Holy Trinity – Trika School – “Law of Three”.

The Holy Trinity comprises, in Christianity: God the Father, the Holy Spirit and the Son.

The Trinity or Holy Trinity is also an essential aspect in the Trika School (Trika means just that – trinity) or on the Way of the Heart.

It is a defining aspect that is found especially in nondualistic systems and that appeals to a wonderful law of manifestation, called the “Law of Three”.
This Law was stated more clearly and spread especially by Master Gurdjieff, but it was known in various systems much, much earlier. “The Law of Three” has many practical consequences and a specific statement that those interested have the opportunity to learn when searching in an authentic way.

The Holy Spirit is what connects the infinite with the finite, being permanently with one end in manifestation and one end in infinity, in the Godhead.

It is the equivalent of the notion of Shakti in Tantrism (especially in the nondualistic Tantrism Abheda Tantra).

Sages who go beyond a certain level of attainment speak of the same notions, regardless of the particular path by which they achieved that spiritual attainment.

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