MSG – The drug in food

MSG – The drug in food

Have you ever wondered…

Why are purchased foods tastier than homemade ones?

Why does home food never taste like fast food?
Why are some foods so “good” that when you eat them, you just can’t stop?
The answer is simple:
Manufacturers of cold cuts/chips/soups/spices and fast food intentionally add an “E” to fool our taste buds and brains.

What “E” is it about?

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) or E621

Monosodium glutamate (E621) makes a salami, made from any scraps of meat that anyone would throw in the trash, to be such a popular food that you can not stop eating.
It seems to you that the food is irresistibly good.
Moreover, it makes you want to eat that food tomorrow and the day after and then every day – IT IS ADDICTIVE.

The flavor in MSG is called “Umami” or “Fifth Taste.”

Once your taste buds sense this taste, they send your brain a sensation of pleasure and euphoria, which is why you start eating more and more and feel like you can’t stop.
People who regularly eat foods that have added MSG end up developing such a food addiction that eating becomes their main satisfaction in life.

The paradox is that these people are innocent for their condition. They are merely victims of manipulation at the biochemical level, which aims, among its purposes, to enrich producers and embarrass consumers.
The worst part is that this “E” is not only addictive, but also extremely HARMFUL to the human body.

Is sodium monoglutamate behind the obesity problems of Americans?

Here’s a question Americans have been asking.
John Erb, a former research assistant at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, has made a startling discovery about obesity-causing chemicals.
He basically discovered what caused the “obesity epidemic” in America.

MSG food additive MSG (sodium mono-glutamate) is a slow poison.

It hides behind 25 or more names, such as MSG, “natural flavorings” , it is right in coffee.

MSG can be found in any kitchen, MSG is everywhere!
Scientifically speaking, MSG is a food additive (“taste enhancer”) consisting of 79% Glutamic Acid and 21% Sodium.

If sodium is NOT a health hazard, synthetic glutamic acid is, as Dr. Russell Blaylock puts it, “a poison worse than nicotine and alcohol, but found in abundance in our kitchens.”
Glutamic acid is an amino acid necessary for humans that is found NATURALLY in the body: in the blood, brain or breast milk, but also in some foods: eggs, tomatoes, soy, seeds, mushrooms, cheese, fish, etc.

What diseases does it cause?
Although huge efforts are being made to hide and minimize the harmful effects of MSG, studies show CLEARLY that this substance is particularly harmful to health.
According to scientists, MSG can cause a lot of diseases:

The brain – the main organ affected

“It roasts our neurons”
MSG is classified as excitotoxin or neurotoxin because it excites neurons so much that it destroys them – and from this derives a number of diseases and imbalances of the brain:

– Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases
Hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder in children (ADHD)
– Autism and Epilepsy
– Panic attacks and migraines
– Chronic fatigue, and last but not least…
– Depression and behavioral disorders:
Dr. Blaylock demonstrated in his book Exitotoxins: The Taste That Kills that MSG:
– causes a bunch of brain diseases
It also has a devastating effect on people’s everyday behavior because it creates powerful imbalances in the hypothalamus.
So you have every chance of becoming depressed, irritated, stressed and chronically tired if your daily diet contains MSG!
And it’s guaranteed if you eat fast food and eat processed foods!

In what other ways does MSG affect you?

– Affects the pituitary gland – which is responsible for the proper functioning of the other glands in the body. Thus, MSG disrupts the entire hormonal balance of the body: and hence – a chain reaction that will affect the health of the whole body.

– Leads to OBESITY, for two reasons:
1. It upsets the hormonal balance of the body – because it affects the pituitary gland.
2. Increases appetite by 40%-50% – at least that’s what studies show. Appetite increases because it imbalances the natural mechanisms that give us appetite. So MSG will make you want to eat more and more, even if you don’t need to.
– Affects vision: studies show that excessive consumption of MSG leads to decreased distance vision over time – Myopia
– Causes hypertension – because it has a vasoconstrictor effect on the cirulatory system (narrows blood vessels).
In addition to being very dangerous to health and causing so many diseases, MSG is also addictive. This is also one of the main reasons why manufacturers introduce it into food.

How do we dodge?

You are probably wondering now, how could you avoid the harmful effects of this E621?
Very simple:
Read the label!!!

If you’re used to not reading etiquette, it’s time to make a new habit when you go shopping.
To stay away from the harmful effects of MSG and avoid becoming addicted to processed foods, it is ESSENTIAL to read the label of the foods you buy.
The bad part is that… Food manufacturers are not stupid. They have no interest in YOU knowing that the food you buy is injected with an “E” that, in addition to making you sick, is addictive. For this reason, manufacturers use alternative names for MSG to try to hide from us the fact that the food they sell contains this additive.
The good part is that you can find below the names that mask the fact that a food contains MSG!

Foods labeled with the following ingredients ALWAYS contain MSG:

– Sodium glutamate
– Smoke aroma
– Flavor enhancer
– Yeast extract
– Glutamic acid
– Taste enhancer
– Monosodium glutamate
– Hydrolyzed vegetable protein
– Sodium caseinate
– Natural flavors
– Calcium caseinate
-Textured proteins
– E621
– Natural chicken, cow or pork flavor

And what else do I eat?

1. The best choice is always LIVE FOOD.
2. Always choose homemade foods instead of commercial ones!
3. Read the label and choose foods without “E’s” and with a short shelf life.
4. Eat as few processed foods as possible: sweets, soups, crisps, cold cuts, purchased sauces, processed spices and soft drinks.
5. Eat plant foods that contain the taste of umami naturally (shiitake mushrooms)
5. Quit Junk Food Forever:
Fast food usually has a HUGE content of MSG, which is why it is also so good, it is addictive!

Good health to have!


Leo Radutz, founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution

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