New Moon in Aquarius – 24 January 2020, 23:42 – Romanian time

As we have become accustomed to every moment of the New Moon we set new goals, we make new projects, we prepare for a new beginning and now, this beginning is under the auspices of Aquarius, a masculine sign, of air represented by an old man who pours from a vessel carried to the underland of water over the whole earth, the water of endless knowledge and a constant concern for others.

Is time to be present, to project positively, to trust and to start those actions we really find ourselves in.

The detoxification capacity of the body is maximum on the day of the New Moon. Anyone who makes a rule of having a fasting day every time the moon is new will benefit from many advantages in preventing ailments. Also this day is perfect to start a new activity such as the unlearning of bad habits. Often bad habits are the outward expression of inner energies that need only a new goal to become useful and valuable to us and to other people.

The night before the New Moon is a night of divine transcendence

and if we engage in spiritual activities we can achieve exceptional results that equate to the results obtained after a year of assiduous spiritual practice.

In order for this new beginning to “establish” better in our being and to make the most of this astrological aspect it is advisable to perform a short meditation of about 20 minutes, in its maximum period, 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after it takes place, i.e. between 23:32 and 23:52.

How we meditate:

Sit on a chair with your back straight and your hands resting on the thighs with our palms down, we aim to completely relax our body, especially the muscles of the face.
It is necessary to feel the physical body abandoned and immovable. After we have realized the “parking” of the body we we turn our attention inside the body, into the middle of the chest and we imagine that we are adimensional at that level.
Throughout meditation, we aim to feel the complex influence of this moment astral, of the New Moon, when the luminaries, the Sun and the Moon participate in “cosmic wedding” by dividing the same zodical degree. Now the male and the female merge into a perfect unit.

Due to the conjunction between the Sun and the Moon there is a special complementarity of yin-yang energies in nature.

If now, we seek to find a perfect agreement between the will and God’s will, our conscience will pass through exceptional spiritual transformations that will lead to the acquisition of the harmony and inner peace.

By the state of consciousness cultivated by different Abheda Yoga techniques, certain transits can be transcense unfavorable astrological events. Apart from these methods to be practiced systematically, it can be said that people’s destiny is written in the stars and it is relatively difficult for the ordinary man to manifest free will, independent of the influences of celestial bodies.

Shiva Ratri

The night that precedes this phenomenon of the New Moon, in our case the night from 23 to 24 January 2020,is celebrated in the Eastern spiritual tradition under the name shiva Ratri.

The night before the New Moon is a night of divine transcendence, and if we engage in spiritual activities we can achieve exceptional results that equate to the results obtained from a year of assiduous spiritual practice.
During this astral moment, it is good to have an easy diet or even to practice Anaharin – black fasting only with water, to reduce the rhythm of daily activities, and to aim to orient ourselves inwards, being aware that this night is particularly effective for the practice of meditation, it gives us the opportunity to achieve thus important spiritual progress.

Specific astrological aspects

Friday, 24 January – 23:42 – marks the moment New Moon in Aquarius by the perfect conjunction between the Moon and the Sun in Aquarius at 4:22 degree in house IV of this astral moment, a home of our roots, of our family, of returnto self,it is now becoming the place where we tend to seek our freedom and originality.

From from a medical point of view Aquarius governs the calves and ankle joint, therefore it is advisable to avoid anything that could make the calf difficult during this period; also in the 2 and a half days that the Moon will transit Aquarius, Friday afternoon to Sunday, there may be a predisposition to inflammation of the veins, therefore it is indicated to stretch with feet held up and massaged with a medicinal ointment of tataneasa; for people with predispositions to varicose veins should be avoided especially standing a lot in the same place. (“The Power of the Moon”- Johanna Paungger, Thomas Poppe)

The energy with which we will be impregnated now is an effervescent energy, non-confused, of the type all or nothing, will immediately move to the essence of an issue and will look for the most intelligent and efficient solutions, will not waste time with details but will analyze all aspects from a rather detached perspective.
As a fixed sign, Aquarius has a strong conviction about the righteousness of our own opinions,we will have first of all a spiritual state of deep understanding of the limits and human helplessness united with a highly developed selfless sense,we will be able to feel an openness to accept our enemies, to reward evil with good and to work for a beneficial, constructive and even avant-garde purpose.

