My body, through Your Grace, vibrated…!

Editor’s note: Shiva is the particular aspect of the One Supreme Consciousness or God that manifests mainly the aspect of Grace, Kindness, the Eternal Masculine, the aspect of Consciousness, cosmic Love and others.

This testimony was offered by a person who wants to remain anonymous and lived it, in Bucharest, 2014, during the 12-hour meditation.


O Preamaritule Shiva,
How much I wanted to understand, to understand You,
I seemed so far away, I didn’t know how to get close,
but the miracle happened.
I don’t need to understand anymore because that’s not what it’s all about, I realized now when I felt it.
It’s something that’s hard enough for me to put into words, it’s so strong that even now my hand is shaking.
It is a transformation that I am convinced is without a way back.
My body, through Your Grace, vibrated like an instrument, as if acquiring new dimensions, it isframed and large and small, and contained … (and unconstrained?) but I felt like I was getting closer and closer.
I had a very awake consciousness regarding the energy that flowed through my body, I could feel it, as if with every millimeter my body was gaining, not to mention the soul.
And yes, I can say with the deepest silence of my soul that this meeting was so wonderful that my body felt a deep arousal.
No matter how much I want to express in words what I felt I am convinced that I will not succeed.
My breasts turned into two “hungry”, but at the same time fulfilled;
my hands have acquired other dimensions, extended, much more sensitive.

My spine was better represented and I felt it millimeter by millimeter because it vibrated like a violin string under the master’s touch.
What I felt is not related to the domain of “understanding”, it is not related to the domain of the “pure” or the “impure”;
it belongs to his domain “to live, to feel, to fulfill, to thank, to celebrate and to give/ radiate” around from what is the most wonderful gift I have received, Your Grace, the Supreme Shiva…
With humility, delicacy and gratitude, I will run, I will give myself so that I can receive You and be able to “taste” to fill me with You.
Thank you!

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