If you’re good are you taken for granted?

If you are good, it really is true that you are taken the stupid? I still want to be good. How to do ?

If there were no solution to this, then it would mean that life is awkward. In our view this is not true.

Spirituality in the middle of life is a real goal and, in fact, we have no other options, it is the only option because people pursue it and want it even without knowing that it exists.

There are some keys, which, however, must be used, otherwise they have no value:

  • If you are good, people will accuse you of selfishness and hidden intentions.
    Be kind, anyway.
  • If you are good, you will be recognized, because despite their prejudices, people will always choose the best.
  • “It’s not stupid who doesn’t know, it’s stupid who knows behaves as if they don’t know.”
  • “He who is above can fit in to him who is below. He who is below cannot fit in to the one who is above. If you can’t fit in, it actually means you’re not upstairs.”
  • You have to be good, but at the same time it’s necessary not to be stupid.”
  • “You have to be good, but be good at something.”
  • “Find an idea that could make the world better and put it into practice.”


It is not enough to be at Abheda Yoga, you really have to be a yogi, who, awakening his spirit and potential energies through the practice of Abheda, can adapt permanently, thus manifesting one of the greatest powers in the face of the tests of existence.


If you are good you are NOT taken for granted!

By applying these keys none of the good ones can be taken away by fools anymore, and we find that it is not necessary to achieve any compromise.

We can practice and live the highest spirituality without any problem, even even with exceptional success in society.

Leo Radutz


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