Is the tapas a joy or a chore?

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Tapas is a joy, not a chore.

How so?

Let me tell you.

The yogi tapas contains actions that transform us and help us achieve certain results we want.

"Stupidis not the one who doesn't know but is the one who knows acts as if he doesn't know."

Now we know that if we do something or something else we can improve our condition and make ourselves better. Don't want to tapas is everyone's right but please read the maximum above and reflect.

We all do many daily neoghine "tapas" anyway and we do not complain.

We always breathe :), get dressed and undressed, prepare food, eat, do dishes, do laundry, go to the mall, the market, work, watch TV and more.

So we are no stranger to tapas, but these tapas have results in banal, common, mundane (and yet necessary) directions.

The spiritual tapas can really propel us to our true aspirations and to a better life.

The life of the tapas yogi is simplified, it becomes more beautiful and brighter because it enters a spiral of evolution with a larger or much larger step, while in the situation where it does not realize tapas almost at all, life still contains about the same problems. Only philosophy and usual terms are somewhat changed from ordinary people, giving him the impression that he is "yoghin" but actually having a perspective of an "ordinary" man.

At first a tapas may seem more difficult to achieve, because it is the beginning of a "spiritual highway" but after a while it not only becomes easier, but meeting the tapas can be ecstatic, full of happiness and the feeling of "truly home".

However, this can only be experienced by people who really achieve spiritual tapas and who seek to assume increasingly appropriate techniques and durations with their own growing powers.

In our opinion, people who will not thus carry out a personal project to achieve tapas will achieve "tapas" anyway but not assumed but forced by circumstances, because life will demand them in the terms chosen by it certain maturity and achievements.

Leo Radutz

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