Kollath breakfast, a healthy delight!

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Kollath breakfast
Kollath breakfast

We offer you the information of major importance to have your delicious, balanced and healthy Kollath breakfast !

We know that the ideal diet should be as natural as possible

and as cruel as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes the stomach hardly tolerates crudities, especially cereals, because we do not have, like birds, a pipot in which the grains are predigested. In short, man digests raw cereals with difficulty.

Professor Kollath,
dietitian and doctor of medicine, has discovered the method of making whole wheat digestible without any kind of boiling, thanks to its formula.

The Kollath breakfast aims to…

wholemeal flour to be assimilable to the human body without boiling, and by adding fruit to make this breakfast as pleasant as possible to taste, completing its food value.


  • 30-40 g (2-3 tablespoons) of fresh whole wheat flour;
  • 1-2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice;
  • 100 g of apples, grated at the time of use, or any other very well ripened, seasonal fruit;
  • 1 tablespoon of almonds, crushed hazelnuts or nuts of your choice to powder the entire contents.

In the evening, place the whole wheat flour in a porcelain or glass dish (bowl). It is good that the complete wheat flour is obtained just before preparation, by grinding the wheat beans with the help of a coffee grinder.

Add 3-5 tablespoons of water, never milk.

Shake the contents as best as possible and leave at room temperature until the next morning. Thus, all night, the cereals will swell, becoming a semi-fat paste, while chemical transformations of fermentation take place, to which a good part of the dietary value of breakfast can be attributed, as well as its digestibility.

In another dish put to soak 15-20 g of dried fruits (figs, raisins, dates, prunes), cut in two if necessary.
The next morning, mix the contents of the two dishes, while also using the water for soaking the dried fruits and add the 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice further. Then add the 100 g of grated apples (the apples will be grated at the time of serving to avoid oxidation) or pears, or any well-ripened, crushed seasonal fruits: strawberries, cherries, strawberries, plums, peaches, apricots, etc.

Then powder this mixture with the nuts, or the crushed hazelnuts. You can add either natural fresh whipped cream or honey.

If you consume Kollath breakfast regularly, the following effects are ensured:

1. State of satiety for at least 4 hours. No kind of state of false hunger in the morning, the absence of the state of overload of the stomach;

2. Harmonious weight adjustment . People who want to lose weight will not feel hungry before lunch and will consume a smaller portion of food at lunch; instead, those who want to fulfill themselves in a balanced way, will find that the digestive function is much improved and the weight will increase.

3. Constipation, the main factor of autointoxication, is eliminated;

4. With detoxification taking place, the signs of fatigue and exhaustion, which are the indication of an accumulation of toxins, disappear;

5. Physical and intellectual efficiency is increased;

6. A generalized feeling of well-being sets in, resulting from a much better biological balance.

7. There appears a feeling of inner joy and a satisfaction that removes any desire to consume psychodynamic stimulants (coffee, tobacco, alcohol);

8. The ability to concentrate is increased because the digestive system is no longer hampered by a heavy breakfast. We know that digestion generally takes over 70% of the body’s nervous energy.

9. The result is better resistance to stress or tension states.

10. The blood composition improves. By multiplying the dermis cells, due to a better irrigation of the subcutaneous tissues, the skin becomes pink, without eruptions. Eczema, boils and ringworms disappear;

11. The hair becomes supple and full of vitality again;

12. The nails become shiny and do not break anymore;

13. Dentition improves. The teeth that were unraveling are reattached in their alveoli;

14. The bone apparatus hardens, ensuring faster welding in case of fractures.

Kollath breakfast
Kollath breakfast

Carefully prepared this breakfast can be considered a cake, and the composition of the added ingredients can vary infinitely after inspiration and depending on the seasonal fruits.

Vitamins of the B complex

The B complex vitamins, which are found only in whole wheat flour, are added to the vitamins and minerals in the fruit. The organic acids of fresh fruit are neutralized by the carbohydrates of wheat.

Preparation is simple and easy, without complications or boiling. It is especially advantageous in the morning, when we do not have much time.




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