You may attend the Abheda Yoga course wherever you are.


For this it is enough to have a smartphone,computer or laptop and a good enough internet source and the course of Abheda Yoga is already in front of you.

Theoretical information is transmitted by courier and only in very special cases in online format (!), because access to information is much easier when it is on paper than when it is in electronic format.

This course is intended for

    • people who are from Bucharest but cannot come to the gym class at all
    • persons from other localities other than those where Abheda is taught at the
    • those who, due to an exceptional situation, cannot attend the Abheda Yoga gym class in their locality.

Registration is very simple and is done by:

  1. E-mail to - with Name, Phone, E-mail, and the mention "For the course ABHEDA Yoga ONLINE"

  2. SMS (normal rate) to 0727 531 412 with Name, E-mail - and the mention "For the course ABHEDA Yoga ONLINE"

THE FIRST PARTICIPATION IS FREE AND AFTER A DONATION OF 70 LEI PER MONTH INDifferent if you participate or not to the course (the course is structured by years of study and there is a flow of practice to be followed in accordance with the theoretical level achieved).

If you do not want to participate in a full traditional Abehda Yoga course, you can practice online at Abheda ONE Stepat your request and in this situation no longer matters the attendance at the online courses.

For the time being, the courses are transmitted from the gym but gradually a database of courses filmed and asane explained can be accessed INICIT online, depending on the level of training.

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