New Moon in Gemini – 22 May 2020, 20:39 – Romanian time

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The New Moon of Friday, May 22nd marks a new beginning, new projects, thoughts and plans are shaping up for each of us, all of which are heavily imprinted by the energy of the Gemini zodiac sign, an energy specific to the air element, adaptable, versatile and open to the new.

Even if the New Moon signifies the "samanta" we are currently planting

through the thoughts and projects we do, yet the things we have not completed in the previous cycle or emotional problems can influence for better or for worse, the new cycle. In this case, the new cycle could have the express role of solving unfinished things.

It's time to be present, to project positively, to trust and to start those actions that we truly find ourselves in.

The detoxification capacity of the body is maximum on the day of the New Moon

Anyone who makes a rule of having a fasting day every time the moon is new will benefit from many advantages in preventing ailments. Also this day is perfect to start a new activity such as the unlearning of bad habits. Often bad habits are the outward expression of inner energies that need only a new goal to become useful and valuable to us and to other people.

The night before the New Moon is a night of divine transcendence

and if we engage in spiritual activities we can achieve exceptional results that equate to the results obtained after a year of assiduous spiritual practice.

In order for this new beginning to "establish" better in our being and to make the most of this astrological aspect it is advisable to perform a short meditation of about 20 minutes, in its maximum period, 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after it takes place, i.e. between 20:29 and 20:49.

How we meditate:

Sitting on a chair with your back straight and your hands resting on your thighs with your palms down, we aim to completely relax our body, especially the muscles of our face.
It is necessary to feel the physical body abandoned and immobile. After we've done the "parking" of the body, we turn our attention inside the body, into the middle of the chest, and imagine that we're adimensional at that level.
Throughout meditation, we aim to feel the complex influence of this astral moment, of the New Moon, when the luminaries, the Sun and the Moon participate in the "cosmic wedding", by dividing the same zodicacal degree. Now the male and the female merge into a perfect unit.
Due to the conjunction between the Sun and the Moon there is a special complementarity of yin-yang energies in nature.
If we now seek to find a perfect agreement between our will and God's will, our consciousness will go through exceptional spiritual transformations that will lead to the acquisition of the state of harmony and inner peace.

Through the state of consciousness cultivated by various Abheda Yoga techniques, certain unfavorable astrological transits can be transcensed. Apart from these methods to be practiced systematically, it can be said that the destiny of men is written in the stars and it is relatively difficult for the ordinary man to manifest free will, independent of the influences of celestial bodies.

Shiva Ratri

The night that precedes this phenomenon of the New Moon, in our case the night from 21 to 22 May 2020, is celebrated in the Oriental spiritual tradition under the name Shiva Ratri.

The night before the New Moon is a night of divine transcendence, and if we engage in spiritual activities we can achieve exceptional results that equate to the results obtained from a year of assiduous spiritual practice.

During this astral moment, it is good to have an easy diet or even practice Anaharin – black fasting only with water, to reduce the pace of daily activities, and to aim to orient ourselves inwards, being aware that this night is particularly effective for the practice of meditation, it gives us the opportunity to thus achieve important spiritual progress.

Specific astrological aspects

Friday, 22 May – 20:39 – marks the moment The New Moon in Gemini by the perfect conjunction between the Moon and the Sun in Gemini at the 2:05 degree of the cusp between the houses of the VI – and VII of this astral moment, representative houses for work and health as well as for all types of partnerships.

We are now imbued with the energy of the air element, masculine and dual

energy directed strongly towards the mental side, an extremely oscillating energy, persistence and persuasion not its strengths. Thoughts fly us off, we tend to become introspective about everything around us, we seek answers to everything, it increases our mobility either physically or mentally. Due to the duality of the sign we tend not to carry out our ideas,because new ones are about to appear, and we are focused on satisfying curiosity more than deepening. If we don't seek to cultivate attention and focus a little, we tend to get lost in our own mental frenzy which can be rather undisciplined risking not achieving anything concrete or practical.

The energy of these days impacts us intensely through words spoken or thought

the sign of the Twins indicating not only words and all forms of communication, displacement, studies, current, everyday relationships, relationships with brothers, sisters or close entourage. There is a great need for socialization, communication, interconnection with people and a great desire to assimilate new information and ideas, a need justified by the verbs characteristic of the Twins, namely "A STUDIA", "To be informed" a GANDI".

This New Moon in Gemini energizes the cupid between houses VI and VII which implies that its influence will be felt both in our work, our health, our relationships with our coworkers and our habits and habits and in our relationships

partnership, signed contracts or processes in which we are involved. Just as any type of work or service that violates your values or in which you do not feel appreciated or valued, displeases you or even can create health problems, so any relationship, regardless of its nature, which is not constructive and beneficial can generate problems becoming a stagnant element in your evolution. We are thus invited to use the tools of the Twins, respectively the study, thinking and the analytical capacity to discover whether the roles we play as partners, associates, friends, or coworkers serve in a genuine way the purpose for which we are here or have played them serving other interests.

Not every kind of work or service, as otherwise no kind of relationship complements us perfectly, some can even take us away from our purpose, choices we make based on our fears or wounds and now it is our duty to be honest with ourselves and those around us and make choices, truly "from the heart".

We will tend to start more activities at once

to get involved in several projects at the same time, to pay attention to several sources and to disperse our thoughts in all directions; while the excess of this energy can generate a sterile and disordered agitation, an inability to focus on a particular objective or to materialize something, a The correct use of the air element will bring us a fantastic ability to adapt to extremely different situations, inventiveness, rapid assimilation of information, will provide us with a fine and penetrating spirit and a mental openness to any new experience that can enrich our lives.

The "freaking" of these days will wake us up a little to life after the stagnant, closed and isolated period

in which we were forced to live, we will feel like children who are finally left to play, agitated, restless and quite restless.

The force of the word is amplified these days and will depend on each of us what we choose to sow through our words

we can "show" the land of our mind or those near us with good, constructive and auspicious thoughts or on the contrary we can use the word in a destructive way.

In accordance with the symbol of the Twins, we can become "spokesmen", we become messengers, like Mercury, the master of this sign of the Twins, either messengers of the truth of our soul, the pure and authentic truth, or the messengers of the truth of our own ego.

The conjunction between Mercury and Venus, which is seemingly retrograde, answers the question "What does this Truth mean?"

- this Truth now brings to the fore all forms of collaboration, partnership, relationships, marriages, processes and contracts signed to be put under the magnifying glass, to be re-analyzed, rethought so that everything that no longer aligns with the purpose and purpose of our soul ends. It is a moment of truth that can help us correct our mistakes and that gives us the chance of a new beginning, in another direction, on another path, the one that we have to learn to grow. We can more easily become aware of what "completes" us in our work, or what we lack and we need to bring as a complement in an association, partnership or relationship.

As methods of working with ourselves during this period, we can work with those statements or suggestions that help to better understand the role of relationships in our lives or those that help us define exactly the kind of relationship we need, help us read books on the topic of relationships, participate in new courses of personal and relational development.

Also, since the Twins partially govern the lungs, pranayama exercises can be extremely beneficial

improving not only the activity of the lungs as organs but generating a new intake of prana capable of feeding the mind in a fair and healthy way.

ThisNew Moon in Gemini reminds us that we are and become at every moment the creators of our own life, first of all through our thought and word, and when we are ready to put our word in the service of our soul, we will truly manifest the Divinity within us.

Virginia Olteanu - astrologer

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