infamous guy! Put on work without
interruption. To whom he is never lehamed.
Ziuă vre, uite ziuă! Night? Look night! And
spring! And winter! And there’s Peggy Blue! And
here’s Oscar! And on Auntie Pink! That’s what I’m saying
Iron health!
I immediately realized that he had come. And
that you were revealing to me your secret, your great secret:
look at the world every day as if you were seeing it
for the first time.
So, following your advice, I struggled
to implement it. Contemplating the light,
colors, trees, birds, animals. Felt
how the air penetrates my nostrils causing me to
Breathe. The voices in the aisle were coming towards me like
from the vault of a cathedral. And I was alive.
I was shivering with an incomprehensible and pure joy.
That of existing. A joy that charmed me.
Thank you, dear God, for having
done that for me. It was as if you were me
taken by the hand and you would have taken me to the core of the mystery to
I embrace it with my mind. Thank you.
On tomorrow. You pup,
P.S. Desire: You could do it again
this stuff and for my parents? Pink Auntie
I think he already knows it. And for Peggy, too,
if you have some time…
Dear God,
I am a hundred years old today. Like Pink Auntie. I sleep
a lot, but I feel good.
I try to explain to my parents that life is
a troublesome gift. At first you tend to get it
you overestimate believing that the life you received
it is eternal. Then, on the contrary, you underestimate it,
finding that it’s a crap, short of not understanding
nothing of it and that sometimes you would come to
you throw away not to be seen. Only towards the end
you understand that it’s not about any gift, but about a
simple loan. Which you have to try to
you deserve it. At the age of one hundred years of mine I can say that
I know what I’m talking about. The older you get
much, so much is fitting to have the good taste of
appreciate life. You have to become refined, artist. La
twenty years, any moron knows how to enjoy
life, but to a hundred, when not even to move
you are no longer able, you have to know how to put your
intelligence at work.
I don’t know if I managed to get them
fully convince. Pay them a visit. Go you up
at the end of what I started. I feel kinda nitel
You pup yourself. On tomorrow,
Dear God,
One hundred and ten years. It’s a lot. I think I started
to die.
Dear God,
The little boy died.
I’ll still remain a pink lady,
but Auntie Roz I’ll never be again. I was
only for the Oscars.
It ended this morning, while the parents
his and I had descended for half a
watch to have a coffee. He left when it wasn’t us
present. I think he waited knowingly
the moment, to spare us. To keep us safe
the shock of seeing him go out. Until
the last moment he was the one who watched over
ours, and not the other way around.
My heart is heavy. Oscar nestled in it and
I can’t chase him away. You will have until tonight tomi
I swallow the tears, I do not want to compare my
the pain with that, unmistakable, of his parents.
Thank You for allowing me to get it
I know Oscar. Thanks to him I managed to become
funny, goofy, to concoct a lot of
stories, and even to be good at wrestling.
Thanks to him I laughed and knew the joy. He also
it also helped me to believe in you. I’m full of
love, Lord, as if it burns me on the inside,
he gave me so much that he would reach me for
all the years to come.
See you soon
Pink Auntie
P.S. During the last three days that
he had lived them before, Oscar had put the bed at the head of the bed
a placard.
I think you’d be interested to know what was written on it:
“Only God is allowed to awaken me.” – Socrates ”


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