Ghandi – film

A proponent of non-violence, Gandhi achieved the first peaceful revolution in history.
Almost the only man who became president seeking the practical application of spiritual principles, he also managed to unite the hearts of hundreds of millions of Indians in a joint liberation effort, gaining independence from British colonialism, and this with very little loss of life.

Because he was “too good” and “too spiritual”, the only politician who by virtue came to be popular, was assassinated by a “fanatic” (apparently).

His weapon was spirituality, truth and resistance through civil uncooperation with the British oppressors.

In order to win the battle against evil without violence, he chose to make injustice visible.

Typical Oriental perseverance was another unbeatable weapon, instilling in the Indian nation its own power to endure suffering.

Albert Einstein said of Mahatma Gandhi that
future generations will wonder if such a man actually existed on Earth.”

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