How does grace appear on the Spiritual Path?

The grace of the spiritual path is an invisible but “sentient” help in which he receives a seemingly undeserved or unearned impulse through his own effort.

How does it appear?

– by attracting it through sustained


practice (we will feel a greater effect than we expected according to our practices)

– through prayer

– through the help offered by the Master

– through Guru Yoga

– through Grace or the help of the masters of the subtle

– through Grace or the help of benevolent beings from the subtle

– spontaneously and directly from the Divine Heart or our soul.

It sometimes appears against


will and sometimes it may not appear, no matter how great


will is.

The relationship with the spiritual path resembles or is analogous

with the relationship with a living being or, even, with a Divine Being.

It has the same stages.

What happens when grace decreases?

I tell them they have to take care of to practice what they transform and to mentally and affectively keep in touch with the group and the teacher. Why is that?

Because otherwise grace decreases.

I am not a fan

of the

sectarian perspective, I even consider


strange and one of the essential values is, for me, freedom.

But you can also freely keep in touch with the Abheda group or family and that’s for the sake


for the benefit.

Many people then ask me:

How do you see this decrease in Grace, how serious is it?

Because I don’t realize there’s a problem.

To answer let’s first see why or when Grace decreases:

– when you don’t really put what spiritually first in your life

– stop paying attention to the Path – stop practicing it or an anemic practice, and paying more attention to the theory (if this happens too)

– practice but consider the Path only a resource with value, but with a lower and smaller value as you learn various methods and aspects that offer the illusion of shaping an image about the Path

-when you no longer relate to the path as to infinity but as to something good but finite

– of course, when you despise the Way, you think or realize deeds that are detransfgurating against the Path.

That’s when you realize the transition from infinity to finite to the level of practice.

Effects of Reducing Grace:

– the results will sometimes decrease to the point of becoming, sometimes, a little visible to the yogi in question (although they may exist); there are also situations when the results of the practice are superintense but the person clamors that the Path does not make sense because it has no effect

– if the yogin practices intensively and extensively, but disconnects from the Path, has effects proportional to the size and intensity of the practice but does not benefit from the amplification effect and everything is reduced in a prosaic bartering “practice” against effects, as a rule, of an energetic nature

decreases the number

of significant synchronicities or concidences in our lives

Leo Radutz

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