In fact - what would it mean to be a child?

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Actually - what would it mean to be a kid?

Even the purest man but also the most miserable was once a child.
And often children cruelly manifest an amazing ego. So purity would not be specific to the state of the child. But what?

A child in his wonderful period or periods is a man who

- DOES NOT necessarily subordinate its actions to a purpose by ignoring the meanings it feels, however,

- is AUTENTIC, whether it is instincts or just his desires of any kind, pleasant or unpleasant to us

- has no prejudices or has little,showing great flexibility and freshness in understanding something or something else.

When someone becomes addicted to the prejudices that accumulate, that person becomes "old" because it is hard for the inner transformation to happen.
Then there is the need for a reset by leaving the body and adopting a new one through the so-called death.

So, a child being without hidden reckonings, his state of free authenticity that manifests itself no matter what he thinks (pleasant or unpleasant to us) is called candor and can be lived, after all, at any age, but especially in childhood.

The candor state of a child has the quality to spontaneously attract the grace of anyone but especially the Divine Grace.

Happy birthday... full of Grace!

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