This New Moon in Aquarius leads us to get involved in any new project, new idea, new experiences or ways of broadening our own horizons, new goals with a completely different attitude from what we have known so far, we are more eccentric, more open to new, more willing to discover our own originality through every action we do. Since the way we feel is intuitive rather than rational,we tend to show greater freedom to make decisions,greater commitment and tolerance towards others, and a detachment from what until now seemed difficult to understand.

Along with this aquarius energy, the term fraternity takes root in us and we will try to relate to others as our brothers, we become more altruistic, more willing to help and get involved in humanitarian projects that serve the common good, regardless of the level or way we choose to help. The energy of this moment is a strong mental one and it is advisable to seek to use it at a higher level by connecting with each other, giving us support, help and guidance to help the evolution of each of us as in a spiritual fraternity.

One of the verbs characteristic of the Agerating sign is TO BE RECOGNIZED,

and this moment of the New Moon gives us the necessary framework to fully experience this sense of union, of brotherhood by fully accessing the divine essence within us, by recognizing the divine in the other.

“Forwhere there are two or three gathered in my name, I am in their midst.”

Gospel of Matthew, head 18 – verse 20

This New Moon is a good time to work with tools such as meditation or prayer

to transcend our mind and especially the usual mental fluctuations, it is a time when intuitively we can access space beyond the mind, freeing ourselves from normal constraints and limitations, can be a moment of freedom and reconnection to a higher level of consciousness, feeling one with everything that exists.

“You become a light, and people begin to find their own way with your light.”


In house IV a, the one hosting the moment of the New Moon, being should the experience of her own “centre”, i.e. communion with the divine essence of it; this house represents the deepest point of support and the most solid for any kind of construction.

In Bhagavad – Gita, Krishna says:

“There, in the heart of any creature, lies Master Ishvara who, by his magical power, allows all things and creatures to rotate, riding on the universal wheel of Time. Take him with love into your sanctuary only With all your heart; by his grace you will obtain supreme happiness, eternal place.”

Each truly individualized person will understand that there is no more solid foundation than when it reached an unshakable state of centering,and the presence of the New Moon in this house will really test our being by helping us to realize how strong and solid our own foundation is.

In a natural house of Cancer and on a degree of the Moon, respectively the 4th degree, it won’t be easy to distance ourselves from our own emotions and feelings, of our sensitivity which will be felt through all the pores of the being; the fourth house is a strongangular house of our roots, of the family, a house of our traditions and our past, the house of our customs and our home, a house in which we should understand the meaning of “Home”.

The changes that are now coming our way

in view of the aspect of which is formed between the New Moon and Uranus, the own governor of Aquarius will be meant to change the old order quite transant with a new one, they will aim for a new foundation more solid in accordance with the requirements of a higher consciousness, but this will be possible only then when we are willing to give up all the baggage that makes it difficultfor us, all the outdated relationships, the false safety based on the habits, behaviors and mentalities of the material, ephemeral world. Changes can now come from family, those close to us, they can look at their own home or real estate resources that belong to us, they can be past relationships, even friendships that have not ended properly or all kinds of family secrets that now come to the surface.

The trials of this New Month in Aquarius come at the right time to help us realize that the only solid and permanent foundation of the being is our connection with the Divine, that nothing that we accumulate on this earth belongs to us, that we are mere passengers here but with the mission to contribute each, according to the power and will to God’s work on earth by our own uniqueness, becoming astel free and fully conscious beings.

Virginia olteanu – astrologer

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