Meditation for quick relaxation and peace of mind

Meditation for quick relaxation and peace of mind

How do you do it?

This is a technique that can also be applied as meditation in action. It can be done by standing in any position, even throughout the day (for example when waiting in the queue).
However, especially if we are beginners, it is good to follow the following preparatory guidelines.


We sit in a comfortable position, where we can completely relax the body. We aim to have the right, vertical trunk, avoiding horizontal stretching, so that we can more easily preserve the state of consciousness.
For example, we can sit “Turkish” sitting on a pillow, on a meditation chair,in the position of the throne with pillows to support the knees… or even on a normal chair.

We then close our eyes

and we aim to internalize ourselves as we know best (to understand more about ourselves, about life and about how to internalize ourselves, we look forward to your course).
We pay attention to the process of breathing,without consciously altering it (even if it is possible to change)… we simply notice it.
Gradually, we notice how our state becomes deeper and the mind more and more peaceful. It is necessary to be firm in our focus, in order to have efficiency.

We aim to practice this type of meditation for at least 10 minutes a day.

Meditation effects for quick relaxation and peace of mind:

  • state of peace
  • Calm
  • increased inner balance
  • power to manifest patience
  • power to internalize us more and more


More effects of meditation practice on life, here.

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