“Love and do what you want!” – Acharya Leonard – movie

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This maxim issued by St. Augustine, which is nothing but the five-word condensation of the laws of love transmitted to us by the Savior, has many enemies.

Some are malicious, others think they are philosophers – none, unfortunately, will be able to access knowledge beyond words.

Love has an expiating effect but it also puts us in touch with the Infinity, more or less depending on our power to love. And that brings Knowledge.

And if you have more Knowledge, what you want always becomes something else, according to the particular problems and aspects of each moment.

If you don’t dare to see the edifying and totalizing aspect of love, you will eventually emerge from its field.

when it’s going to seem like it’s hard.

Of course, the burden is necessary because we have to purify, to perfect, to perfect but then comes the Light, the Miracle.

Great love makes the impossible easy to make possible.

Leo Radutz

Here’s the movie:

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