My Experience in Karma Yoga

I started from childhood, when I used to go to the monastery and help with whatever was needed.
From cleaning, to the kitchen, to digging ditches for the water pipe, then to the construction of the church.
I felt great joy in my soul

and a beneficent power in my whole being

And whatever work I did, I completed it very easily with joy!
And every time everything I had to do was ready,

I had a feeling I wanted to continue working.

For several years since I started practicing yoga and rediscovered Karma Yoga.
I started praying to the Good God to help me in the work I was going to do and even more.
I begged Divine Grace to work through me,

so that I become the arm of His Manifestation.

Although I am in yoga, I do not feel in my soul any problem between Christianity and yoga,

as if they were one and the same.

I just feel that yoga – Abheda yoga – is more complete and clear.

That’s why I often prefer to start with the way I started a long time ago:

Glory to Thee our God,

Glory to Thee Heavenly Comforter King,

The Spirit of Truth, who cherished, art thou

and you fulfill them all, Treasurer of Goodies and Giver of Life!

Come and dwell in me

and cleanses me from all filthiness

and have mercy on the Good One,

My soul.”

Then I realize the offering of the action

and I offer it to the Good Lord

all thoughts, actions, all results of actions,

for love and without any conditions.

I make Aswini Mudra, Kechari Mudra,

eyes projected into the middle of the forehead in the Ajna chakra

and with his chin raised to the sky,

So I beg the Good God to descend into me,

in my hands, in such a way that

Let my hands do the work of thy hands, O Lord.”

“Descend Lord God into me,

make me the vessel of Your manifestation!

Let the work of my hands become

The work of thy hands, O Lord!”


Then, standing, hands outstretched in front,

I remain in silence and silence for 2 – 3 minutes.

In the spiritual camp in the mountains I felt most intensely on Mauna days, when I fasted towards animal food (no cheese, milk, eggs).


It was a great revelation to me

to feel much more intensely in silence and peace,

with the prayer of the heart in the soul

how Karma Yoga unfolds perfectly and smoothly, like the flow of a river.


I think that’s why I started to like doing Karma Yoga alone, in silence.

After many days in camp,

with increasing interiorization.

The Acceleration Method came as a great Grace,

as a great divine gift from God the Father.

For me, this has been one of the most uplifting spiritual experiences

and I wish with all my heart we could practice it more often;

maybe Leo can find a way to integrate it into the 24-hour meditation relay.

Thank you to the Good God and Master, full of gratitude,

For everything I have received so far and for everything I will receive in the future!

child of God

Emil Barac

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