New Moon in Cancer – 20 July 2020, 20:33 – Romanian time

The New Moon of Monday, July 20th is the second New Moon in Cancer, the first being the Lunar Ellipse of June 21st. Like any New Moon, it marks a new beginning, new projects, thoughts and plans are shaping up for each of us, all of which are heavily imprinted by the energy of the zodiac sign Cancer, a fertile, creative, maternal energy, always eager to sustain and protect.

Even if the New Moon signifies the “samanta” that we are currently planting, through the thoughts and projects we do, the things that we have not completed in the previous cycle or emotional problems can influence for better or for worse, the new cycle. In this case, the new cycle could have the express role of solving unfinished things.

It’s time to be present, to project positively, to trust and to start those actions that we really find ourselves in.

The detoxification capacity of the body is maximum on the day of the New Moon

Anyone who makes a rule of having a fasting day every time the moon is new will benefit from many advantages in preventing ailments. Also this day is perfect to start a new activity such as the unlearning of bad habits. Often bad habits are the outward expression of inner energies that need only a new goal to become useful and valuable to us and to other people.

The night before the New Moon is a night of divine transcendence

and if we engage in spiritual activities we can achieve exceptional results that equate to the results obtained after a year of assiduous spiritual practice.

In order for this new beginning to “establish” better in our being and to make the most of this astrological aspect it is advisable to perform a short meditation of about 20 minutes, in its maximum period, 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after it takes place, i.e. between 20:23 and 20:43.

How we meditate:

Sitting on a chair with your back straight and your hands resting on your thighs with your palms down, we aim to completely relax our body, especially the muscles of our face.
It is necessary to feel the physical body abandoned and immobile. After we’ve done the “parking” of the body, we turn our attention inside the body, into the middle of the chest, and imagine that we’re adimensional at that level.
Throughout meditation, we aim to feel the complex influence of this astral moment, of the New Moon, when the luminaries, the Sun and the Moon participate in the “cosmic wedding”, by dividing the same zodicacal degree. Now the male and the female merge into a perfect unit.

Due to the conjunction between the Sun and the Moon there is a special complementarity of yin-yang energies in nature

If we now seek to find a perfect agreement between our will and God’s will, our consciousness will go through exceptional spiritual transformations that will lead to the acquisition of the state of harmony and inner peace.

Through the state of consciousness cultivated by different Abheda Yoga techniques, certain unfavorable astrological transits can be transcensed

Apart from these methods to be practiced systematically, it can be said that the destiny of men is written in the stars and it is relatively difficult for the ordinary man to manifest free will, independent of the influences of celestial bodies.

Shiva Ratri

The night that precedes this phenomenon of the New Moon, in our case the night from 19 to 20 July 2020, is celebrated in the Eastern spiritual tradition under the name Shiva Ratri.

The night before the New Moon is a night of divine transcendence, and if we engage in spiritual activities we can achieve exceptional results that equate to the results obtained from a year of assiduous spiritual practice.

During this astral moment, it is good to have an easy diet or even to practice Anaharin – black fasting only with water, to reduce the pace of daily activities, and to aim to orient ourselves inwards, being aware that this night is particularly effective for the practice of meditation, it giving us the opportunity to thus achieve important spiritual progress.

Specific astrological aspects

Monday, 20 July – 20:33 – marks the moment New Moon in Cancer by the perfect conjunction between The Moon and the Sun in Cancer at the 28:27 degree dinamizing the house VII of this astral moment, representative house for all types of partnerships and associations based on contract,house of lawsuits, treaties, opponents and civil judgments.

We are faced with a very intense new moon appearance, hosted by an angular house, so with a strong impact on us, a moon that occurs on the moon’s degree and on a Monday, whose governor is also the Moon, which will generate a increased sensitivity, instinctual reactions, slightly exaggerated behaviors and a lot of emotion.

Our emotional universe gains extra depth and weight

it is even possible to see something that had previously been hidden in the depths of our inner being and enterunfamiliar new territories. We are imbued with a typical lunar energy, feminine, cardinal, fecund but at the same time unstable, energy that connects us to the things, beings, memories of our past, with our family and our roots. We can manifest a calm, indulgent, phlegmatic and imaginative character, we are more present and more aware of our inner universe than the outer one,which generates a need for increased intimacy with ourselves,in a space where we feel protected and sustained.

