I drive – you pedal

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I drive – you pedal

“One night a young man approaches the Master and asks him: How can I be sure that what I do in life is pleasing to God?

The Master, smiling, said to him: One night, falling asleep, I dreamed of the following: a bicycle with two seats, a tandem, and I saw God behind me pedaling. After a while, God suggested that we change places. I agreed, and from that moment on, my life changed, my life was no longer the same.
God was giving my life happiness and emotions. What changed when we reversed the seats? When I was driving, I knew by heart the street, the curves, the ups, the downs.
It was the same monotonous street, it was … Same. It was always the shortest road between two points.
But when He began to lead… He knew never-before-seen shortcuts, up between the mountains, I was crossing rocky places at full speed, almost breaking my neck. All I was able to do was keep myself in the saddle.

Even though he seemed crazy, he would say to me: pedal! Pedal! When I became worried, I would ask him, “Lord, where are you going? But He didn’t answer me anything, he was just smiling. Suddenly, I don’t know how, I started to trust. Quickly, I forgot the monotonous life and went on adventure, and I said:
“Lord, I’m afraid!” But He, he looked back, took my hand, and all of a sudden, I calmed down.

I drive – you pedal

It took me among the people I needed, people who healed me, accepted me, and rejoiced.
They gave us gifts for the road, for our journey. But God said to me: Share the gifts received, they’re extra baggage, they’re heavy,
and I shared them with the people we met on the way, and I realized that when I shared it was me who got it, and yet our bike was easy.
At first I didn’t trust Him, I thought He would take me who knows where.
But he knew the secrets of the bike, he knew how to tilt the bike when a curve came, he knew how to jump to avoid the rocky places, he flew to avoid the frightened places.

And I, I learn to keep quiet and pedal in the strangest places, I begin to enjoy the panorama that is appearing on the horizon, the wind blowing in my face and … my comrade.
And when I’m no longer sure I can move forward, He smiles at me and says to me, “Don’t worry! I drive, you pedal!

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