I have experienced detachment – testimony

I experienced detachment

Testimony about spiritual practice, student Abheda Yoga, year 7

Why did we accomplish the assumed spiritual practice?

Answer: At the detachment state level

How many days did it take and how much time per day?

21 days, practice proposed by the master, 30-40 minutes / day, but I also did personally

Effects during or after the end of the spiritual practice:

A little later I realized that I had achieved the state of detachment from a person who was obsessing me.

It was extraordinary… wow something!

I managed stressful situations at work much better (I worked in a Specific Covid Hospital) and I did not get vaccinated. These assumed spiritual practices helped me.

Other important details

The practices proposed by the master and made with colleagues who join from the group, are much more effective, than those made individually.




Leo Radutz, founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution

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