The themes of the Zodiac Sign Cancer are now amplified and dynamited

our home, our family, our past and roots, our country, tradition and history, family ties, attachments, everything that is representative of the concept of emotional security. We are much more connected to our maternal side,to the need for nourishment and support for both ourselves and others, to our own intuition and inner needs.

The characteristic verb of Cancer is A SIMTI

which will generate in us a need to report mainly to the outside through the prism of emotions and instincts of the soul, we can become contemplative and slightly sentimental towards our past and present experiences, developing a certain susceptibility. This openness to the past and to our inner being can raise awareness and to a certain extent even vulnerable, depending on the intensity of our own lives. The sign of Cancer gives birth in us the need for protection, food, home, emotional security and all present situations that do not fulfill us now this need can create difficultiesfor us. We need to be aware of the things or situations we cling to, to recognize our fears or complexes born of lack of love,to see our attachments, attachments born from this very need for security and let us allow ourselves to “flow” in a natural way and discover that true security comes from within.

The “food” we offer ourselves both physically and mentally, our beliefs and beliefs, the support and protection we manifest towards ourselves, the relationships we accept in our lives, the quality of our interactions, all of which now help us to realize whether or not our external demands and expectations are fulfilled by ourselves. If we do not love and accept ourselves as we are, if we do not become a loving parent for our inner child, if we do not provide ourselves with healthy physical, mental and spiritual nourishment, if we do not protect ourselves, allowing others to abuse us, then for nothing we feel angry, angry or anxious when others do not fulfill our needs. If we don’t offer ourselves these things how can we ask of those around us?

This New Moon in Cancer teaches us the lesson of love and forgiveness for ourselves

first of all, accepting and claiming the personal power we have given to others, honoring the maternal aspect by showing kindness and patience towards us, healing those parts of us that have been wounded, reconnecting with the needs of the soul to re-integrate us.

The house energized by the sign of Cancer and implicitly by the New Moon in the native map of each one tells us where we can now realize our sensitivity and vulnerability and we have the chance to claim our own personal power, through love, acceptance and gentleness.

This need for love and connection, for creating a protective, emotionally secure space is now felt especially in our relationships

in the partnerships and associations of each since house VII is the one that hosts this month. Relationships with partners, whether we are talking about couple partners, marriage, project partners, associates or even enemies, our reporting to these relationships and our behavior towards them are now being brought to light by this New Moon.

Our growth is only possible because there is cooperation and sharing with others

we are in relationships of interdependence with others and the lessons we go through with them are the most important for our evolution. The type of relationship we maintain and the way we do it is our personal choice and if we are now in relationships that fulfill us and help us grow it means that we manifest the part of love, acceptance and honor towards ourselves; instead, if our relationships are toxic, restrictive, limiting and abusive, this way of relationship comes from a wound that we need to heal.

“The other” may be our mirror

whether or not he does not like it, the quality of the interaction is dictated by ourselves and the lesson of this month in house VII is to find our relational identity, an identity that respects the purest and most authentic values of our soul, not of our ego.

A relationship that we live with our soul elevates us and honors us, sustains our respect and self-love, makes us wiser and brings us closer to the union with the Divine while a relationship based on the fulfillment of egotistical needs will generate power struggles consciously or not, satisfaction of individual egos, manipulation and implicit suffering.

This process of relational balancing will not come by itself nor without effort on our part

since the New Moon of Cancer is strained by the opposition with the plants of Capricorn and especially by the one with Saturn retrograde from the 28th degree in Capricorn. We are invited to re-examine our relationships with all that is representative of the concept of authority in our lives,parents, family, career, institutions, to take responsibility in a wise, typical Saturnian way for all the wrong, reckless actions, for all the unfulfilled commitments and for all the incorrect acts even abusive. There are tests that we must pass, assuming both the good and the less good part of ourselves, forgiving ourselves and others, because by doing so we empower ourselves in a constructive way, with humility and with love.

May the mantra of these days be…

our own self-recovery in the midst of the relationships in which we are anchored, may we find our peace, our inner security and every moment spent with the other be an opportunity to reconnect to our soul, also honoring the Divine in it.

Virginia Olteanu – astrologer

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